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Chapter Two - Conversations

"Kurosaki…" Ichigo twitched hearing his last name, "YO…KUROSAKI!"

Great, now he shows up. "…Err…" Ichigo was afraid to steal a glance. It's not like he had to. He already knew who it was.

"HEEY!" the nonchalant voice called out louder. Almost as if they were at a concert, rather than a police station.

"What!" The man glared at his annoying partner, sending obvious messages that he didn't want to be bothered. The blonde could have cared less really. Instead, Urahara went on blabbing— more than usual.

"Bonjour! Ciao! Kon'nichiwa! Mi amigo!" Urahara helped himself to a seat on the corner of the desk, grabbing Ichigo's coffee and took swift sip. "Como estas, señor ?"

"….What?" Ichigo blinked.

"Not bad, huh?" the blonde took another sip, "I'm learning Spanish. I just asked how you were…" he watched Ichigo roll his eyes as he turned back to writing incident reports.

"Jama wo shinai de. Kuso baka." Which meant, don't bother me… Fucking idiot. Ichigo sighed irritably, writing so hard on the paper, it sounded like loud scratches.

"Now, now partner." the blonde laughed, "What's got you so grumpy eh?"

Instead of answering that, Ichigo frowned turning his attention back on his partner, "You're late today…" as always, "…Why?" He evilly hissed at his partner, who just cluelessly shrugged like the scrounger he was. "We had another shooting today and you weren't here… if the crime rate goes up, it's because of your slacking ass…"

"ME?" he seemed partly offended until the rest sunk in, "Shooting?" he blinked, "…Damn… this morning?" the blonde sighed, "Well, what time didn't you get here?"

Ichigo grumbled, turning his computer on, "Six am."

"SIX!? I didn't know this place opened at six."

"I didn't know my girlfriend was pregnant…" The spiky head retaliated with a heavy breath, "…guess there's a lot of things we don't know…"

"Get outta here! Really? Rukia is pregnant?" Urahara shook his head, "Didn't know probing chicks, and settling down were your thing…"

"…It isn't." Ichigo answered with a lie. Yet probing Rukia and actually succeeding was indeed not part of the settling down plan. Still, good thing the idiot didn't know about his proposal to Rukia… along with her rejection. He was still mad about that, and everything in between.

Then his partner went further on the offensive side to say, "Honestly, I didn't know girls were your thing at all."

Ichigo growled at Urahara's submissive attempt to make a queer comment. "Bastard. I'm not gay… if that's what you're trying to say…"

"Heh, well yeah. That's obvious now." The man helped himself to Ichigo's breakfast too, grabbing his heavily glazed donut, then proceeded to ask his next horrid, blunt, yet nosey question. "…So is it yours?"

Ichigo dug into his desk for a more durable pen to withstand his immense aggravation, then paused as that question clung to him. Clearly it was his. His Rukia would never ever cheat on him. Especially after five years of commitment. Yet, he still answered with a confused expression, pausing between the two words, "…I… think…?"

"Damn Ichigo, you could at least know that."


Then came more questions… "Well, tell me about it? Was she happy?" The blonde gasped, "Oh shit, what about that rich asshole brother of hers… was he happy? Wouldn't doubt it but… still you look pissed…"

"Actually… I was…" Ichigo gritted his teeth, raiding to find the right adjective to describe his questionable behavior. "…erm… surprised…"

"Eh? …Surprised?"

Oh YES… surprised…

They were sitting ducks till Ichigo scampered to the phone. That's pretty much how denial and anxiousness found it's way to his mind last night.

"…Ichigo…damn it…" Came an annoyed sigh from Rukia as she laid on the couch, fully clothed and waiting for Ichigo to listen to her. That was never going to happen. "Ichigo… please…" the man paced around with a phone tightly in his hand, dialing over and over until he finally got someone on the phone. Finally he stopped by the fireplace, nervous sweat glistened on his forehead.

"Uh yes, can I speak to—"

"Ichigo!" Rukia sat up urgently as her boyfriend's eyes glared irritably at her.

He pulled away from the phone, putting a hand over the speaker so whoever was on the other line, couldn't hear him yelling. "What!"

"Is calling him really… necessary?" She moped around him as a sharp pain stabbed her in the belly again. Seriously, was any part of his behavior… necessary?

