AN: This is my first FF although I have been an avid reader of them for many years. As of right now this is a one shot unless I get a good response. If I get five+ follows I will continue either way. Alas, Harry Potter and all belongs to JKR. If I were her I would have let Severus live... naturally.

Blood gushed from his wounds. He had lost count after the third bite that bloody snake had laid and with his vision fading Severus knew it was time. Lily would be waiting and his services to both his master had finally been rendered complete.

Severus started chuckling at the thought of the Dark Lords discovery of his deception. Violent coughing took more blood from his veins. The blood was pooling around his head and dampening his hair and neck while he waited impatiently to die.

Where was the light at the end of the tunnel? Where was Lily and Albus and his mother?


That wasn't Lily. The voice was too young and too... perky.

"Professor Snape?" Oh Gods. Not Granger. 'Whatever deity will hear me please let me die before this chit finds me' he thought.

Fingers prodded his neck trying to figure out the best way to knit his skin back together. Wasn't death supposed to be painless? But no, this was agony and before he could prevent it, a groan left his lips and apparently reached Granger's ears. "Oh thank Gods your still alive, I knew you were always on our side, I knew it." Why was she holding his hand? She had lovely fingers, long and smooth. Wait. Why was he thinking of her hand? He was supposed to be feeling the stony touch of death. "Poppy! I found him!"

Why was the bint shouting? He didn't want to be deaf when he met the other side. Although if Albus was there that might not be a bad idea...

His vision faded but before he fell into oblivion, a taste of bezoar touched his tounge and he felt Poppy's familiar touch on his forehead.