Chapter 00 – Prologue

An Angel of Death will visit your home

Bringing good fortune and protection

Pity be upon those who are against him

For their insolence will bring naught but their execution

In these last few weeks Robert Cross reread those particular lines for the hundredth time, thinking about the possible implications of said paragraph. It would be the last week until a new month started and he once again got another poem-like fortunetelling.

He was a good friend with Light Nostrade from the time when they both lead just a simple street gang in their younger years. They formed a bond of brotherhood there, which they would never forget and their oath to become sometime in the future one of the greatest leaders of the mafia, a member of the ten Dons.

As they grew older, he realized that he did not want to lose his best friend and brother in all but blood and let him lead their little gang back home. They exchanged phone numbers and as soon as he had packed his things, Robert traveled to another continent and tried his luck there, so that both of them had a chance to become Dons. Of course this was easier said than done, but he managed in a short amount of time to get quite a few followers who were not content with the way their current Don lead the mafia or from gangs he had defeated in the past. Light, like the nice guy he sometimes was, also sent some of his people over to help him through the beginning and in the worst times.

The current Don naturally was not ecstatic with them trying to gain too much power in his domain and killed most of his members off in a short amount of time through assassinations, bombings and rigged fights. This threw him back a few years in his plans, but there was nothing he could have done against it. So he continued to live in the shadows and once again gather members and funds as inconspicuously as possible.

Nothing changed for many years in his plan to become of Don - he still dreamed about it at night - but was still far away from archiving it. He kept in contact with his best friend through, who also was not as successful as they planned. Light married a beautiful woman and had a child with her, but tragically she died because of complications with their child's birth. He become more reclusive and did his very best to protect his little daughter from the evils of the world. Being the leader of a mafia gang was not easy and people were often killed by members of a different gang. Even if the death of his wife was tragic and had nothing to do with his work, he still did not want his daughter to be killed in the crossfire of his shady dealings.

And then eight years had passed and something miraculous happened. It seemed that little Neon Nostrade was quite the fortuneteller, a real fortuneteller. Light told him that he did not trust too much in what his daughter said at first, but in the end everything she wrote down turned out to be true.

Of course, Robert too was skeptical at first, but who would not? Light loved his daughter so much; he would probably believe anything she said. The next day a letter with five little paragraphs was delivered to him by one of Light's most trusted and loyal bodyguards.

He took some time to read things over. It was written like a poem and for each week there was a paragraph with four rows each. Since they lead the gang together, Light knew his full name, his blood type and his birthday; information his daughter apparently need for predicting the future.

But after thinking things through, he decided to just ignore it. If business would not get better, he would try again next month. The month ended like the ones before with no changes whatsoever and then he looked once again at the piece of paper he had ignored.

He decided. Next month he would try it, either he threw everything on the line to become a Don or he would die trying! The humiliation that came with his first defeat at the hands of the Don was even after all this years still fresh in his mind. No, he swore to himself, something like that would never happen again.

And so he did exactly as his fortune told him to. It was incredible. The little piece of paper was absolutely right in every aspect. He gained more money, more fame and more new connections in only one month than in his last two years together. Now he had a real chance to become the next Don!

He continued to listen to the hidden knowledge the written fortunes provided for the next seven months until he reached that particular paragraph.

At first he thought that the Don found out about him becoming more and more of a threat again and would send an assassin to kill him, an angel of death, but this angel would not kill or even hurt him, it would help him!

He would be protected by a strong something, he still could not imagine how this angel of death would look like, but it would kill everyone who would be against him! His hands were shacking with excitement as he reread the last paragraph.

Once finished Robert looked up to the man sitting on the other side of his desk. He was a skinny older man wearing an all-black butler attire with black fingerless gloves. His eyes were silvery blue - a monocle over his left eye - and he wore his black hair in a ponytail. He looked like nothing special at all, but had managed to defeat ten of his bodyguards - two of them were Hunters - with ease. Of course he had to test his guest and future butler before employing him. This was his chance to become one of the ten Dons.

"What was your name again?" asked Robert as he looked excitedly at the older man.

"Walter C. Dornez."

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