Luffy woke up with a loud gasp.

Sweat was dripping down from his chin as the previous images of a nightmare once again came into his mind. His breath came out as quick and short gasps as if he were hyperventilating. Well, it did feel like it since he couldn't get any air in his lungs. A whimper passed his lips and tears rolled down his cheeks, which he quickly wiped away with the corner of his blanket. He wasn't a man to show his pain and misery so openly, not when the feelings only belonged to him, and him alone.

When the tears stopped Luffy took a deep breath and closed his eyes to collect himself together.

So, he had seen another nightmare. This time it had forced him to see his painful childhood memories again: How Shanks had lost his arm for him; how Ace had first rejected him; how that ugly Bluejam's man had tortured him until Luffy couldn't feel anything from the pain and how Sabo had died. The most painful memories were from the time when he was alone. Gramps wasn't there for him, Luffy practically grew up alone. No one was there to wish him a good night nor tell him that there was no such thing as a "bogeyman". When Garp came back, he would beat Luffy up in the name of "Marine training".

And when Ace had left three years before him to become a pirate, Luffy was once again left alone. Lucky for him he had Dadan and her gang living next to his kingdom.

In other words, Luffy hated being alone, it was way worse than being stabbed, poisoned or beaten up.

A shiver went through Luffy's small body. He needed to get some fresh air - now.

Silently he dropped down from his hammock and tip-toed to the door, leaving his beloved hat on his bed-hammock, which Franky had built. Franky had also made Captain's quarters for Luffy, to prove Luffy's title and dignity, but Luffy rarely went there. He liked being with his fellow crew-members and didn't like to treated as a higher guy, or something like that. They were family and equal to each other! Only then he was treated as a captain when they were in a fight or an important decision was made.

Luffy walked over the deck and stopped in the middle to watch the moon.

He wondered, who was on the guard duty tonight, but then he heard the noise of weights being lifted.


A warm feeling filled Luffy's chest. When his Swordsman was on the duty, he felt more secure than ever, because he knew that if something was to happen to him, Zoro would be the first to notice and the very first to help him.

There was also a light in the galley.

Huh, so Sanji was up too?

"Why?" Luffy wondered out loud. A rather loud noise from his stomach reminded him that he hadn't eaten well before going to bed.

"I wonder if Sanji's mad at me..." that was when Luffy made his decision: He would sneak in to the galley and steal some midnight snack, without Sanji's notice of course. He did value his life after all. How embarrassing it would be that the future Pirate King died before he was even crowned, just because a stingy cook wouldn't let him have a small snack.

Sanji hummed as he lit up another cigarette. During their last visit at some sort of exotic island Sanji had noticed that he was out of his cigarettes. So he visited the local market and as he was filling the food supplies he had asked if they had his favourite brand. For his despair, they were out of that one particular brand. But they did have this one brand that caught his interest, the shopkeeper had said that six men had tried the brand put then had soon returned the boxes back to the store and fled. Since the man hadn't had a heart to throw away the boxes, he offered them to Sanji for -50 per cent from all the six boxes. First Sanji was a bit skeptic but then he had checked the six boxes and learned that every box was missing only one smoke. So he took the offer. 'Nami-swan would be proud of me!'

Last night he had dared to open the first box, and sweet Mother of the Sea, it was the most amazing experience ever! The first drag filled him with joy and this kind of feeling of relax which he had never discovered before. When he breathed the smoke out, Luffy happened to walk pass him smiling and the famous straw hat hung with a string around his neck, revealing his short yet beautiful raven locks and big brown eyes which were shining from the excitement. And his body... Dear Lord, how had Sanji not seen that! Beautiful, lean, small and skinny frame, and little womanly, childish features still visible. The most adorable thing that Sanji had ever seen.

It looked as if the smoke was creating a big heart around the boy.

