CH 1

I found myself in a lab I started feel weird like someone stuck shot in me and I realized I was being stuck with a shot.

''SHHHHH... Jerryyyyyy... Viper..." The voice said.

''Who are you?'' I asked.

''I'm Commander U. Feral, you are The son of Dr. Viper, ARE YOU? He asked.

''No,'' I lied.

''Then you can go.'' He said.

''Oh, You might want to go see Mayor Manx Your new citizen, right? He asked.

''Yeah,'' I lied.

''Okay,'' He said.

So all I had to do is find town hall? I thought to myself.

But a few minutes later I found town hall.

I saw a young lady at the door.

''Hello welcome to Town Hall your here to see Mayor Manx?'' She asked

''Yeah, What's your name?'' I asked.

''Callie,'' She said.

''Thanks,'' I said.

The Mayor was at his desk talking to some one on the phone then he put it down.

''May I help you?'' He asked.

I'm a new citizen.'' I answered.

''Oh what's your name?'' He asked.

''Jerry Viper.'' I said.

''Never heard your name.'' He said.

''It's never mentioned.'' I said.

''Well since your new I might trust you to go with these two mechanics, They'll show you around the city.'' He said.

They walked into door a few seconds later.

''Hey Mayor Manx,(Wow he looks just like Dr. Viper) Come on kid.'' They said.

I rode in their car to see the city.

''So what's your name.'' The first said.

''Jerry Viper.'' I hissed.

''So what's your names?'' I asked.

''Jake and Chance.'' They both said.

''So what's about town?'' I asked.

''Oh we'll show you the town later we are going to show you something exciting." Jake said.

''Really,'' I said.

''Yes,'' Chance said.

We came to a mechanics work shop.

''Go head to ladder over there.'' Jake commanded.

I went to the ladder I climbed down I saw something amazing.

''So is it amazing or what? Chance said.

I always wanted to be in the SWAT kats headquarters.

''So Can I go see the town now?'' I asked.

''Not yet,'' They both said.

''We have something to tell you, since you've been found by Commander Feral you want to be a SWAT Kat?'' They asked.

''Yeah sure.'' I said.

''Don't tell anybody,okay?'' Chance said.

''Okay,'' I said.

Meet here tomorrow, Okay?'' They asked.

''Okay,'' I said.

''Your Training as SWAT Kat begins tomorrow.'' Jake said.

To be continued...