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Chapter 5:

Ada followed Ahsoka into the bed room. Ahsoka made her way over to the closet to begin packing for their trip. She reached down and picked up a suit case, one of the few material possessions she was allowed to own.

"What will I be bringing? I own nothing…" Ada said will a small frown on her face.

Ahsoka looked down at the sad Twi`lek as an idea popped into her head. She reached down and pulled small clothes out of a box,"How about these?"

Ada smiled at seeing the small clothes,"Where did you get these!?"

Ahsoka smiled at making the young girl happy once again,"These are my clothes I wore when I was your age!"

Ada looked at them once more before hugging them close. She had lost her house, her family, her friends, and all her possessions when the separatist attacked. Although she was happy and thankful that Ahsoka had given her clothes, she couldn't hold back the sobs of remembering all she once had before.

Ahsoka embraced her into a hug as she spoke,"Everything will be ok, Ada!"

"My Father… When those droids attacked… he ran outside hoping to protect us…" She could not finish her story. She was crying to much to speak.

Ahsoka felt her eyes beginning to water up at hearing this. She and her family were living a happy life until the Seperatist came and took everything she owned from her.

"Come on, lets not tarry on the past because there is a bright future that lies ahead of us!" Ahsoka said giving the girl a smile before she began packing again.

Lux sat at his office desk still reading over the Bill which had been given to him. He had only been Senator for 3 months and was already making major decision that could make or break Onderron. He sighed as he activated the holo-projector on his desk. He was calling Padme for advice.

Padme's comlink beeped informing her she was receiving a call.

"Senator Padme here, how may I help you?" She said politely.

"Padme, it's me, Lux, how have you been?" He said with a smile.

"Lux! It's so good to hear from you again! Things are good! How about yourself? How does it feel to be Senator?" She asked cheerfully.

"It's very stressful I'm afraid…" He said with a frown as he glanced back down at the Bill laying in front of him.

"You will get use to it! It runs in your blood! Things will get easier, I promise!" She said in the same cheerful voice.

"Actually, that is why I wanted to call you…" He began," I need advice, Padme! I want to make the best choice for the people, but I'm afraid both of my options have their own faults and advantages."

Padme smiled remembering herself being in his position many years ago,"All you can do is be patient and hope for the best! No matter which path you choose, every road has it's rough spots."

"Yes, but some roads have worse rough spots then others…." He sighed heavily.

"This is true, but every pothole can be repaired will the right tools! You just have to trust your heart, Lux! It is your only true friend when it comes to politics." Padme said positively.

"Thank you, Padme, this talk really helped!" Lux said smiling now knowing what to do.

"It was my pleasure!" She said preparing to hang up.

"Oh! Before I let you go! Have you seen Ahsoka's padawan?" Lux asked with a smile.

"Ahsoka is a padawan herself! How can she be a teacher?" Padme asked as she narrowed her brows.

"Well, she's not really her Padawan, she is just looking out for her as of now." Lux said thinking back to what Ahsoka had told him.

"Oh I see…" Padme said still confused as to why Ahsoka was watching out for a youngling.

"Well, I'm going to go, it was nice chatting with you!" Lux said with one last smile.

"You too! Bye!" Padme said smiling again.

Lux ended the call and quickly began working on the Bill once again signing his signature here, there, initials here, and final signature there. He smiled as he carried the papers out into the hall and placed them into his mailbox (Do they have mailboxes in Star Wars?).

Anakin stood watching as Ahsoka and Ada checked their bags making sure they had packed everything. He was proud of his padawan. She had grown into a very responsible, happy, loving young lady. She never slapped a hand-in-need away. Even though he was the Master, he still found himself learning from her. He was lucky to have her.

"You got everything you need, Snips?" Anakin asked as he walked closer to them. They were standing just off the Twighlight's entry ramp standing face to face.

"Yes, I believe we do!" She said looking up from her bag as she smiled at her Master.

"Ada," Anakin began as he got down on one knee and placed a hand on her shoulder," you make sure you keep a good eye on her! She's been known for getting herself into trouble…" Anakin said with a side grin as he glanced up at Ahsoka. She playfully punched his arm as she laughed.

"Well, I guess we had better get going!" Ahsoka said throwing her bag over her shoulder as Anakin stood to his feet once again.

"Be careful…" Anakin said in a more serious voice now.

"I will be.." Ahsoka said in the same serious voice.

The two entered the ship and made their way to the control room. Anakin watched as the ship's engines started up and took off into the air.

"May the Force be with you…" He said as he watched the ship grow smaller and smaller as it headed into space.

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