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A girl slowly woke up from her deep slumber just when the first rays of sunlight illuminated her massive room and the morning chirping of the birds outside woke the rest of the world. Already, maids are carrying her school uniform: one maid, one article of clothing each, patiently waiting for her to get out of bed on her own.

This girl has midnight black hair with a blue tint visible only when struck with direct sunlight. Her hair was wavy and thick framing her heart shape face as her bangs almost cover her beautiful blue eyes-a peculiar color for a native Japanese to have. She has a small nose, most would call it a cute nose, and soft pinkish lips. Her skin was the color of porcelain, fair with a tinge of pink. It was soft and smooth, her skin unblemished of anything that might block its natural glow. The girl was not exactly short but she isn't tall either. Her body is full in all the right places.

Said girl, sleepily got up from bed and stretched, almost like a cat as she daintily yawned on her head.

"Good morning, everyone." She cheerfully greeted the others present on her room.

"Good morning, Kagome-sama." they all greeted together.

Kagome waved her hand absently. "Oh, please, just Kagome would be fine." she said although it lacked the fiery insistence she used to have. She had gotten used to their extreme politeness now, still her words had become routine so she never bothered to stop.

"Kagome-sama, your bath is waiting. Young Master Shippo is waiting at the garden for you. He wants to tell you that your breakfast will be there today." One of the maids said.

"I see, thank you Mai. Tell him I'll be down in a bit." Kagome said to the girl. Ever since permanently living here she had made it her goal to remember and acknowledge every one of the crew on the mansion. It seems to make the workers at the property happier knowing that their employer actually care enough to remember their names.

"Of course, Kagome-sama." Mai bowed and left the room.

Kagome headed for the bathroom connected to her room, none of the maids followed knowing that she does not wish to have anyone watching her as she bathes. There is another reason, but that was her-their secret.

"It is nice of you to finally join me, Miko." a deep voice said, coming from a certain silver-haired man, half of its body submerged in a tub big enough to fit a dozen of people. The higher half of his body was seductively displayed for Kagome not that the lower half wasn't visible enough through the water though.

"I just woke up Sesshomaru. At least get me some credit for being early enough to join you now." Kagome reasoned with the stoic-sexy as hell, delectable and sinfully addictive demon lord. Of course, Sesshomaru is not a demon lord anymore. But he is considered royalty in the business world though.

She took off her night-gown gracefully slipping it off her body and tossing it on one corner of the bathroom. She mused about how five hundred years ago or three years ago she would have never been able to pull off a move like that without making a clumsy mistake. Her musing was only cut off when she heard a pleasurable growl from Sesshomaru.

He was taking his time staring heatedly at her naked body. He looked like he was ready to devour her, which is probably true.

"Getting impatient, My Lord?" She coyly asked. it was another thing that she could have never done before, but years of being with Sesshomaru tends to teach her a few pointers in life, more specifically in seduction.

"Do not test my patience, Woman, this Sesshomaru wants you now." Sesshomaru said while growling at the same time. That was her sign that he is almost to his limits.

It never fail to surprise her how little control the demon lord has when ever he's with her.

She giggle before slowly dipping her body in the large tub, right in front of Sesshomaru and coincidentally she was at the farthest she could have been, beyond Sesshomaru's immediate reach.

She settled at her place acting as if she is ignoring the man across her. One second there was a large space between them, the next she was pushed at the edge of the tub with Sesshomaru devouring-kissing her lips as his arms wound around her soft body. There was a large splash from when Sesshomaru moved with an inhuman speed but Kagome ignored that. She was too busy kissing Sesshomaru back to care for such minute detail.

She felt Sesshomaru's hands roaming all over her over heated body. She couldn't help but moan such a lewd sound as she gripped his hair with one hand and dig her nails on his back with the other.

"Sessho...maru..." she whispered breathlessly when he finally pulled away only to rain kisses on her exposed neck, leaving a trail of kisses and small bites from where his lips had been.

One of his hands had found her breasts and teasingly played with it as he kissed, licked and sucked and lightly bit the other. His other hand was playing between her thighs, making her whimper and arch her body towards his hands and mouth.

She was panting as Sesshomaru continued his assault on her sensitive body, leaving her breasts and continuing to move lower.

He had lifted her up and had settled her at the edge of the tub, both her hands gripping, almost ripping a few hairs, as she tried to stop her frequenting pants and mewls of pleasure while begging for more.

"Sesshomaru...please..." she begged in between pants.

Sesshomaru chuckled, his lips right in front of her exposed sex. The hot air from his mouth tickled her sensitive flesh, making her whimper once more as her back arched wanting him to do something... anything just so she can finally have her release. But when she would try to arch her body he would pull away keeping his lips from making contact with that part of her. All the while his hands continued its expert assault of her whole body.

Human sweat permeated the air leaving the scent of sex. Moans and whimpers from Kagome can be heard though thankfully not outside the bathroom.

Then finally, finally Kagome gave a choked moan when Sesshomaru buried his head in between her thighs as his tongue licked her sensitive core, occasionally nipping her bud eliciting a strangled cry from her.

Just when she thought that she has died and gone to heaven, Sesshomaru stopped. She would have growled in frustration but Sesshomaru, at that moment kissed her passionately.

She can taste her own flavor from his mouth and it made her moan again. Their lips kept in contact, their tongue lashing and playing with each other. She felt her body being lifted again by Sesshomaru and his sex slowly intruding her own.

It was the most painfully pleasurable part of their love-making. The part that they enjoyed the most. Once fully seated, Sesshomaru paused for a moment letting them enjoy the feeling of being connected this way. But soon enough, Kagome became impatient again as she hugged him and writhe on his arms trying to make him move.

Once he started moving again any coherent thoughts from both person vanished. They were reduced to nothing but animalistic growls and moans from Sesshomaru and whimpers and mewls from Kagome.

Their bodies moving in rhythmic motion. With every thrust, they sink deeper into pleasure, the only thing that matters was their release.

Finally, Sesshomaru's instincts took over. He lowered his head between Kagome's shoulder and neck, licking the spot where he had last bitten her, giving her his mark. The wound has healed and left no mark discernible to anyone but demons.

His eyes red with uncontrolled lust and animalistic possession, he sped up his motion, his graceful movement becoming erratic and forceful. Yet, Kagome's moans only grew louder and more demanding, begging.

He smelled blood, his blood, drawn when Kagome's nails dug through the skin of his back as she finally screamed her release. It made him lost the last thread of control and he bit her neck renewing the mating mark he had placed there before as they both reached their climax at the same time.

Once they had finally recovered, they stayed in the current position they are in as Sesshomaru licked the wound and nuzzled her neck. The wound was already healing at a rapid rate. Kagome, on the other hand was feeling still slightly disoriented, her body tingling with pleasure.

As Sesshomaru finally got a firm hold on his instincts, he lovingly kissed her temple and forehead then her nose and down to her lips, her cheeks then her chin then back to her lips.

"Good morning, Kagome, Love." Sesshomaru said as he tenderly held his mate in his arms. Carefully bathing both of them while keeping Kagome in his arms.

"Good morning, Sesshomaru, My mate." Kagome answered in return albeit a bit hoarsely, happy to just cling to him.

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