Mystery babies Chapter 1

Carlisle POV

The door rang. Odd i would have heard someone if they went to the door. I opened the door. No one was there. I sighed then looked down then gasped. There in the porch was 4 small baskets. I listen for the sounds 5 fast heart beats. Carefully i carried the baskets into the kitchen.

I lifted the blanket covering a slightly larger basket. A baby. Not just one nut two. I dropped the blanket back over the babies. Who would leave babies on our door step? "Esme"

"Yes sweetie" her voice was a little rough, she didn't want to leave forks, none of us did. she was next to me in Seconds. I could hardly move I just pointed; hopefully she would get to the point. Her eyes followed my finger till she saw the baskets. Slowly she pulled the blanket from one of the baskets

"Oh my" she said. Her eyes were fixed to a sleeping infant. Slowly one by one she pulled off every blanket on the baskets. There were 5 of them two of them were twins the rest in separate baskets. They all looked a few days old.

After a moment I decided inspected a sleeping baby girl with tufts of bronze coloured hair. Strangely this baby reminded me of someone. Edward. The baby girl opened her eyes.

I and Esme gasped. They were brown. The exact shade of Bella's eye colour. How was this possible? Did Edward and Bella have a night together. I knew for a fact that he watched her sleep, but this was pushing it. I looked at the other babies. They were awake and watching us intently. The twins; a boy and girl had blue eyes, they reminded me of my old human eyes. I peered closely. They had bond hair like me too and eye shape and lips, but the rest looked like Esme. I gasped again. Stepping away from the table. How Is this possible? Children that look like us. Could they be our children?

No I was being stupid. Vampires can't have children. Where did they come from? Slowly I edged closer to the baskets. On the handle was a label written in strange handwriting. It read: To Carlisle and Esme. On the other baskets was addressed to Emmet and Rosalie, another to Alice and Jasper and the last to Edward. One by one I looked at each baby. Rosalie and Emmets had a baby boy with back curly hair like Emmets but had the face of Rosalie. Alice and jaspers was an another small boy obviously going to be as tall as Alice, he had jaspers curls but Alice colour of hair with the mixture of jasper and Alice in his face. I looked at Edward's little baby girl, Bella's eyes but his face. They were all very beautiful.

"There so cute. I bet Rose will be busting with joy when they come back" just then remembered that the others had gone hunting. They'd be back soon. I walked over to the basket addressed to me and Esme. I picked the baby boy. He looked more like me than Esme but the girl looked more like Esme. I looked at what he was wearing a simple tiny jumpsuit. But what were their names? There has to be something to say I looked back in the baskets. There was a letter:

To the Cullen's

When you find these baby's they are yours. You can't give them away. By the time they are 18 they will automatically become vampires. You don't need to bite them; the venom Is already in their systems waiting for their 18th birthday. Hope you enjoy them. You can name them your self

Love from

There was no signature

"We can name them our self." I looked down. The baby boy was gazing up at me. I couldn't stop a smile forming on my lips. "I'm going to name you..." I racked my brain for names "William. William Cullen" the baby in my arm smiled widely showing a toothless smile.

"That's a great name sweetie and I think I'll name the girl." Esme beamed picked up the baby girl. "Think I'll call her Carlie" like with me, Carlie smiled at her new name. "Thats great too Esme."

I gently placed William back into the basket they went to the other "I guess we have to wait for the others" As if on cue the door opened. Alice was the first, she froze in the door way. Her eyes fixed on the baskets then onto Carlie, who had a lock of Esme's hair within her tiny fingers. In a flash Alice was by Esme.

"Where did she come from?" Carlie turned her tiny hear to face Alice. She gasped. Obviously she saw me and Esme in her features. A sudden cry filled the room. It was Alice's and jaspers baby.

"Err Alice I think that's yours" I picked the baby boy from his basket and handed him to Alice. She stood shock still. Wide eyed at the baby in her arms.

The baby boy stopped crying at once and gazed up at Alice. Slowly a small smile lit up onto her face. The door opened again and jasper came in, he did what Alice did. He froze when he saw what Alice was holding. I rolled my eyes and picked up William from the basket. We needed to go shopping. Alice's eyes glazed over. Must be a vision. "Shopping" she started to bounce up and down but stopped then the baby squealed. That snapped Jasper from his trance. He ran over to Alice and looked down at the baby in her arms. "He's ours" Alice whispered to him. He froze for a second but then smiled.

"What's his name?" he turned to me.

"Well the letter said we can name them ourselves." he nodded then turned back to Alice.

"I think we'll call him Jonathan but John or Nathan for short." I nodded then sat down next to Esme who had taken refuge in the living room. But had taken the other babies with her so they wouldn't get left out.

"The others will be here in a minuet." William yawned then closed his big blue eyes. Alice cooed to Jonathan as he smiled sticking out his tiny tongue, bringing out lots of dribble. She laughed then wiped it from his mouth. They were very adorable the door opened again and Rosalie and Emmett entered.

"Why are there..." her voice trailed off as she saw Alice, me, Esme each holding a baby. Her mouth fell open, as well as Emmett's.

"That is not what I expected to see 5:30 in the morning" Emmett said breaking the silence. Next to Esme Rosalie's baby wailed. This instantly caught her attention. Her eyes went wide as she picked up her baby boy. "is this one mine" she said innocently her eyes pleading. I nodded. She squealed then ran over to Emmett, who had a big smile plastered over his face. "I want to call him Henry" she looked at Emmet with bug eyes. He was probably happy with whatever she chose. He nodded.

Finally the last time the door opened and Edward stepped in looking down, like always he looked like he had his heart torn out. Other than that he looked fine. "You ok son" he nodded but then looked up. His eyes landed on the baby in my arms, then to Esme's then to Alice's then Rosalie's.