Another drag from the cigarette and Sanji began to see his captain in a brand new light, and he loved what he saw. 'That hair, those eyes, those lips, that sun kissed chest, that milky smooth skin, those hips, that a-'

"Hey, Stupid Cook, you dropped your chin on the floor. Stop staring at Nami and-or Robin and go help Usopp!" Zoro had yelled for him snapping Sanji out of his daydreaming.

That stupid green-headed moss ball, Sanji would kick his ass someday.

When he was going to bed he saw Luffy changing into his pyjamas. He had witnessed it multiple times but this time he really couldn't help but be amazed by his captain's small body. Truly a body of a 17-year-old boy.

Oh, how Sanji yearned to touch and feel it. He wanted to experience those small, slightly visible abs, play with the boy's raven locks, and feel the warmth of the other body against his.

He had succeeded to climb on Luffy's hammock and was sitting lightly on the boy's hips, both of Luffy's arms between his sides and Sanji's legs. What advantage he had, Sanji smirked as he lay down. The cook put his left hand on Luffy's eyes, so if he woke up he wouldn't tell Sanji's figure in the dark. His right hand kept Luffy's head in place by grabbing his chin. He then leaned forward and started to kiss the small teen under him.

Oh, the softness of his Captain's lips. It something that couldn't be described by words.

Sanji wanted more.

He pushed harder against Luffy and licked the licks, trying to get in. At this point he noticed a change on Luffy's body language. The boy was awake and clearly confused about his surroundings. He was squirming, trying to move his head away, but Sanji's and made the attempt futile.

Then Sanji felt something that made his night even better: Luffy opened his mouth, in order to get some air, but Sanji was too high at the moment to realize that. In that moment, he instantly emerged inside Luffy's mouth.

Oh, how wonderful it was! Luffy tasted so good, so sweet! Sanji just couldn't get enough.

To him, it felt like Luffy was playing with him, but in reality the Captain was desperate to break free.

Sanji was intoxicated by Luffy's appearance. The small, warm body under his, so beautiful.

'I will make you bloom-' A sharp pain surprised Sanji greatly. What on Earth?

Luffy was biting him?! His Captain was biting down on his tongue, making the cook wince in the kiss. He had to retreat in order to safe himself, or his tongue.

But Luffy was biting down hard, and soon Sanji tasted blood, his own blood in the matter of fact. It seemed, that Luffy tasted it as well and let go off the Cook's tongue.

As soon as Sanji was released, he escaped from the boy's hammock and dived in his, without making any sound. He heard a loud gasp and pretended to turn on his side in his sleep, facing Luffy. He watched from under his hair, how Luffy's figure sat up in the darkness and was breathing heavily. The boy turned his head franticly to search something, and then pulled his knees up so he could hug them.

Silence was deafening.

Luffy sat there, hugging his knees, which felt like forever.

Sanji closed his eyes, but then he heard a soft 'thump' and cracked one eye open to see a small figure in the darkness tip-toeing towards the door, opening it.

Luffy stopped for a moment to look around the room in the light of the moon. He hadn't seen Sanji, watching his every move from under his hair. The captain without his straw hat left the quarters, closing the door silently behind him.

Sanji was smiling.

Sure his first kiss with Luffy had been a bit, hmm.. Dangerous? But, oh! The boy was wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

Sanji took a drag from his smoke and breathed it out through his nose. Ah, this blissful feeling which burned inside him. It made him feel warm and happy.

Could it be... Love?

The galley's door made a quiet noise when it was opened. Sanji turned his head and met the boy he desired so. The desired, in the other hand, looked quite shocked as Luffy had not expected Sanji to up at this hour.

'He is SO going to kill me!'

"Ah, little Captain. What a pleasant surprise that you decided to visit your humble servant." Sanji bowed to Luffy, who was gaping his mouth like a fish.

"U-uhh... Sanji, are you okay?"

"Why yes, I am perfectly fine. I'm honoured to be worried by you, my Captain."

Luffy blinked.

This was very strange, even from Sanji. He usually acted like this when Nami, Robin or any girl was in sight.

