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Rise of the Warrior

Chapter 1

Location: Jedi Temple

Master Windu was deeply concerned. He wasn't sure how his friend Obi-Wan would react over even how he should react. It was just too bizarre. It didn't make any sense, but regardless of his unease he had to tell him about it. There wasn't anything else to be done.

"You wanted to see me, Mace?" said Obi-Wan as he entered the conference room.

"Yes, however it maybe some startling new."

"Does it have something to do with the Separatist? Anakin and I cannot spread ourselves anymore thinner. You will have to assign a new Master to cover any new territory."

"No, it isn't a matter concerning the Separatist."

Obi-Wan grew worried. "It is about the Sith?"

"No, it is—a matter that concerns only you."


Master Windu then began to pace and ran his hand over his clean shaven head and said, "Yes, some of our forces picked up an unknown vessel traveling near the Noorkay nebula and they found a man who maybe of interest to you."

Obi-Wan folded his arms into his sleeves and let out a long sigh. "Mace, would you kindly tell me what the matter is already? Who is this man?"

Anxiously, the dark skinned Master replied, "That's the thing. He claims that his name is Jinn Kenobi, a Jedi, but we have no records of anybody with such a name. And the oddest thing about him is that he looks nearly identical to you. In fact, our forces thought that it was you."

Now, Obi-Wan really thought that was interesting. An unknown Jedi that resembled him and called himself Kenobi as well, it seemed like some sort of plot. Pensively, he began to rub his beard and said, "Where is this man now?"

"He's being held in one of our guestrooms. He isn't charged with anything so we have no real reason to hold him in detainment besides he's unusual looks. I'll take you to him."

"Fine, I'd like to see this doppelganger."


When Obi-Wan entered the room to see this double he saw that the man was sitting on a sofa while toying with his robes experimentally. He kept looking at his sleeves and pulling at his collar like he was uncomfortable. Though, as he walked around him he saw that he had red-brown hair, a cleft chin and a clean-shaven face with abnormal golden eyes. He looked about in his early twenties and at his hip resting on sit was a sword made out of steel or iron. It was an odd thing to have, but not as odd as the man's resemblance. He could see now why Mace had been so concerned. This other Kenobi person did look like his younger brother or quite possible his twin.


The young man startled at the sound of the Jedi Master's voice and quickly stood up and gave the two men a grin, but then his easy smile quickly fell as he saw Obi-Wan and placed his hand over his mouth in surprise.

"Heaven and earth…you look like me!"

The two Master exchanged a look and Obi-Wan replied, "No, you are the one who resembles me. I am Obi-Wan Kenobi and I have been told you are Jinn Kenobi and that you are a Jedi."

The young man bashfully flushed and broke his gaze and said, "Actually my Jedi status is not official. And I suppose all of this is quite strange, but I had no idea that those men we taking me to meet you. It—it has always been my hope that we could one day meet, Obi-Wan."

Master Windu raised his brow at the man's behavior and said, "You're not some kind of crazed fan are you?"

Flabbergasted, Jinn looked up in wide-eyed disbelief. "What! No, that is utterly ridiculous. I'm not a fan…exactly." Then mortified, he cover his face with one hand and said, "Great Phoenix, I never even thought of it that way. It seems so undignified."

Meanwhile, Obi-Wan was confused. "Perhaps you ought to start from the beginning. Who are you really? Where are you from?"

Jinn lowered his hand and looked hopeful and said, "I am who I said I am. I'm Jinn Kenobi. I'm from the Blackswan Clan, a group of traveling cloners who's founder saw Obi-Wan duel with a hunter at Kamino while he was a guest in a cloning factory tour. He was so thoroughly impressed he had your genetic make up copied and mental profile downloaded into his data base."


Obi-Wan had never felt so violated in his life. Some clone scientist copied his make up and profile without his consent? It was immoral. Yet, pleadingly the young man stepped closer and said, "I was created in a lab to be my Master's study, but am not entirely human and I have been trained in the ways of the warrior. Though, that is beside the point. What is truly a miracle is that we have finally met. I have always wanted to meet you father."