"Yes…" He nodded once, frowning as he went back to the lady on the phone, "Is Isshin Kurosaki there?" he tapped his foot impatiently as Rukia rolled her eyes, "Well it's his son, Ichigo." AWKWARD PAUSE "…Y-Yes, I know it's been a long, long time… Heh yes, thank you…" he awkwardly laughed, "Mhm, I just needed to talk to him…"

"You need to talk to him?" Rukia questioned at the steady beat of Ichigo's shaking foot, "Heh, you don't even like him." Rukia grabbed at her belly to numb the pain, "And it's not like we don't know that I'm pregnant… I just took the damn test." She cooed loudly, "What more proof do ya need?"

Ichigo pulled away from the phone again, his light brown irises flaring annoyingly at his girlfriend, almost like, WOMAN IF YOU DON'T LET ME TALK FOR JUST ONE MOMENT… "I don't listen to you enough as it is…" he admitted, "…And I'm not going to listen to a damn stick with your piss on it—" SILENCE "…OH YES, I'm still here —sorry about that…" he walked off, turning back to the conversation, "Okay thanks very much— I'll hold."

"Unbelievable…" If she didn't love him so much, she'd ring his neck. "I give up… what do I know I'm just the girlfriend…" Then she noticed how fast her boyfriend's whole demeanor changed. Yup, he must have gotten a hold of…

"…Hi dad." Ichigo spoke with a confining tone. "Err, nothing much I was just—" he pulled the phone away as his old man began enthusiastically yelling in his ear. "Yes, I know it been a long time…" Ichigo rolled his eyes sighing, "No, I don't hate you…"

"Oh brother…"

"…I'm NOT LYING!" Ichigo grumbled.

Rukia laid back down on the couch, picking up a file and started filing her nails. "Can't say I didn't worn you…"

"Shut up…" Ichigo hissed at her before turning back to Isshin again, "Just hear me out already? I wanted to know if you would give Rukia a checkup sometime this week…" Then suddenly the orange haired man grimaced disgustingly, "NOT THAT KIND OF CHECKUP YOU STUPID IDIOT! I MEAN A DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT!"

"Wow…" Rukia giggled.

"Well… we think she's pregnant…" Suddenly Ichigo pulled away from the phone again as Isshin screamed even louder into the phone, "Dad! DAD! …ISSHIN! Listen!"

"Hn… we already know I'm pregnant…" now she knew where Ichigo got his stubborn, dull, bigheadedness from.

"She might be… We don't know for sure…" Ichigo glared at Rukia who dared to not say anything else. "So can we come by this week for a test or not?" there was a brief silence before Ichigo heaved a sigh of relief. "Thanks. Then we'll come tomorrow." SILENCE, "Shut up…" Click. He hung up the phone, shaking his head. "What an idiot…"

"Was he mad or something?" Rukia blinked, bemused.

"Nope. He was happy…" Ichigo shrugged at that thought.

"Then what did he say?" Probably something stupid like always.

Heaving an exhausting sigh, Ichigo opened up another beer and sat down beside her. "Eh, he rambled on about hitting and missing… then said something about loading my gun with real bullets without telling you… I didn't get it…"

"Oh…" Rukia held back her laugh, getting up to go to the bedroom. For once Isshin was right. How unfair for Ichigo to just load up without let her prepare herself! She chuckled silently, supposing that's what condoms were for…

Urahara snickered at the frowning spiky head. "Forget surprised. You overreacted…"

Actually Ichigo thought he was being pretty nonchalant about the whole thing. Overreacting would be hauling Rukia into the car, driving hundred miles an hour to his dad's place and banging on the door at two am, yelling in a frequently high voice so that Isshin and all the neighbors would wake up. That… was overreacting. Urahara had no idea. "…She's going for an appointment today. Isshin is going to run some tests. So I'm leaving after I get this junk filed."

"Ah okay." The blonde stood up to put on his badge. "I suppose you could leave me with the shit tons of work…" on the contraire, it was always the Urahara that left Ichigo with all the work while he went off to go sleep. But Ichigo didn't even respond to his blasé comment, instead he went on about his tragedy.

"…As for Byakuya, he doesn't know." the spiky head explained, standing up to greet the man eye to eye, "And Rukia is just as surprised as I was… It all happened so fast. One minute I joke about her boobs getting bigger… then next thing, she's walking to the living room with a stick she pissed on, enlightening me with a joke of her own…"

Urahara patted the dazed man on the back lightly. "Heh, they say denial is the first step to acceptance."

Ichigo blinked twice at his comment. "Seriously…?" So soon he would accept the fact that he was going to be a father? Hopefully that came quick because he was definitely in denial.

"Yeah… at least I thought…" The blonde hesitated, quickly clearing his throat, "No, no… sorry I meant grief. Denial is the first step to grief…" he watched his partner throw his head back in doom.

