Just a little Shield action. I blame Rhiannamator for convincing me to slash these three.

Seth raked his hands through his two toned hair yet again, mentally cursing the idiots who had invaded their ring and attacked them that night. He and Roman had had to practically throw Dean over the barricade to get him away from those brutes, and by the end of it Roman had been forced to physically drag him away from seeking justice.

"Seth, it's 10 minutes to midnight. Will you relax?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, Dean needs his after-show blowjob," Roman grunted.

"It'll make me feel better," Dean teased, Seth offering a small smirk before crossing to the bed and straddling Deans legs. He knelt between them once he'd managed to pull his lovers cock out of his slacks, taking just the head into his mouth and savouring the musky taste on his tongue.

Roman locked his large hands into Seth's head, using his grip as leverage to help Dean fuck their youngest lover's face, Seth enjoying the rough treatment.

With one last thrust, Roman forced Seth to deep throat Dean as the brunette came hard, Seth reminding himself to breathe through his nose.

"Happy New Years," Dean murmured into Seth's mouth as he crawled up Dean's body to kiss him violently. Feeling Roman against his back, his hard cock pressing into the curve of his ass, Seth had a feeling it was going to be a good year.