Obi-Wan was speechless. He couldn't believe it. This strange, too close for comfort clone was calling him father? It was too unreal. He had no idea that some skilled lunatic was spying on him on Kamino. Wasn't it bad enough he had to deal with war and stormtroopers and droids that he also had to deal with monstrosity?

"No, I am not your father. We may undoubtedly share similar DNA, but I am not your parent."

Jinn approached him said, "Yes, I'm sure you're uncomfortable, I'm sure I would be too, but my Master told me that our past shines light on our present and you are my past, Obi-Wan. Let me be of some use to you."

In response, Obi-Wan was taken back at Jinn's sincerity. He was still unnerved by his existence, yet in truth he could not deny that Jinn seemed to be a good man. Though, the unearthly gleam in his amber eyes bothered him. He wasn't sure what the cloner who made Jinn had intended.

However, it was Master Windu who spoke next. "We could always use new volunteers for the war effort, Obi-Wan. Though, I wonder if your Master will be missing you, Jinn."

"No, this is something I must do. My Master will understand that, but the Lord Master may not agree. He will just have to deal with it."

Master Windu narrowed his brow. "Lord Master?"

"The cloner who made me. He is the Lord Master, Lord Blackswan. However, my Master or mentor does not always see eye to eye with the Maker. My Master will support me."

"Well, as long as that is your wish," replied Mace. "I see no problem with it."

"Mace! You can't be serious!" shouted Master Kenobi. "This—this is unnatural. I can't work with my clone hanging about me."

The dark complexion Master smiled and began to leave. "Then I suggest you persuade him to leave. This is your problem Kenobi."


Later, Obi-Wan went about his duties speaking with other Masters about the war effort a negotiating with the Senate about gaining more assistance from allies. However, tagging along with him was Jinn and giving him odd looks was his former-Padawan, Anakin.

"Obi-Wan," whispered the young Knight. "Who is that man? And why does he look like you? Is he a relative or something?"

"No, Ani. He's—yes, he's a relative. His name is Jinn and he wants to help me."

The young Knight gave Jinn an appraising glance and saw that he kept pulling at his robes. "Is something wrong with your clothes?"

Jinn stopped his fidgeting and replied, "No, young sir. It isn't the clothes. I'm just not used to them. My original set was ruined when I crashed near Noorkay. I'll adjust. Though thank you for asking."

Anakin shrugged and said to Obi-Wan. "He seems like a very polite person to me. Why don't you like him?"

Irritated, Obi-Wan sighed and began to work on his schedule on a data-pad and said, "It isn't that I dislike him, Anakin. He is just unexpected. Also I don't know how useful he can be."

"Why don't you just ask him?" The young Knight turned to Jinn as he idly gazed out a window and said, "Yeah, Jinn. What kind of skills do you have?"

Excited, the amber-eyed man smiled and said, "Oh, I can do lots of things. My Master trained me well."

"Good, can you list some of your skills to Obi-Wan and me?"

"As you wish, young sir. I have been trained in swordsmanship, tactics, negotiation, medical treatment, entertainment, language, cooking and metal working. Though, my favorite pass time is mediating."

Shocked, Anakin turned to his former-Master and exclaimed, "He sounds like a droid mixed up with you."

Though, Jinn mischievously smiled and said, "Yes, I know I am probably too good to be true. It's a real blessing to be so gifted and good looking too, but those are the benefits in having such excellent parentage."

In response, Anakin was amazed at how sly this other Kenobi behaved. He was so boastful and confident. He almost seemed like jerk, but once he caught Obi-Wan's gaze he lowered his humbly and muttered, "I always strive to do my utmost best, Master. To do less would be dishonorable."

Obi-Wan rolled his eyes. He really didn't want to deal with this nonsense and continued to head on up to his quarters to get some rest. "Ani, I'm going now. I'll leave the order to the stormtroopers to you, but could you do me a favor and take Jinn with you and show him around. He's never been to Coruscant."

"As you wish, Master," said the young Knight and with a bow Obi-Wan left. Though in reaction Jinn startled to panic.

He jogged up to the Jedi Master and grabbed him by the arm. "But—but Master? I don't wish to leave you."

"You'll be fine, Jinn. If you wish to speak with me just inform Anakin and he will bring you to me."