"Bah, don't worry. I remember when Yoruichi was pregnant." the man chuckled, reminiscing the feelings. He shook his head slowly. "Man… I passed out when she told me. So it could be worse."

"Huh?" Ichigo raised a stern eyebrow at the blonde. "…What's so bad about that…? You only passed out?" Urahara always passed out over shocking news. Big deal?

"No no… for three days." Urahara corrected.


"Yup!" he smiled, "…laid out cold…"


The blonde cleared his throat, stuffing another big bite of donut in his mouth, his voice becoming heavily muffled as he did so, "Well anyway, thankfully… it's yours… and you have Isshin to check it out. Like I said, the situation could be worse."

What the…? Of course it could be worse and it was going to be worse. Rukia turned down his proposal. Who knows when she would say yes! Perhaps when they were in their forties! For now, they were together, she was knocked up, and, AND, they still had to tell Byakuya. Oh dear, Byakuya…




Heh… Ichigo randomly chuckled, one earthly brown eye glaring at his partner.

"What's funny?"

Tsk, tsk. "It could be worse… Fuck you Urahara, this is just the beginning…" Ichigo packed up his gun and gathered his claims in the other hand, shaking his head. "…Humor really isn't your thing."

"It is." Urahara nodded, following the spiky head, "That's if… I can make a mind-numbing square like you laugh."

Ichigo growled, walking off. "Hn…" Kuso kurae, baka…

Fuck off idiot…

"Awh Rukia! A MOMMY!" Orihime giggled excitedly as the midget nervously looked the other way shyly. "We need to start preparing! OH we need a baby shower! Oi, can I be the fairy god mother?"

"T-They call it God Mother, d-don't they?" Rukia raised a brow. She placed her hand over her flat belly and rubbed the pain on her sides.

"Fairy sounds so much cooler though…" Orihime giggled. "I always wanted to be a fairy god mother."

Rukia rolled her eyes. "Oh… I-I see…"

"OH MY GOD! Do you have a name for it! Is it a boy or a girl?" The woman asked loudly. Rukia wince from the sound of her voice.

"Dunno yet…" Rukia shrugged.

"Geez Rukia… you could at least know that." Orihime shook her head, sighing.

"She won't know until about eighteen weeks, Orihime…" Rangiku murmured with a deep scowl of aggravation, "And besides why worry about that now? … I think the best thing Rukia can do for her child is save up for cute little baby clothes and stuff…"

"Or… save her money for their therapy sessions because we know with Ichigo being the dad, he's gonna fuck them up…" Tatsuki cooed, curling her lip.

Being a mom sunk into Rukia's mind, along with term therapy appointments… "Kill me…" She sunk down in her seat.

"Oh gosh!" Orihime blinked as realization hit everyone in the face, "Ichigo wouldn't be that bad of a dad… would he?"

"Kill me now…" Rukia repeated agitatedly.

"Possibly… I've only known him all my life. Very probable." Tatsuki replied sensibly. "I almost feel just as sorry for Rukia as I do the little offspring…" she pointed her thumb at Rukia. Then raised a brow, "Well Rukia? What are you thinking…"

What was she thinking?


-Sigh- Well for starters, "I just can't believe I'm pregnant." The midget bit her lip nervously as everyone awkwardly stared, "And… I honestly don't know how to feel." It was almost like the weird dreams she used to have. Although she never mentioned before, Rukia had numerous dreams of her having baby. All in which she seemed to be insanely thrilled about. That was perfect contrast to how she was feeling now— which was totally disenchanted and frightened for when she had to tell Byakuya. She didn't get sleep like she wanted to last night. She was too much in thought about her peculiar, creepy dream she was already in. Suddenly it all came to reality.

"Honey, we don't believe it either." Rangiku shook her head, "They say, if you can't picture yourself doing something so farfetched, it makes you shiver when you think about it… then it's best to prepare yourself, there's a great chance that it's coming…"

"Reassuring…" no doubt, Rukia wasn't prepared for this macho.

"How is Ichigo taking this?" Orihime questioned, as her mind already had an image of the man freaking out and going insane. Then she pictured tons of buildings crashing down and burning from the fiery orange spikes wrath.

"He's fine…" Rukia sighed, "He was little shaken up. I think he just needs little space."

"Psh please! You have to carry this thing for nine months— not him!" Tatsuki cooed evilly, "If he wants some space, lock him outside!"

"Rukia wouldn't do that. She loves Ichigo…" Orihime giggled, "Their love is inseparable." the woman's eyes sparkled cupid and hearts.

"Love is a mind game…" Tatsuki added, crossing her legs and glanced the other way.

