"Good night everyone!"

"Good night Luffy."

"Good night Ms. Nami and Ms. Robin!"

"Good night Mr. Cook."

"SUPER night to you all!"

"Franky, remember to stay warm during the look-out duty!"

"Yes sir, Mr. Super Doctor!"

"You bastard, don't call me that, it doesn't make happy at all.. Idiot!"


Night-time had finally come upon the Pirate ship Thousand Sunny, and each member of the Straw Hat -group was going to sleep. Wishing everybody 'good night's and getting themselves ready for bed.

Luffy practically glomped his hammock. He loved napping and sleeping, part of being a narcoleptic and a sleep-lover. In his dreams he could do anything and go anywhere he ever wanted to! He once saw a dream of finding the Lost Meat Island and becoming its king. And being the king of the Lost Meat Island meant that he could have all kinds of meats he ever wanted to!

Also the best part about sleeping was that he could play and be with his friends and family in his dreams. He saw dreams about his crewmembers, his older brother Ace, Gramps, Shanks, Makino, Vivi... And sometimes about Sabo, just the two of them, or him, Sabo and Ace.

'Wonder what kinda dream I'll have tonight', Luffy thought smiling as he watched the men enter the room. Usopp, being the last one, closed the door.

Everyone started to change to their pajamas and settling down to their hammocks. Luffy removed his beloved hat and placed it on a special place next to pillow and under it, he folded his red vest and blue shorts, leaving him to wear only his briefs. Pulling out his over-sized red t-shirt, which he wore as a pajama, from under the pillow and put it on. Yes, when he said over-size, he really did mean over-size.

"That shirt makes you look so small, Captain", Luffy heard Zoro chuckle from his sofa. Sanji laughed.

"Yes, that is true. You always seem to surprise me with how small your body really is! That shirt is just about shitty Mosshead's size."

"What was that, Perverted Cook?!"

"Aaah! You two, don't you even DARE to start fighting! I'm tired and I demand to get some sleep!" Usopp cried from his hammock. Chopper agreed with him.

"Sleep is very important for our body and mind! So please, don't start..."

Brook made his option clear by letting out a loud snore.

Zoro and Sanji murmured some swears and curses to each other but let it go. The Cook turned his back to the Swordsman in his hammock and Zoro glared deadly Sanji's back from his sofa. If only a glare could kill...

"Neh, Zoro?" Luffy whispered from underneath his blanket. Zoro removed his eyes from the Cook's back and settled them on Luffy's dark eyes.

"What is it, Captain?"

"Shi hih, good night!"

Zoro smiled back to Luffy and watched as he too drifted to the Land of Dreams.

The Swordsman rose and walked to the door and put off the lights. Watching his Captain's sleeping form in the dark; Zoro let a sigh escape from his lips. He lied back down on the sofa and put the blanket on himself.

"Yeah, good night..."

A quick but soft glance to his Captain's form and Zoro let himself to fall asleep as well.

Luffy was having the weirdest dream ever. He was fishing with Usopp and Chopper. They were sitting on Sunny's railing and Usopp was once again telling a tale about him winning some monster on his own. Luffy was laughing and Chopper was looking Usopp like some kind of a hero.

But suddenly everything went black.

Luffy couldn't see nor hear anything, but he could tell that Chopper and Usopp were gone. He tried to yell them but soon realized that he couldn't open his mouth. Something heavy was on his stomach and chest. Now he also realized that he couldn't breathe and something or someone was keeping his eyes shut. Panic filled up his veins and he tried to struggle, but the darkness kept him still.

Soon he realized that there actually was something touching his lips. He couldn't tell what it was, but it was both soft and slimy, and it was trying to get in his mouth! First it was gently touching them, but then with force.

He didn't know why but it reminded him of some sort of a sea creature. He thought it was a jellyfish at first, but those creatures were like jelly and this thing was far from jelly. Then he thought about octopuses and their tentacles. Well, the tentacles would explain why he couldn't open his eyes nor could escape from its grip. And now the octopus was keeping his eyes closed and stopping him from struggling, but why was it pushing its tentacle in his mouth?!

Luffy tried to yell.

He tried to kick.


The heavy octopus shifted on his chest. It was getting a bit uncomfortable and now it could be said that Luffy was in full panic-mode. Being unable to free himself and the lack of oxygen was making Luffy dizzy. Trying to get some air in his lungs Luffy parted his lips. He let out a surprised yelp as the slimy yet small tentacle came to explorer his mouth. Using his tongue Luffy tried to push it away. He couldn't turn his head since the tentacles kept his head still by having one tentacle over his eyes. He tried to move his hands off the tight grip and escape but he couldn't.