The Captain tilted his head to the side and fold his arms against his red vested chest. Surely Sanji wasn't mistaking him to a girl?





Nah, it couldn't be that. Maybe Sanji ate or drank something that made his mind go funny. Yes, that must be it!

Luffy grinned slyly as he decided to test his thea-theory, theory!

"Sanji, I'm a bit hungry. Is it okay for me to grab something to eat?"

"Why, yes of course! What would you like? Something sweet or salty?"

"Sweet, sweet!" Luffy laughed and jumped where he was standing. Sanji smiled at him and rose from his place. He held the chair so Luffy could sit there. The small captain smiled sweetly and walked by the chair, sitting on it. Sanji pushed the chair towards the table and gave a short pat on Luffy's head, then he made his way to the kitchen section.

"What kind of sweet would you like to have?"

"Humm... Do we got apples?"

"Actually, we do."

"Then, apples!" Luffy lifted both of his arms up in the air and let out a childish giggle.

Sanji's heart was about to spurts out of his chest. This kid was too cute!

"I'll make an apple pie for you, is that okay little Captain?"

"Shi hih, everything Sanji makes is good so I don't care!"

'Stand with me, my Heart!' Sanji thought as he grabbed his chest where his heart was. The organ was beating like crazy. This kid was too honest for him to handle!

Luffy stared Sanji's back. The man was acting very strange.

'I wonder if he has a stomachache.. That is the worst!'

"So, why is our Captain up at this hour?"

Sanji was trying to create a conversation as he was preparing the dough.

"I, umm.. Promise you won't laugh at me?" Luffy played with his fingers. He didn't know why, but talking to someone felt right at the moment. Even though it wasn't Zoro.

"I promise", the Cook started to peal the apples. He was done with that quickly and began to slice them.

"I, umm... I woke up because of a nightmare. I been seeing them a lot these days." Luffy was ashamed to even look at Sanji. He was the captain! The captain of the infamous Straw Hat crew! He shouldn't be afraid of anything! And here he was, making a scene about nightmares. How embarrassing.

"It's okay Luffy", Sanji opened the oven and put the pie in. For the next 30 minutes or so, he'd have Luffy all to himself, after that he'd take the pie out. He filled the dishwasher and switched it on. The blond cook turned around with a smile and walked next to his captain, and sat next to him.

"There is nothing to be ashamed of having nightmares. Everyone has them."

"They do?"

"Yes, even I have them once in a while. And I bet that the green moss-ball has them too! Mark my word!" Luffy giggled. Sanji smiled at this.

"It's just part being a human, Luffy. It is okay to scared sometimes."

"I am not scared!"


The young captain was silent. He refused to meet Sanji's gaze that he felt on him. He kept staring his fingers, which were drawing circles on the table.

Sanji found this cute.

"Buh-, but I'm the captain. I shouldn't be startled by some stupid dream..."

"Luffy, a captain or not, you are still a person, a human. You have every right to be scared! You'll be my one and true little Captain, always." Sanji petted the raven's head, playing with the silky soft hair.

Luffy lifted his head a bit and shyly turned his head so he could see Sanji's face. The blond was smiling at him reassuringly, it made Luffy blush and he turned his head away to hide it.

What was all this?

Why was Sanji being so nice to him all of a sudden?

Touching his hair and smiling that was totally new to Luffy. Sanji usually kicked and threw Luffy away whenever he was whining for food. He didn't say it was scary or anything, just... Unusual. To him at least.

Luffy was familiar with Zoro's unshown way to give him attention, when no one was there to see. He's pet Luffy's hair, let his hand wonder through the raven locks and sometimes even hug Luffy taking his own time.

Luffy didn't mind. He liked being close to the swordsman whenever he could and when the haramaki-user hugged him, the younger teen felt warm and nice.

But Sanji when was doing this with his hair, Luffy felt nervous, like something out of place. It scared him a little.

Luffy was startled when Sanji moved his hand down on his face and touched his scar with his thumb.