"Were in hell did you get those" Rosalie narrowed her eyes then handed the baby to Emmett and slapped Edward in the face. "That for calling babies those and this" she slapped him again " is for being all moapy over a human" she stalked back over to Emmett then picked up the baby then sat next to Esme.

A sudden cry from the last baby made all if turn our heads.

"What was that" I shifted William so he was in a burping position so I could free my arm.

"That one's addressed to you." he froze. Obviously parenthood wasn't in his mind. His face flashed with pain. Above the door to his room slammed the sound of him landing onto his bed. "I'll talk to him, Emmett could you" I held William so Emmett could take him. Gently so not to wake him Emmett put him in the same potion I had him in. I picked up Edwards baby from her basket and ran to his door.

Edward may I come in. I thought to him. I waited for him reply... None. I'm coming in. I pulled open the door. Edward was lying face down on his bed, head buried underneath his pillows. Like a child throwing a tantrum. So childish. "Edward-"

"I don't want to hear it" he snapped. "If you couldn't be there for Bella just be here for her" I snapped,, taking the baby from the basket and laid her next to his head. I darted down stairs.

"He'll come round." I said then took William from Emmett.

Edwards POV

I listen at the fast thumb thumb thumbs. It boomed into my head. It made me think of Bella. The fast hearts beat every time I touch her. I could feel the baby's heat from here, but it would probably feel my cold from me. Suddenly the baby began to sniffle. After a moment it began to cry. Loudly too. I covered my ears. It's so annoyingly loud. 'You better sort her on your own, son' Carlisle's thought entered my head. Why does he have to be so difficult? I groaned the retreated from the safety of the pillow.

The baby was lying next to me. It must be a girl for the colour she was wearing. Her face was streaming with tears, her mouth open and toothless; she was flailing her tiny arms and legs around. Slowly I picked the infant up and set her in the crook of my arm. She was soft and squishy. Just like my Bella. The baby opened her eyes. I almost dropped her, her eyes were just like Bella's, the same shade if chocolate brown. Then again her face was like mine. She stopped crying but was sniffling which turned to hiccups. 'You can name her you self' I sighed and got out of bed and walked to my window. What to call her? I can't call her Bella that would be too confusing. I didn't like to hear it either it just hurts. All that lying I had to do. It them pain filled eyes that haunted me. Begging me to come back. I wanted to do that, to help her to comfort her. Let me beg for forgiveness.

"I'll call you Isabel, Izzy for short." Izzy smiled. Dribbled dripped down her mouth. I sighed and wiped it from her mouth. She grabbed my finger. Her fingers were tiny, with even smaller finger nails. She didn't seem to mind my cool skin. I glanced at the clock. It was 6 now. Only an hour and a half till school. Are we going to school? If we do are we going to bring the babies?

"Carlisle are we going to school" I asked running into the living room, I kind of hoped we would so we could show off the babies but the other part wanted me to say here.

"No were going shopping, I be taken a day off to help. Everybody's coming." I sighed and sat next to Esme who was playing with her little girl, from her thoughts she was called Carlie. Gently so not to bang her head on my lap I laid her down on my knee. Carlie was saying blankly at the ceiling and dribbling. That's all they seem to do at the moment. Suddenly Izzy sneezed. I jumped and so did Carlie bit then started to cry witch caused William to cry witch caused the others to wake up crying. It was dominos but with baby humans instead.

"Oh dear" Esme said and started to rock Carlie to calm her down. I felt a tugging on my hand izzy had caught my fingers in her hand and put both her hand and my finger in her mouth and started sucking. How can something tiny do that with such a small mouth, I started to panic.

"Esme what should I do?" I voice wavered. I wasn't cut out for fatherhood. I felt Esme laugh gently for a moment.

"Well Edward, gently pull both your finger and her hand" I did what she said. surprisingly it was hard, I had to do it slowly otherwise it would hurt her arms or gums. Gingerly wiped my finger on Esme shoulder. Izzy's eyes began to fill with tears.

"She's going to cry" on cue she began to belt out sound. I stuck my finger back into her mouth carefully not to touch her gums, the noise instantly stopped.

"I think she's hungry" Esme said leading over.

"Great, I'm glad we have so much baby formula. I was wondering what we were going to do with them." I said dryly.

"Edward don't be rude" Esme scolded.

Izzy eyes drooped as she finally fell asleep. Yet she was still hanging in to my finger. "She's still hanging onto my finger. I don't want to wake her up" I whispered.

"Well new born babies in the first week, eat, sleep, poop, pee, cry, and sometimes smile." Carlisle said holding William in a burping position again. William was drooling all over his shoulder

"You may need a new shirt soon Carlisle, he's dribbling on you" I said slightly smug.

"They tend to do that as well" he pointed to my finger, again a tried to remove from Izzy's mouth without damaging her. Slowly my finger slid out with a pop. Causing Emmett to snigger.

I glared at him. He was so immature. I stood up. We really needed supplies soon. My thoughts drifted back to Bella. My sweet little Bella, her Cheeks when she blushed. Her constant tripping over-No I should stop thinking about her. She'll forget me eventually. She'll be married, have children...I sudden slap to the head made me jump. Instantly I checked Izzy; still asleep, Good. "What was that for? You could have woken her up" I growled at Jasper.

"Stop thinking Like that, your emotions are driving me crazy with the constant change. Oh and I made sure with Alice first" jasper spat then disappeared to his room.

"J.W.A. Jasper with an Attitude" I said and slowly walked to my piano. i hadn't touched it since I left my Bella. She loved my music. I didn't know if I should play it. For Bella or for Izzy. I will play it for both. For my love and my daughter. Well that's what I think she is any way. For the first time a smile lifted my cheeks as I began to play for my Bella and for Izzy.