He felt so helpless.

Tears began to gather in the corner of his eyes and roll down his cheeks.

'Help me...'

The grip tightened around him and his eyes. The tentacle in his mouth was demanding and took the advantage of Luffy's freezing. It felt everything around it and played with the muscle, which still tried to resist and push it away.

'Zoro.. .'

Thought about the green-haired swordsman gave Luffy a bit courage. When the tentacle brushed his teeth he bit down on it. The sea creature let out a surprised and pained yelp as it tried to remove the tentacle away. Luffy bit down a bit harder and felt the grip around him loosen. He tasted blood on his tongue and let go of the tentacle.

The heavy weight on him was gone and Luffy could breathe again. He snapped his eyes open and sat up in his hammock taking deep breathes. He then realized being fully awake and that the taste of blood still being on his tongue, and it wasn't his. So it wasn't a dream after all. An octopus really had attacked and violated him.

In the darkness, Luffy turned his head to every direction to find the injured octopus. When he couldn't find it the little pirate captain in a large red t-shirt started to feel very insecure. And he hated that feeling. He brought his knees up to his chest and hugged them.

The silence was killing him. No one was snoring, nor was Usopp talking in his sleep.

Luffy wanted someone by his side.


He doubted that the creature had left the room because he hadn't heard the door open nor close. That meant that it was still here!

Luffy made his decision in a flash. Taking his shorts and his treasure-hat Luffy jumped off the hammock landing softly on the floor without making any noise at all. In a flash he had put on his shorts and his hat and he tip-toed to the door as quickly and quietly as he could.

As he exited the room, he failed to notice an eye, which had been watching him this whole time.

The moon was full.

Luffy watched it for a moment letting out a sigh.

Franky was on a look-out duty and was currently in the crow's nest. The young captain looked up and saw light coming out of crow's nest large windows.

Franky was a bit shocked to find his Captain coming up to the crow's nest. Had the poor kid seen a nightmare?

"Luffy-bro, what's up? Er, why are you up at this hour? It's, like, two thirty in the morning.. At least."

Luffy closed the hatch and made his way next to Franky, who was sitting on a bench next to a large window. He sat next to him, surprising the Shipbuilder by pulling his knees against his chest hugging them. In Fraky's eyes, Luffy now looked more like a 17-year-old he was, maybe even younger.

"Hey, Luffy.. Are you okay?"

"I,.. I don't know.." Luffy sighed.

"Franky, did something come on Sunny from the sea? Did you see anything?"

"Come from a sea? Like a fishman?"

"No no, I- I mean, a sea creature, like an octopus or something?"

"No, I don't think so. I'd have heard it, Luffy-bro. And seen water marks on the deck.. Why are you asking?"

"No- nothing.. I thought I saw something octopus-like.. Shi hih", Luffy tried to laugh it off but the bluff was obvious, even Franky saw right through it.

"Do you mind if I stay here with you for the rest of a night?"

"Of course not, Luffy-bro! Want some cola?"

The morning came and for Franky's big surprise, Luffy had stayed up all night. To tell the truth, he was worried about the boy. Showing up in the crow's nest in the middle of night, wearing his pj-shirt and blue shorts with a scared expression on his face. He doubted that the Captain had seen a nightmare but didn't feel like asking Luffy.

"Hey, Luffy-bro. I bet Sanji's up and going to make some breakfast for us. Wanna go down to check?"

Luffy nodded and followed Franky down on the deck. Then he remembered the octopus. It was still free here somewhere! Luffy stayed close to Franky and warily checked every direction as they entered the galley.

"Morning Sanji-bro! It's a SUPER morning!" Franky posed.

Sanji muttered something and coughed.

"Huh, Sanji-bro? Is your throat sore?"

A nod.

"Poor Cook-man.. Want me to call everyone for breakfast?" Again a nod. Franky exited the galley leaving Luffy, who was checking under the table for the octopus, alone with Sanji. When he got up he saw the Cook's face with 'The Hell are you doing?!'-expression.

"Sanji, did you see an octopus when you woke up?"

Sanji raised his brow and slowly shook his head.

"Oh, okay... Forget that I asked!"


Sanji scowled silently at Franky. He had forgotten to the ladies call. Luffy sat on his usual seat and waited for everybody to join him. Which was very unLuffy-like behaving. This made Sanji a bit uneasy, had something happened to his little Captain?

Zoro was the first one to enter the galley. His eyes widened as he saw Luffy sitting patiently at the dining table, waiting for food.

He sat next to Luffy and stated him.