"Tell me, Luffy.. Have you ever been mistaken for a girl?"

"For a girl?" Luffy was dumbfounded. Was this really his cook, Sanji, in front of him? Or was it an imposter? Was Nami trying to trick him again? When she had done it last time, Luffy had to wear her high heels, just for her fun. His legs still hurt. 'How can women walk in those, or even run?!' Luffy had thought after getting rid of the shoes.

"Yes, for a girl. You can tell me.."

"Uh, umm... I don't remem-No wait. There was this one time."

"Well, go on. Tell me."

"Mine and Ace's clothes were all dirty or had cuts everywhere, and we didn't know how to fix them. So we visited Makino, who promised to wash and fix them. Also the clothes we wore were dirtied or had cuts and holes, so she took them too. She did give us something to wear until she was done. Ace had her father's t-shirt and shorts, since he was bigger than I was." Luffy laughed to the image of Ace in too big men's clothes and blushing furiously.

"Makino didn't find anything suitable for me to wear, so she gave me her old dress. That was a really weird day. Everyone in the tavern kept staring at me. Ace was also acting strange. He would stand in front of me if anyone tried to talk to me and there was this one man who came to talk to me but Ace drove him away. He looked so mad! When I asked about it later, he told me that people mistook me to a defenseless young girl, and since he was my older brother it was his duty to protect me from perverts."

Sanji could only smile as he was leaning against his hand on the table. He then began to imagine Luffy in bright red dress...

Zoro stood in the crow's nest and kept staring at the horizon. He still kept wondering about Luffy and his story. He also was quite curious to learn the secret about Sanji and his weird behaving earlier today. Sore throat, his ass. Something was going on and Zoro had a hunch. He was about get his weight and start training, since he had nothing else better to do, when he heard Luffy scream:


Like a lightning, Zoro was down on the deck and rushed to the galley.

"Luffy?! What's-"

"Zoro, help Sanji!"

Luffy was on the floor, holding unconscious Sanji's head on his lap and in the verge of tears. Blood was streaming from Dart brow's nose and he had, disturbingly, happy look on his face.

"Ugh, do I even want to know.."

"He needs a doctor! Does he need a doctor, Zoro?! Go wake up Chopper!"

"Luffy, Luffy! Calm, down. He doesn't need a doctor." Zoro walked to the sink and searched a towel from cupboard. When he did, he put it under the tap letting cold water soaked it. He then threw the towel to Luffy.

"Wash his face with that and keep his head on your, erm, lap.. I'll clean up the blood on the floor."

"And on the table."

Zoro saw the blood on the table. He was glad that the table didn't have that white clothing on it. It would be ruined.

"Yeah, the table too. Here, put these in his nose when you're done with his ugly face. It looks even uglier with all of that blood, and that smile on his face keeps me the creeps." Zoro gave Luffy two pieces of paper, which he was supposed to but in Sanji's nose.

It took them only few minutes to clean the place. Luffy patted Sanji's head and carefully lifted it so he could get up from the floor. Zoro then heard some noise coming from the oven, the timer.

"Does Dart brow have something in the oven?" he pointed the oven with his thumb. Luffy looked at the oven.

"Oh yeah, Sanji made an apple pie for me. I guess it's ready now!"

Zoro raised a brow.

"He made you an apple pie?"

"Yeah, I saw a nightmare and got hungry so I planned on sneaking in and get something to eat but Sanji offered to make me an apple pie!" Luffy exclaimed as he jumped to the oven grabbing two kettle holders.

"Wait, nightmare? Luffy.."

"No, no. It wasn't like that", Luffy opened the oven and carefully took the pie out. He closed it and placed the pie on the third kettle holder on the table next to the oven, where Sanji usually cooked their meal before putting it to the oven. Zoro walked over and turned it off.

"It smells good, doesn't it!" Luffy grinned. He placed the two kettle holders on top of each other and next to the pie. When he turned around he was surprised to find himself being pressed against Zoro's chest.