Then, surprisingly the young man bowed and folded his arm over his chest like a medieval knight. "I shall do as you command me." And then off he went without another word. It was very bizarre, but one that Obi-Wan recognized was Jinn's manner. The Clan was probably a very strict place.

However, he couldn't have been more thankful for spending some time away from Jinn. He was processing the fact the he had been tampered used to spawn an offspring he didn't even know about. He felt uneasy about having somebody playing god with his make up like clay. He concluded that whoever this Lord Blackswan was he was a very unethical being, yet the results did spark his curiosity. Jinn was in every way a very typical young man. He was honest, naïve and a bit cocky, but overall not unlike himself as a teen. He just wished he knew why he existed at all. What was the purpose of such a being?


Location: Senate

"And this is the Senate," said Anakin as he gave Jinn his tour of the city. "The people choose who they want to represent them and they in turn choose which decision best serve the people. It's called a democracy and the Jedi protect the people because the Jedi are the keepers of the peace."

Jinn narrowed his eyes and peered up at the statues that lined the Senate and all the different beings that passed by the great Senate building in contemplation. He had never seen such wonders before. It was all very—very boring.

"I couldn't careless about the workings of the government. This solemn place doesn't reveal to my anything about the heart of the city. Why don't you take me somewhere we can have some fun? Do you like wine?"

Anakin frowned and wasn't sure he heard right. "What? Wine?"

"Yes! And then maybe we can meet some charming company. My Master taught me that a people's future rest with its young. I'm sure they can tell me a thing or two about Coruscant."

The amber-eyed warrior than began to walk away, but unwittingly bumped into a lady. The woman dropped her data-pads on the floor and gasped in surprise. Jinn quickly apologized and began to help her collect her things off the ground.

"Please, I'm so sorry, Miss. I had no intention of bumping into you, but I was too distracted by my own excitement that I wasn't looking."

"No, no, it's quite alright," said the woman, but then she caught a look at the man and smiled. "Obi-Wan! Oh my, you shaved your beard. You look so different without it."

The warrior blanked and then shook his head. "Oh no! You're mistaken, Miss. I am not Obi-Wan. I'm Jinn. I am a relatives of Obi-Wan Kenobi."

"A relative? And you're a Jedi too?"

"Well, sort of."

"Jinn," called Anakin. "What are you doing? Oh, hello Padme."

The young Senator blushed. "Oh, hello Anakin." Padme was so thrilled at seeing her fiancée again. She didn't expect to see him until the evening, but this was a wonderful surprise. She tried not to giggle like a little girl at the sight of him, but unexpectedly Jinn beamed at her and took her hand and gave the back of it a courtly kiss.

Shocked, the two stared at him amazed as he gave her a bow and said, "It is indeed a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Padme. You are by far the loveliest lady I have seen all day. Won't you accompany us on my tour of your fair city?"

Padme was startled, but couldn't help smiling at such a gallant request. "Oh my, well I still need to run some errands today. I don't think—"

"Nonsense, they will simply be a bit delayed. A charming lady such as yourself is surely permitted to eat. And please do not fear I promise to be a perfect gentleman. You have my word as a warrior."

Jinn then folded Padme's arm under his and began to lead her a few steps away. Though, teasingly she said, "Very well, but I thought you were supposed to be a Jedi."

"Not officially, Milady but I am striving my best to be an exceptional knight. Now, where's your favorite place to eat?"

"Oh, it's in the finical district. It's—"

Then, fearfully Padme gasped as she saw the hate shine in Aankin's eyes as he jealously watched her and Jinn walk arm in arm down the street. He knew he could expose that he was engaged to her, but he disliked how he had to keep his silence as Obi-Wan's relative paw all over his Angel like a pig. He wasn't nearly as dignified as he seemed at all.

Though, surprisingly Jinn saw the startled look on Padme's face and tenderly caressed her hand with a calming wave of the Force. The tingling sensation brought her out of her spell and she glanced up to see the concern written all over the warrior's face.

"Are you alright, Miss Padme? You look a little down. Is something wrong?"

Padme shook her head and gave him a forced grin. "No, no, I'm fine. I was just wondering if Anakin was coming too."

Jinn turned his head and called, "Sir Skywalker, won't you come dine with us?"

Fuming, Anakin stepped forward and said, "Yes, follow me."




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