"Luffy", he got his Captain's attention. Luffy turned his head to face his First mate.

"Did something happen? You look pretty tired."

"Well, of course he does! He stayed up all night with me. Came up to crow's nest at super early morning hours."

"What? Did you have another nightmare?" Nami and Robin entered the galley with Usopp, Chopper and Brook behind them.

Everyone was having their eyes on the littlest Captain, who sat by the dining table and looked rather fidgety. He played with his shirt's material and stared keenly his knees. When did he get a bruise? Oh, it probably was when he was playing with Usopp and Chopper, and he tripped on Zoro's weights. He didn't remember much, first he was up, then down on his face and the up again. He never noticed getting a bruise.


"I, umm... Sanji's throat is sore!" Sanji threw the nastiest glare at Luffy.

"What?! Sanji, how could this happen?" Chopper ran to the Cook and demanded to examine it. Sanji refused.

Zoro watched as Sanji tried to convince the doctor to let him go with a warning.

How very strange.

"Fine, but drink something warm and keep your throat warm."

After the breakfast, Luffy made his way to the men's quarters. He wanted to change from his pajama to his favourite vest.

He entered the room and nearly got a heart attack when Zoro closed the door behind him. Apparently the Swordsman had been waiting for him to enter the men's quarters so he could have a little talk with the Captain.

Luffy yelped when the door slammed behind him and jumped on his hammock hiding underneath the blanket.

"Please don't eat me Mr. Octopus!"

"... Luffy, it's me."


The Swordsman face palmed and walked to Luffy's hammock removing the blanket of the boy so he could see his face.

"Luffy, what is wrong with you? I woke up at night to see you were gone. Before Franky yelled for breakfast I find out that you were still out of bed", Zoro stared at the boy's face. Luffy was biting his lower lip, trying to avoid eye-contact.

"Franky said you were up all night with him.. Care to explain?"

"I, uhh..."


"I-I, I really did see a nightmare.. At least I think so..?" Luffy sat up in his hammock dropping his legs of the edge and swung them a little. He bit his lip again remembering the details. Luffy grabbed his pillow and hugged it against his chest.

"But, ... I'm not sure, I mean, ... I don't know..." he murmured into the pillow.

Zoro looked the kid above him. He climbed on the same hammock that Luffy was sitting on. Surely it would hold up under the both of them.

"What do you mean?" Zoro turned to see the boy next to him.

"Zoro", the Captain turned to face his First mate face-to-face.

"I think a octopus attacked me in my sleep."

Zoro sweat dropped and nearly fell off the hammock. "Haa!? What the hell Luffy?"

"I really mean it! I was seeing a dream with Usopp and Chopper in it when all of a sudden I was surrounded by darkness and something was holding me still. It kept my eyes closed and I couldn't move! It was heavy, it lied on my stomach and chest. Then there was this one tentacle which kept trying to get into my mouth", Luffy explained hugging the pillow tightlier against his chest.

Zoro stayed quiet.

"I couldn't breathe and when I tried to take some air, it charged into my mouth and, and, and... It was scary Zoro! I felt so hopeless! I couldn't even free myself even when I tried to! It was too strong.." Zoro's eyes narrowed as he watched Luffy to turn his face away to hide his trembling features.

"How did you escape?"

"I, umm... I thought about you and it gave a little strength to fight back.. I bit it."

"Well, that was, umm..."

"But Zoro, it was no dream.. When I opened my eyes, I tasted blood in my mouth, and it wasn't mine.."

Zoro was silent.

Had an octopus really climbed on Thousand Sunny and violated his Captain, his Luffy?

It felt highly unlikely to him, he would have noticed it. Zoro might seem like a deep sleeper but in reality he always woke up by the tiniest noise on the ship just to make sure no one was going to treat his captain's life.

Luffy looked really shaken up by what had happened during the night-time.

"I asked Franky if saw something getting up board but he hadn't noticed anything. Neither had Sanji when I asked him.."

"Maybe it was a dream after all? Or you were eating your pillow again-"

"NO ZORO! It was not a dream! I was awake the whole time but the damn thing kept its tentacle on my eyes so I'd not see anything! But I'm sure that it was not a dream", Luffy was hurt for his First Mate not to believe him. He was telling the truth about this!

Maybe the sea creature had sneaked on Sunny during day-time and had been hiding in the men's quarters to night-time?! What a sly creature!

'Just wait 'till I get my hands on him then I'm gonna -!' Luffy thought how he was going to make the thing suffer. First he would let it have a piece of his mind, then he'd let Sanji cook it!