"Zo-Zoro? What-"

"I'm sorry."


Zoro raised his right hand so he could pet Luffy's hair.

"For not being there for you when you woke up."

"It's totally fine, Zoro."

"It's not! You've had two stressful nights now and I wasn't there for you. I fail as the First mate, and as your best brother."

"No you don't!" Luffy pushed himself off from Zoro so he could stare up to the man with his angry eyes.

"You WERE there when I needed you! I wanted to tell you about that night and there you were, a step ahead of me, like always!"

Zoro didn't say anything, part of was amazed by his Captain's outburst and part of him just didn't know what to say to the young teen. He also wanted to hear what Luffy thought about him.


"You, you always back me up, never question me nor my orders. You're always first to help me and reach for me." Luffy's face was starting to heat up. He dropped his eyes so he was staring the floor under his bare legs. His hands were clenching Zoro's shirt desperately. The green-haired man saw this.

"You, ...You are the, best friend I have ever had.. And... The best First mate a Captain could ever have.. The best thing that has ever happened to me", it was a quiet confession, but Zoro heard it and understood it. He smiled warmly and held Luffy's chin with his hand bringing it up so he could see the crimson face of his blushing Captain. He leaned down and whispered something into Luffy's ear making the boy's big eyes widen even more. He then gave a soft kiss on his forehead.

"We should eat the pie while it is still warm", Zoro ruffled the dark locks making the teen squirm and giggle.

"You take the milk from the fridge and two cups, while I get the plates and cut the pie."

"Zoro's gonna eat too?"

"Sure, why not. Looking at your red face makes me hungry", Zoro smirked as Luffy's blush darkened even more.

"Stupid Zoro! Zoro is stuuuuuuupid!" The future Pirate King stuck his tongue out. The Swordsman laughed.

"Look out or I will eat your tongue!"

"Nyah, nyah!"

"I mean it."

"Nyah, stupid Zoro can do nothi-" Luffy's eyes widened as he saw Zoro appear right in front of him. He yanked Luffy's hair forcing the boy look up and kissed him on the lips. Luffy was shocked, to say at least, but soon relaxed and dared to kiss back, closing his eyes. He had no experience on kissing so he let Zoro to take the lead.

The kiss was peaceful, careful and soft. Zoro didn't want to push it too far. He wanted to keep it simple and enjoyable. He chuckled in his mind when he felt Luffy kissing him back, or tried to. It wasn't that bad of a try for a boy who had not kissed anyone. If the last night's incident wasn't counted.. 'Of course it doesn't count!' Zoro thought in his mind. Luffy was forced to the kiss and that is not how you act in these kinds of things. You had to teach the inexperienced one, take things slowly so he won't get scared or have second thoughts.

Zoro ended the kiss and gave a quick lick on Luffy's lips. He smirked as he eyed the flushed face. Luffy saw this and quickly hid his face behind his hands as he turned around, only to be turned back to Zoro.

"Don't hide your face. You are beautiful", he smoothed the teen's hair and gave a kiss on top of his head, taking in Luffy's scent.

"T-th... The pie, Z-Zoro.." Luffy stuttered. Zoro chuckled and gave the last kiss on Luffy's forehead before turning towards the pie and started to search for plates and spoons.

Luffy walked to the fridge and opened it stopping there. He touched his lips and blushed remembering Zoro's words:

"You, too, are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life, Monkey D. Luffy."

The teen shook his head and grabbed two milk bottles from the fridge and made his way to the table where Zoro sat waiting for him, grinning.

Sanji groaned and started to wake up. He got up, leaning on his left hand with the right one he pushed bangs out of his eyes.

What was he doing on the floor?

As he rose up he had to support himself by taking a hold of the back of a chair closest to him.

"Whoah!" Sanji muttered as he began to feel dizzy. He heard two voices in the room.

"Take it easy, Sanji! You lost quite amount of blood there." Ah, the voice Sanji would like to hear to worry about him every day for the rest of his life.

