Chapter 12 – Family United

The bright orange glow of the sun breached through the waterfall, shining into Blu's eyes. He rose up and shook the sleep out of him and looked next to him to see his sleeping lover Psy. He gave her a small lick on the cheek smiling after the, heated and passionate, night they had together. He walked outside of the cave and began fishing at the Cove for a bit of breakfast before returning to a now awoken Psy with two Magikarp in his possession.

"Hey there big guy, is that fish for me?" she said with a sly grin.

"Ok come on now, that seductive talk was sexy last night, but we can talk normal now." He replied with a grin of his own.

"I know, I'm just giving you a hard time love." Psy said with a laugh before chowing down to her meal. They stayed in that cave for another hour before exiting and returning home to their den, where they're parents were wide awake and greeted them each with a bright smiles and cheerful 'Good morning'. They sat and talked for a bit, talking about their adventure and the things they did and the stuff they saw. Mochii's reaction wasn't expected, the pups had expected her to be shocked or disappointed, but instead she was rather curious and excited about it all. She herself only went so far, but Psy and Blu had traveled three times her distance!

Minutes passed, and Mochii's enthusiasm to learn everything she could from them didn't dwindle even the slightest bit. Finally, after an hour and a half, she stopped asking questions and decided to take a walk around the Enclosure. As she left, she was only to be greeted by several other Pokémon giving her weird looks and even a few acted as if they were talking behind her back. She had a very uneasy feeling that she didn't like one bit.

"Are they talking about me? Are they talking about my pups? No, they can't be, everything is alright dearie. Just ignore them and keep your head held high, you can do it." She said, talking to herself, but the more she continued to move on, the more eyes started glaring at her with more idle chatter. Her walk became a jog, and a jog turned into a run, and finally her run turned into a sprint. She didn't know where she was going, she just wanted to get out of there. She looked up to find herself at the Cove and turned to see Breo's dad's gravesite.

"Hey father-in-law, I could really use some help right now. I said I'd accept it, but deep down, I don't really think I can handle the gossip of being a mother of incest. I really don't know what to do anymore, and I just…I could really use some kind of answer as of what to do."

A few moments after she closed her eyes, a gentle breeze picked up. She heard no words, but she knew what the answer was, and with a smile she made her way back to the den for dinner, then spent some time with her pups and then finally slept off the eventful day she had.

The next day came around and as always, Mochii took her usual walk around the Enclosure and received the same awkward looks from the other Pokémon as yesterday. Only this time, she didn't mind, she encouraged them to look at her. With a large smile and her head held high, she continued to trot her way through the forest until she came back to the den for some late breakfast and a peaceful chat with Krystal out by the Cove.

"So Mochii, I'm sure you've noticed that you're the talk of the entire Enclosure?"

"Indeed, and I don't mind one bit." Mochii replied.

"How can you keep so calm, knowing your pups are doing something that is strictly taboo?"

Mochii smiled as she stared out into the open sky, "Sure, you might consider it taboo, but to me it's something more. All I see are two lovers, embracing themselves in true, unbound love that cannot be separated by anything, not even their own mother and father."

"I don't think I would be as accepting of it as you." Krystal said looking at the water.

"If you had kids like mine, then you would be different. You would see it as I would and then, and only then, will you see it from my eyes." Mochii said before giving a loud huff, "I'm sorry Krystal, but I must take my leave and be with my family."

"Of course hun, I'm sorry if I offended you." Krystal replied.

"It quite alright Krys, all if forgiven."

Mochii, now done with her chat, walked off back to her den and back to her family giving her pups a proud look and licking both their cheeks.

"What was that for mom?" Blu asked.

"Don't you two ever let anyone tell you what you have is wrong or taboo, believe what you want to believe. Promise me that, okay?"

Without any question, they nodded and went about their business.

The next day, Breo had woken up to the bright sun and walked out to stretch. He found Blade and trotted up to him, "Hey Blade, how's the harvest coming?"

Blade gave a very awkward response and walked away giving Breo a very strange feeling in his gut. This feeling was only made worse when he received several similar response from several of the Pokémon around the Enclosure. One after another, they all looked away and walked off, Breo finally had enough and stopped someone, "Hey, what hell is wrong with everyone, why are you avoiding me?"

"Well Breo, to be quite honest, a lot of people don't feel comfortable with a leader that would allow taboo into their society." The stranger said.

"What? Why would people deny me my right to be leader because of something so stupid?"

"It's just how they are Breo, and honestly, I agree with them."

"Come now, you're really letting something as simple as my pup's love change your loyalty?"

"That's how everyone is seeing it Breo."

"Then tell me who they are suggesting as a new leader, if they have found one."

"Blade." The stranger answered.

Breo went silent, "Blade?"

The stranger nodded, offering a few simple apologies and went on his way, leaving a dumbfounded Breo in a state of shock. He could not make any sense of what was happening as he made his way back to the den.

"Breo hun, what's the matter?" Mochii asked, offering him a comforting lick on the cheek.

"They're passing me up for leader and giving it to Blade." He responded with an almost blank stare on his face.