The Captain chuckled at his plan, he had forgotten about Zoro who stared him eyes wide.

"Wait, wait. You were awake?"

"Huh, yeah.. Now that I think about it, I was awake but I also thought it was all just a dream. I guess at some point I woke up to see nothing but darkness so I assumed I was still having a dream.." Luffy scratched his cheek while thinking back.

"Did you smell anything? Like, you know, sea, salt, anything?"

Luffy thought hard. Had he?

The truth was that at that moment he was too concentrated on being in shock that he hadn't even thought about the smell which creeped on him during the night.

Sure, he had only thought about getting air in his lungs via mouth, but he had smelled something musky taking a sharp and quick breath through his nose.

Wait, musky? It smelled unusual, not salty at all. Come to think of it, his shirt was dry on the areas he had felt the pressure. No sea water.

Zoro noticed from his Captain's features, that something had come up to him. "Well?"

Luffy didn't face Zoro, instead he stared at nothing in front of him.

"There was no water.."

"Excuse me?"

"The octopus was lying on top of me, or was on top of me, and there was no sea water on my shirt when I 'woke' up. The air didn't smell salty at all."

Both of them had fallen in silence. The only noises made came on the deck, where the other crewmembers were starting their new day. Usopp and Chopper's giggles were loud.

"Zoro", the Swordsman glanced at his Captain who now looked him in the eyes. He let out a silent gasp as he saw fear in his fearless leader's eyes.

"What is going on?" he questioned. A question which Zoro couldn't answer.

"I don't know Luffy. But I'm going to find out."

The day went on normally, as any other normal day on Sunny would. Sanji ran between the galley and the ladies to check if they needed anything. Nami was getting frustrated by his actions and yelled at him, making the cook dance back to the kitchen. Robin chuckled and went back reading her book. Franky was once again building something and Brook played his violin by the mast. Usopp, Chopper and Luffy were playing tag. Zoro trained close to them, he wanted to be sure about his Captain's safety.

He was actually worried about Luffy, but didn't want to show it. He was afraid of showing too much affection towards his Captain and best friend. He didn't want anyone, especially that greedy witch nor swirly, realize his hidden feelings for the young Captain, which were anything but platonic.

Sure, first he saw Luffy as his little brother and was quite over-protective about him. But after time, he started to see him on a different light. Zoro couldn't explain how, when or why; it just happened. He was in love with his Captain.

He loved Luffy.

That was why he was scared of losing him to anyone or for anything.

"Hey guys, dinner's ready", Franky called. It seemed that Sanji's throat was still sore. Hn, it was fine by Zoro. He always got annoyed by Swirly's voice.

As if reading his mind, Sanji threw a deadly glance at towards Zoro, who smirked.

The Swordsman put down his weights and stretched.

"Zoro! You coming or not?!"

"Just a minute."

"If I were you, I'd hurry. He's going to eat your part of dinner if you don't", Usopp warned the Swordsman as he ran to the galley. Zoro sighed and made his way towards the galley as well. At least the boy hadn't lost his appetite.

Dinner went well, just like on the other days. Luffy stole from the others; Sanji, with or without voice, danced around Nami and Robin, and threw dirty looks towards his captain whenever he saw a rubbery arm coming towards Nami or Robin's plate; Chopper listened in awe as Usopp once again told his tales; both Franky and Brook were scribbling something on their own piece of papers, Franky was inventing something new and Brook was writing down his new song for Laboon. Zoro ate silently and kept thinking what Luffy had told him awhile back.

Nami cleared her throat catching everyone's attention. "Okay, since someone lost the lookout-duty list, I have to make another one and I'll do it tomorrow. Who is going to volunteer for the lookout—"

"I'll volunteer!" Luffy stood up with his right arm up towards the ceiling. Nami blinked, so did the others, except Zoro. "Uh, Luffy.. Are you feeling well?"

"Never better."

"But, you were on the duty the night before Franky!"

"I don't care", the Captain sat back down, his famous straw hat shadowed his eyes. Zoro knew that act far too well, he also knew where his captain was heading with this.

"Straw hat-bro, I highly recommend you not to go for the lookout since you only slept couple of hours last night. You'll be deadly tired tomorrow. What if we bump into Marines or other pirates during the day and you're tired because you haven't slept for…" Franky counted his fingers. Knowing his mathematic abilities, it would take awhile.

"What Mr. Shipbuilder is trying to say, Mr. Captain, is that if we run into enemies tomorrow and our captain is tired, we won't stand a chance against them. Do you understand?" Robin smiled sweetly and petted Luffy's shoulder.

"I tell you this, because we all care about you."