"Pfth, Princess..." This one, not so much. The owner of that shitty voice could go to hell.

Sanji groaned as he sat down on the chair he had been leaning against and nursed his forehead.

"What happened..?"

"Yes, that is what I too would like to know." Zoro said as he took a bite of his piece of pie. Luffy studied the Cook, brows furrowed with worry. The Captain was playing with his spoon not paying much attention to the pie.

"Oh god, I need a smoke..." Sanji searched around his vest's chest pocket, not finding the box. His brow furrowed, where had he left it?

"Where are my smokes?"

"Probably there, where you last left them, Dart Brow."

"Shut up, shitty Moss head!" Sanji snapped.

"Now where are they?!" He began to yell. The cook stood up forcing the chair to fall back. He charged to the sink, then to fridge then he searched every cupboard and shelf. Sanji didn't notice the looks both Luffy and Zoro were giving to him. The Captain was startled by his unusual outburst.


"What?!" The cook spun around to meet the startled captain of his.

"Th-they're in your jacket's pocket, which is hanging by the door..." Luffy felt like hiding under the dining table. Sanji was scary. Zoro glanced at Luffy and, as if reading his mind, he took Captain's hand in his to remind him that he wasn't alone. That his Swordsman was there to protect him. Luffy blinked by the action but then gave a light squeeze. He smiled.

"Oh, they're there, aren't they? Thank you, my little Captain." Sanji took the box out of the pocket and walked back to his seat. Zoro gave him a quick glance.

'My 'little Captain'? What have you been smoking, Dart brow..'

Sanji lit up one cigarette and took a long drag out of it, and exhaled. He blew the cloud of smoke right at Zoro, who coughed.

"You bastard.."

Sanji smirked, taking another drag he then turned towards Luffy.

"So, how was your pie?"

"It was amazing as always Sanji!" Luffy beamed with a wide grin. Zoro gave a quick glance at Luffy, then at Sanji. Something was going on.. Why had Sanji baked a pie to Luffy? Usually, when the boy came to search for snack, he would be kicked out of the galley. Literally kicked. And Sanji was sweet talking to him like Luffy was one of the girls!

Zoro moved his eyes back to Luffy, who now stared the table with a serious face. He seemed to be deep in thoughts, but then began to smile again.

"That really scared me when Sanji's nose started to bleed! The blood was everywhere! I thought that you were done for. Luckily Zoro came to the rescue!" The young captain exclaimed. Sanji mumbled something, that sounded either 'yeah, lucky' or 'fucking moss head'. Zoro grinned.

"What caused the nosebleed?"


"Oh, oh! Sanji asked if I was ever mistaken to a girl and then I told him the time when I had to wear a dress, because every other piece of clothing was either dirty or broken! A man in the tavern thought I was a girl. Ace was so mad! You should have seen his face!" Luffy laughed. Sanji turned his head away and kept playing with his cigarette. For some reason he felt that he needed to smoke another one, now.

Zoro was fuming. This pervert over there... He'd be long dead when Zoro was done with him. But first, he needed to take Luffy away from him, as far as possible!

"Luffy.. It's late, we should leave and go to bed.. I believe that Sanji over there has things to do before heading to bed himself", Sanji wasn't facing them but could feel the icy glare Zoro was giving him. He cleared his throat and turned to face Luffy with the sweetest smile.

"Yes, the ugly green moss ball is right. I'll have to do the dishes and clean up a little, after that I'll head to bed."

"Oh, okay."

Zoro gritted his teeth.

The Captain and Swordsman rose and headed for the door, when Luffy stopped, turning around and smiled brightly.

"Thanks again Sanji! Your pie was so good! Best one I've ever had!"

"Hn, you are too kind to me, my little Captain", Sanji walked up to Luffy and took the small hand in his own, rising it to his lips.

"But I thank you.."

