I groaned and got up. Ej was crying again. Didn't babies have a volume button. That would be great if they did, maybe a sleep button you have on computers. That would save lives. I picked him up and rocked his softly. His cries stopped but his stomach rumbled. Hungry I guess. I rummaged around in a bag and quickly made up a bottle. Making a mess since I used one hand.

"There you go sweetheart, no more tears then back to sleep okay" I whispered to Ej quietly, and gave him the bottle. He looked at me blurrly eyed as he sucked on the bottle. I started to hum a lullaby, My lullaby. Down the hall I faintly heard some foot steps, it was far to heavy to be Angela. I presumed it was Julia or one of the girls. I turned my back to the door as it opened up a little.

"Their very well-behaved for 6 months" I pretended to jump and turned to see Julia standing watching. "Sorry I didn't mean to disturb you."

"No its alright, im just feeding Ej. Out of the both of them he seems to wake up most often at night. Renesmee is normally quiet unless she needs something or is jumped." I laughed quietly and sat down on the edge of my bed.

"Still. With Stella and Louise, when they were babies they screamed half the night away." She laughed wearily, obviously tired.

"Really, Oh" an awkward silence hung in the air.

I looked down to see Ej asleep, bottle still in mouth and was almost empty. I gently laid him down next to Renesmee who was twitching and looked about to wake up. I sighed in defeat then picked her up just before she woke up. She didn't cry straight away but before long she belted out the sound. I felt another bottle being pressed into my hands.

"Thanks" I put the bottle into her mouth. Renesmee was soon content with the bottle now. I yawned. "Julia whats the time?" I said running my eyes with my hand.

She looked at the clock. "4:30 am"

" 'kay, Only 4 more hours of sleep" I smiled blissfully at the idea. Since I got the twins they had always woke up at this time, by now I should have gotten use to it.

"Good, looks like your going to need more sleep" Julia said then retreated out to her room. I yawned again then put Renesmee back into the crib, next to Ej. I got back into bed

"Bella, time to wake up" I heard faintly. I turned over and buried my head under the cushion. " Really didn't want to have to do this" There was a pause then something ice-cold and wet washed onto my back.

"HEY" I screamed and drove out the now wet bed. There was Angela holding a glass, Renesmee in one hand, She smiled. I guess attacking her wouldn't do Renesmee much good. I picked up Ej and glared at her icily, "You may pay for that later Angela, but for now let us go down in peace. They may have breakfast" I said in a posh tone that made us both crack up into laughter. We calmed down as we walked into the diner. Breakfast was already set out, Julia came into view, wearing an apron.

"Oh good girls your awake, I was going to send Stella to wake you. Do sit down so we can talk" I nodded and sat down, Ej Sat on my lap but was getting fussy and would not stop moving. I groaned and moved Ej again. This time he yanked on my hair.

"Alright Alright" I said aspirated and put him on a blanket on the floor. Out the way so he doesn't get trodden on but also where I could see. he stopped fidgety and started to roll about. I guess I would need to get a childs container i had seen in a catalog to stop children from walking away or rolling in the way. I watched as he grabbed he feet then let go then do it again. I snorted than began to dig into the bow of cereal that Julia had given me. Angela soon put Renesmee next to Ej, she had been fussy too.

"I got to tell you, you have one fidgety pair of babies" Jason laughed, watching them too. Actually we were all watching the now. Ej looked at us and stopped, Gurgled then rolled onto his stomach.

"Its looks like their growing to crawl soon...and teeth" Julia mused. I looked up sharply.


"Around 6 months they start to teeth, If they start to get grouchy best if you give then a teething ring or something, It help relief the pain. Oh and you may want to introduce some other foods than just formula. Maybe puréed fruit or vegetables. And and yogurt can help sooth the gums as well, but it had to be smooth, not bits" Julia explained.

"Ok that helps. I didn't know when to start weaning them of the formula. Thanks." I smiled at her.

"I guess you'll be leaving soon" Bill said putting down the newspaper he was reading. I looked down into my bowl.

"Yeah, thanks for letting us stay here, Im very grateful. We can still keep contact can't we. I may need some baby advise soon" I spared a glance at the twins who had taken refuge at each end of the blanket, far from each other.

"Of course. We'll be glad to keep in touch. Its been nice to have different people around. Its been rather boring around here." she laughed and wrote out her address, Email, cell number and home number. I nodded and got up from the table when everyone had finished. I picked up Ej and Renesmee from the blanket and took them out to my room. This time the both pulled my hair. I ground my teeth together.

After I got changed I dress Ej in a pair of black jeans, green shirt the read 'I'm a frog' and a pair of tiny sneakers on his feet. Renesmee wore a purple and blue dress that said "Im a little princess' with white tights and red converse trainers. All I had to say that converse gores with everything, even a wedding dress. I sighed then put the twins in their seats in the car. It was now time to go. I had also given Julia my mobile number and email but I couldn't give them my house address since I didn't have one.

"Call us when you get on the plane. I want to know that you got their safely. When you get there you can have you car delivered there but it may cost more." I nodded.

"Okay. Thank you again. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there"

"It's alright dear. I don't want you to miss your plane. It leaves in an hour but you have to be there before to get checked in" I nodded. Then I stomped on the pedal.

"What a nice family" I couldn't help say.