"Robin is right, Luffy. You've stayed up for nearly 48 hours and it is not healthy. As a doctor I order you to go to the bed early this night."

Zoro saw Luffy to bite his lower lip, which no one else saw since the hat was shadowing his face, but he saw it. His captain was scared but refused to show it, not even to his friends, not to his family. He refused to show it him, Zoro, his First Mate and best friend.

Luffy let out a sigh and rose. "Fine." And with that he left the galley.

"What's with him?" Usopp pointed his fork towards the door.

"I believe he's just tired and realized it just now." Nami shrugged.

Franky poked Robin and asked her to help him which she just smiled off and told the answer. This made Franky to throw his arms in the air. "I knew it!" Robin chuckled and gave him a pat on his shoulder.

"Of course you did."

Zoro stared the door and by now he noticed that he wasn't the only one. From the corner of his eye he saw Sanji staring the door lost in thoughts, a faint smile on his lips. 'What are you hiding..?' Zoro kept watching the cook when he returned to his work, serving the ladies, and saw something that struck him even more odd:

1) Luffy had left some food on his plate, which was indeed odd and meant that something was off with the Captain. You don't need to be a genius to see that. Well, Zoro knew the reason for his odd behaver but the rest of the crew didn't and soon they'd start to ask questions.

2) Shitty cook hadn't started an Apocalypse. Normally he would march to Luffy and drag him back to the galley and force the Captain to eat his plate until it was empty and shining. Not that Luffy never had problems with finishing his food since he ate everything that was on his plate. Was Sanji acting like this because his throat was sore and hurt? Well, he didn't show any sights of his throat being so sore that it held him from giving him murderous looks nor did it stop him dance around Nami and Robin.

Something was going on and Zoro was going to find out what.

Deck below, Luffy was hiding underneath his blanket. He had to admit that he was scared to death. He had wished to get the lookout duty for the night so he would be ready if the octopus returned. Last night it had caught him off guard but this time he would be ready. The young captain sat up in his hammock and took off his treasured hat and placed it on its usual place next to his pillow. He didn't bother to chance into his pajamas, just lied down on his side and pulled the blanket over his head and waited. He fell asleep soon enough not to notice the door open and a character to enter the quarters and walk next his hammock.

Since Luffy's hammock was on the top, the character had a good view of his sleeping face. The character raised his hand and smoothed Luffy's hair and touched his cheek with the thumb. The thumb soon moved to touch the sleeping boy's lips, brushing on them and feeling the soft skin. Soon the long silhouette leaned over Luffy's sleeping figure and took in every detail he could make in the shadowy room, stopping by the pink slightly parted lips. Softly and gently, he turned Luffy on his back. The character hovered over the little Captain's features until he shyly and warily leaned down and kissed him.

He stayed there for awhile, softly deepening the kiss. He didn't want it turn into what it did last night. Luffy had nearly bitten his tongue off!

He licked and gently nipped Luffy's lips. He didn't want to wake the little one up, but he wanted so badly to eat him up. Taste everything about him, discover new flavor and scents. Feel every part of him and claim them his. To claim Luffy to be his.

He had a desire for this little Luffy, his little Captain.

He involuntarily removed his lips from Luffy's, the sweet taste of apple juice tickled his tongue. Watching the sleeping face in front of him, the character placed a kiss on both of Luffy's cheeks and then on his forehead. He stepped away from the hammock, still keeping the eye-contact.

This kind of action did not satisfy his needs, nor his desire for the boy. He knew it, he knew that one day he wouldn't be able to hold himself anymore. His hunger was too big. He cared for the boy deeply and was scared of hurting him, but also he wanted release, he yearned for it. To touch and feel the boy beneath him, against him and to feel the warmth of the small body. He could see the boy under him, squirming and panting, repeating his name, needing to be released as well.

And that was when he made his decision: He'd make Luffy his, no matter what. Nothing would stop him, no one would stop him.

The character took another step backwards and prepared to leave. He'd things to do before he'd claim Luffy's body and soul his. He turned around and made his way to the door and opened it slowly. Before he stepped out, he turned his head so he could see Luffy's face now more clearly, thanks to the last beam on light which came from the setting sun. He smiled as he watched Luffy's features come even more beautiful due the lighting.

"Good night, my beautiful princess.."

And with that, Sanji, the Cook of the pirate ship Thousand Sunny and the Straw Hat pirates', closed the door of the men's quarters and made his way back to the galley. He had a mysterious and ominous smirk on his lips, and it didn't guarantee anything good.

Many thanks to angelrider13 who was so generous to be my beta. :3

You are my angel!