He then planted a kiss on the back of Luffy's right hand. He then looked up from the hand, meeting his Captain's big brown eyes, bigger from the surprise, and smiled.

'I want to eat him up.'

Zoro saw the strange shine in the Cook's eyes and pulled Luffy away from the man. He even slapped Sanji's hand away, making the blond glare up to him. The Swordsman kept his captain close to him as he walked backwards to the door and opened it.

"We're leaving, now." Zoro practically pushed Luffy out of the door going after him. He gave the last warning glance to now smirking Sanji, and slammed the door shut. The cook only chuckled and took out another cigarette.

"This is going to be interesting."

"What the HELL is wrong with that shitty cook?!"

Zoro hit the mast next to him.

The signs were obvious. Sanji liked Luffy, or more like was obsessed with him! Why hadn't Zoro seen it before?!

The Swordsman looked the Captain, who was sitting in the swing not far away from the mast. He had a thoughtful-look on his face.



The green-haired man walked up to his captain, leaning against the tree, in which branch the swing was.

"Luffy, what's wrong?"

"The smell.. It was familiar from somewhere."

"Smell, what smell?" Luffy looked up to Zoro.

"The smell of Sanji's cigarette. I've smelt it somewhere else."

"Like, recently?"

"Uh-huh, it was sweet and yet somehow hazy."

"Hmm...", Zoro pushed himself off the tree and knelt in front of Luffy. The boy seemed confused, as the Swordsman took a hold of his right hand, studying it.

"Zoro, what-" before he could end what he was saying, Zoro placed a kiss on the very same spot where Sanji had kissed him earlier. Luffy was startled by the act to say at least, but soon relaxed. Zoro kissed his hand couple more times, and then began to place kisses all the way up to Luffy's neck. The boy under his touch shivers when his lips touched the virgin neck. The swordsman smirked against the soft skin.

"Zoro's jealous?"


"Don't be", Luffy smiled. He curled his arms around Zoro's neck and hugged him. Even though Zoro was only kneeling in front of Luffy he was still few cents taller. The Captain pouted slightly, he hated being the shortest of the crew, if Chopper wasn't counted. He was the Captain for crying out loud!

Zoro hugged him back, strong arms embraced the small body, which almost felt too fragile to be held with strong arms. But to his joy, Luffy wasn't as fragile as his body showed. He was the strongest of the crew, and was made of rubber. There was no way he's break that easily. And if he did, Zoro didn't want to be the one doing it.



"What time is it?"

"Hn, I believe it's about past midnight. You went to bed early. Three AM at tops."


Zoro sat down on the ground, pulling Luffy on his lap with him.

"You didn't answer my question back there in the kitchen."

"I didn't? Wait, what question?"

"You woke up again because of a nightmare, Luffy."

"Ah, that one."

"Would you like filling me in?"

Luffy sighed and rested his forehead against the chest in front of him. Zoro patted his back in relaxing manner. There was no hurry for Luffy to open himself to Zoro.

"Just an ordinary nightmare about childhood memories, nothing else. It's not a big deal!" A bright smile and denial. This was familiar to Zoro, he had seen it before. He decided to let it go this time.

"No octopuses?"

"Nope!" Luffy exclaimed throwing his arms in to the air.

"No sweet-smelling octopuses!"



Luffy opened his mouth.

That sweet scent in the galley coming from the cigarette Sanji was smoking. That hazy feeling Luffy had when he had breathed the smoke.

It was all too familiar.

Luffy closed his mouth and swallowed.

"Luffy? Are you okay?"

When Zoro saw Luffy opening and closing his mouth and swallowing, he knew. Maybe it was because of the extraordinary bond between the captain and the first mate, or just because Luffy was easy to read.

But he knew that his Captain had just realized something. Something big.


"That scent that night... The scent of Sanji's smoke... They have the same sweet and hazy scent..!"

Luffy looked up, straight into Zoro's eyes. His features were shaking as the realization fully hit him. The Swordsman furrowed his brows.

'Sanji's the Octopus!'

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