CH 4

My bike came up the road to my house. I unlocked the door and saw Dr. Zyme I walked over to the couch and sat down.

''Hey,'' I said.

''Hi,'' He said.

''So You want me to tell you about me?'' I said.

''You don't have to.'' Dr. Zyme said.

''OK,'' I said.

I went in the kitchen to get a bottle of water I opened fridge a grabbed a bottle.

I dranked the bottle till it was empty and I threw in the trash. I stared at Dr. Zyme for few seconds He was watching Television maybe the news was on Then I looked at the time on wall 10:30 PM I knew I was sleepy because being a SWAT Kat was tiring I could here Commander Feral's voice on T.V. He was talking I didn't really want to hear his voice I found a pair of earplugs in the drawer in the Living Room and put in my ears.

''Why are putting earplugs in your ears?'' Dr. Zyme asked

''Medical Condition.'' I lied.

''Okay,'' He said.

I went up stairs and I opened my bedroom door to get my pajamas A shadow leaped foward and grabbed me I tried to call for help but the enemy put a hand around my mouth.

''You are coming with me.'' The Enemy said.

He opened window and closed it and he walked off with me in mysterious night.

A few hours later I opened my eyes and saw a man standing in front of me I couldn't really tell much about him but he's the one who captured me I stared at him and I had a bunch of questions to ask him.

''Who... Are...You?'' I manged to say.

''Dark Kat.'' He said.

''You must be Jerry Viper The son Of Dr. Viper.'' He said.

I was surprised that I saw My Father right beside Dark Kat.

''Dad,'' I said.

''Son I'm very disappointed in you, you were suppose to be evil like me.'' Doctor Viper said.

''But you abandoned me.'' I said.

My Father looked at me I saw a tear come from his eyes he must been crying but he looked perfectly fine to me I realized that I was chained to a chair my arm could reach my phone so could call the enforcers but the took my phone they must thought I would do that too.

''You see we took your cell phone you can't call for help If you try we'll shock you, you see the thing around your neck it'll shock you till all of your nine lives are gone.'' Dark Kat told me.

''Why are you trying to kill me?'' I asked.

''We are not trying to kill you we are trying to keep you away from those SWAT Kats.'' Doctor Viper said.

They walked in the other room and I knew since they were gone I could find a way to escape but I Thought about the collar that would shock me If i tired to escape I guess I was trapped like a mouse.

I awoke the next morning I was hurting from being chained to the chair Dark Kat And My Dad walked over to me and took the chains off but I knew couldn't escape.

''Where are we going?''I said.

''To meet the bad guys you defeated.'' Dark Kat said.

I walked into the room I saw Hard Drive and The Pastmaster.

''But I...'' I tried to say.

''Dummies.'' They both said.

''What!'' I exclaimed.

''I ussed a machine to make them talk and move ssson.'' The voice said behind me.

''Father.'' I said.

My Father looked at me and walked away I thought he was probably still ticked off at me I didn't really care their plan worked good Dark Kat planed it very well. I still need to found way out here I checked my watch 8:40 AM. Oh No It's passed my time to meet with Chance and Jake.

I had to find a thing to break this shocking collar off I had it the remote Dark Kat dropped it I pressed the button It came off. Cling! Uh oh! I looked for a place to hide Luckily, I found a small cabinet hide in.

''Hm mm! It looks like he has escaped.'' Dark Kat Said.

I coughed but it didn't make sound I was happy I didn't get caught.

Dark Kat finally walked out of the room.

I went falling out the cabinet.

I found the window bust it open some of the glass got in my arm but I didn't care.

I finally made to town square someone on the street called out to me.

''Jerry?'' The man said.

''Dr. Zyme?'' I said.

''I've been looking for you everywhere.'' He said.

He smiled at me.

Let's go home.'' I said.

''I knew you would say that.'' He said.

To Be Continued...