"Amen sister. Mind games are not interesting nor intriguing… they are a waste of my energy and time AND wasting those two things, makes me upset." Rangiku admitted pulling sake out of her monstrous purse. "Which is why my relationship status is complicated."

Only cause she's in it for the sex. Rukia rolled her eyes. "And if you didn't hit the sake all the time… maybe you could be happy with…"

"Rukia dear…" Rangiku interrupted, "I've learned… and you will learn this too," she added, pouring the drink in a mug, "Money can't buy happiness… but money can buy sake… and that's pretty damn much the same thing…"

The door slammed behind the tall man as he dropped his things in the pathway of the cluttered living room. Usually he would call out with a nonchalant, 'I'm home.' but that afternoon, Ichigo screamed, "RUKIA!" then turned red as his jacket when he saw the bags of, what he assumed, were baby hand-me-downs. "RUKIA! WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS?" he screamed louder this time.

"I'm here!" Somewhere in the apartment, his girlfriend's voice drifted back to him. She seemed like she was struggling too, "Just give me a sec…" Wherever she was, she seemed to be swimming through bags too.

"What's the big idea… one pregnancy test and I gotta swim through all these damn baby bags…" he murmured.


"We're gonna be late!" Ichigo kicked a bag into the kitchen, "I know you don't care… BUT I took off work just I could take you to the…"

"Shut up will ya! I'm on my way!" Rukia snapped, stumbling over duffle bags until she got to the living room. "You're so impatient."

"ME?" Ichigo growled, "I told you to be ready when I got here?" This was an argument not worth winning so he quickly switched to something else. "And why does this place look like a tornado hit?"

Rukia grabbed her jacket and swung it over her shoulder. "Well Rangiku, Orihime, and Tatsuki came over." The midget helplessly smiled.

"And you couldn't tell them that our home wasn't a dump?" Ichigo stumbled to the front door where it was safe.

"I planned to have it all cleaned up before you came home." Which didn't work out too well. She finally met him at the door. "They said they were coming to visit. I didn't know that they would be bringing baby clothes…"

"You don't even know if it's a boy or a girl…" Ichigo sighed.

"That's why there are so many bags, see?" The midget smiled again, realizing her boyfriend was still irritated from yesterday. It also didn't help that he still didn't get the gist of what she was saying. "Because… They didn't wanna shut out the possibilities of it being a boy or girl… or twins. Heh, wasn't that nice?"

No. Is what he really wanted to say…

"How considerate." he uttered dryly, "I'm bursting with joy." quickly his girlfriend elbowed him, grinning.

"Oh, I knew you would…"


Ichigo eyes remained on the road, "Just don't listen to anything he says. Isshin is the… talkative type and never shuts up to save anyone's life."

"I know that." Rukia rolled her eyes, "Which is why I can't seem to grasp why would want to go see him. You know you haven't spoken to him in years." Honestly, it didn't matter how much he didn't like his dad. he trusted his dad more with news like this than the pregnancy test she took last night. Part of her felt that Ichigo wished for all this to be one big misunderstanding. Perhaps the pregnancy test was old after all, it had been in the cabinet for all this time. Then she thought about the stomach pains and morning sickness she had been having for the past week… and what about her missing her monthlies. She also noticed how tired she was all the time. So something was going on with her right?

Was she really ready for this? She figured later on in life, she would be more than ready but not now. Her mind never dreamed of such endeavors happening at this moment. "Hmmm…." Rukia gazed out the window.

"…What are ya thinking about now?" Ichigo raised a brow, his face slightly annoyed with her mumbling.

"Nothing…" Rukia turned away frowning.

"Whatever…" he grumbled back, pressing the gas harder.

This topic left them in a grumpy mood. Rukia couldn't grasp why. Seriously, did they both have to be dramatic about this? Was being pregnant that big of a deal? "…Ichigo…" her voice was small and quiet but it caught Ichigo's attention very quickly and he turned to look her with a concerned expression.


Rukia glanced down twiddling her fingers, her attempt to finding an easier way to ask her random question, "…would… you want a boy or a girl…?" she wondered, though, that was the least of her worries. Ichigo glared back at the road, grimacing at the question.

Why would she ask that? This is all one big misunderstanding. "I don't know…" he awkwardly shrugged, "Why?"

"I… dunno." Rukia turned to him, trembling at how he sounded. Like he was angry that he would ask such a question. "I guess… I would want a boy." Rukia admitted shyly.

He sorta figured she would want a girl. Interesting. "…Why?" he asked in a softer tone. "Why do you want a boy?"

Ended in a odd place. Lol. Let me know what you guys think! : D