"What? Why?"

"Because they don't agree with our pup's love. They think I'm insane to allow incest into our society."

"Nonsense, they just need time to see what their love truly is and they'll change their mind."

"I wouldn't be so sure Mochii, I have a feeling we will soon become outcasts in the Enclosure." Breo said, hanging his head low.

Just outside the den, in the dim light of the moon, Psy and Blu heard every word and looked at each other before bolting off to the Cove. Blu was the first to speak as he brutally smashed a nearby rock.

"What is wrong with them?! How can they be so heartless and do this to our parents?!" he yelled.

"Blu honey, we have to remain calm. I'm sure this will all blow over, like mom said it would."

"You really think they will ever look past this, think about Blaze hm? He was a permanent outcast to everyone, even our father!"

"Blaze made his out stupid mistakes by attacking innocent Pokémon." Psy said trying to comfort Blu.

"And you think we will be any different. It doesn't matter what we've done, we're just freaks to them and now our parents are suffering because of us."

"What are you trying to say Blu that we should just give it all up and listen to others? Didn't mom tell us just the other day that we shouldn't care what others think of us?"


"No brother, I don't wanna hear it. Look tomorrow, we'll show them. We'' show them all the error of their ways and fix everything." Psy said, giving her lover a deep passionate kiss to settle him.

"Okay Psy. Okay."

The next morning came around and all that came outside were greeted by two figures on top of a large rock in the center of their community. It was none other than Blu and Psy, standing side by side, glaring at the crowd below. Almost everyone in the Enclosure was there, even Breo and Mochii were in attendance in the very back.

"If we could please have everyone's attention, me and my sister, who many of you who now know as my lover, have something to say." Blu called out.

They were responded with a few blank stares and a couple of snickering remarks which they had brushed off. "You know me as the son of Breo, who was supposed to be your new leader, but there are some who think just because Psy and I are together, that he should be robbed of something he rightfully deserves!"

The snickering soon stopped as they stared up at the screaming umbreon with full attention.

"Look at yourselves, you are denying something that rightfully belongs to someone because of actions they had no control over. Do you honestly think you are any better?!" Psy screamed out, "Every single one of you has had a fault in their life that could've been prevented and yet you deem yourselves worthy to judge someone else's future because of a fault they had no control over!"

"We take pride in our father, he is the best Pokémon in the entire forest, and the entire world. I have personally witnessed this myself when he traveled for three months just to rescue his, taboo committing pups. You all don't deserve a leader as great as our dad. You, and you, and even you! Why do you feel like you have the right to pass judgment on someone, if anything, you should judge yourself for your actions, not others."

The crowd looked up, some had their heads hung low only to look up with the crowd and see two more figures join the pups on the rock. "I may have condoned something you all consider taboo, but when you have kids like these two, you will agree with me that something like this would not matter to you. You might think its taboo now until it happens to you. I was once a man against incest, until these two opened my eyes. I have never, in my life, seen such love and compassion that these two share."

The crowd remained silent, as they looked up at the umbreon giving a proud speech, "I may not deserve the right to be called your leader, but I don't give a damn as long as I have these three in my life. I don't need anything else."

There was not a single word said after that, silence had befallen the crowd as a gentle breeze picked up and washed over the area. Until once more a brave soul had spoken up, "Glaceon!"

It was Krystal, once more offering her sign of approval to Breo, "Leafeon!" a pair of voices roared, as Blade and Autumn came from behind.

"Umbreon!" echoed two more voiced on the rock, the source was none other than Breo's mom and his little sister, Bree. "I willingly stand by my brother's side with a strong heart and say that this man right here deserves nothing more than to be your leader. So, what do you say? Will you accept him as your leader?!"

The center went into an uproar of voices, all chanting out for Breo. A proud smile had appeared on his face and a single tear dropped, he felt his father smiling on him once more as he roared out his own name, "Umbreon!"

They all continued to cheer for several minutes before he had descended down to be greeted by several pats on the back and a few words of congrats. It was hours before he had returned home to their den, only to face his pups and Mochii.

"This, has been the happiest day of my life you two, and I owe it to you Psy and Blu. Without your kind words, we might have had to leave the forest. Thank you for doing something I couldn't, standing up for yourselves."

"Dad, it was no big deal, really." Blu said with a smile as Psy ran up to nuzzle her father, "Yeah and besides, whatever the outcome, me and Blu had decided that as long as we remained a family, we would be happy."

The four of them, huddled together in a group hug as tears began to fall from Breo's eyes, "I have the strangest family ever, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you all."

The End

Pretty sure if this was a movie, I'd have this scene zoom out into space like all those heart felt movies and stuff, but I digress. This was a very brutal story to come up with for you guys, and it fell downhill at the middle and I apologize for that, I really do, but we picked it back up and got the ball rolling again. I enjoyed making this sequel for you guys, so much. I hope you enjoyed it because this was the last Pokémon fiction for now. I will be expanding my stories to new shows, one of which will be My Little Pony which I can't wait for. Hope you enjoyed and don't worry, you'll see the eeveelution gang again, in due time my lovely's, Chao!