Bek-K 4/18/11 . chapter 27

A wonderful ending and yet I would have liked for it to continue. But I guess every great story has to come to an end sometime.

I liked that even though Jinn stood his ground with Padme, he was still kind enough to let her know that he did indeed love her at one time, but has now moved on and is in love with a woman who returns his affections.

I also really liked seeing Obi-Wan worrying over his son, as to whether Jinn would live or not. I thought it was cool that Jinn got to meet his namesake.

So many wonderful aspects to this chapter, actually, to this story. I hope you keep writing! I so much enjoy your stories.



Jedi Angel001 4/6/11 . chapter 25

What a shocker for Obi-Wan to see what became of his son Jinn.

Jinn was not going to hold back from killing Padme,Tianna plea got his attention to sad for Jinn.

eldest fangirl 4/6/11 . chapter 25

I don't care what anyone says. Your stories are the best. The characters are the best and especially Thrice and Jinn. Don't listen to what those other losers have to say!

Bek-K 3/31/11 . chapter 23

I have a feeling that Jinn already knows they're there. I hope they don't get caught. If it plays out like A New Hope, they won't get caught. ;)

But then when does Jinn get to leave the empire and return home? If Thrice finds out he's still alive and where, she definitely will go to get her son back.

Great chapter and definitely worth the wait! :)

Keep up the good work.



atramentaceous 3/27/11 . chapter 1

This was in Cracked.

Doom Marine 54 3/20/11 . chapter 1

Obvious mary-sue is obvious.

Bek-K 3/15/11 . chapter 22

I'm thinkin 'old Ben' now has a reason to allow his wife and her clan to restore him to a more youthful time. ;)

I'm glad Jinn hasn't gone darkside, though if Vader keeps pushing him...he just might.

Luke and Kiya are going to be in so much trouble for going on alone to rescue Leia.

Nice touch adding Han into the mix. :)

Wonderful writing as always! Keep up the good work! :)



Jedi Angel001 3/15/11 . chapter 22

Luke is already to dash to rescue Leia but Kiya a voice of reason.I see Vader does not know Leia is his daughter,I hope she would be Jinn there makes it complicated.

Bek-K 3/11/11 . chapter 21

Jinn better not have turned to the darkside! He has to be playing double agent for whatever reason.

This fic keeps getting better and better with a twist around almost every corner. :)

Keep up the good work!



Exwindzz 3/10/11 . chapter 21

I think if someone tricked him enough about Padme/Obiwan he'd turn.

Like play up how Obiwan didn't miss him, and Padme didn't love him, etc...

tiger982305 3/8/11 . chapter 20

wow great story, I look forward to your next update.

ZeoRangerFive 2/17/11 . chapter 17

You're evil.

eldest fangirl 2/16/11 . chapter 17

I love your story. Don't let Padme go with Anakin. I am Jinn and Padme all the way. I was wondering if you have ever made any youtube videos for your stories.

Jedi Angel001 2/4/11 . chapter 12

I loved the way Thrice is so loving and gentle to the babies and Obi-Wan, apparently it is a side Jinn has never that Padme knows she was dead and brought back,would it make a difference,if she can find comfort in Jinn,or foreever love Anakin and grieve for him.

ZeoRangerFive 1/31/11 . chapter 12

Maybe have Obiwan let it slip at some point? He can be likethat at times. :p

Jedi Angel001 1/28/11 . chapter 11

Well if anyone can save Padme it will be Thrice -Wan has to see reason,I think Thrice might have him see that staying there is better for all of them.

ZeoRangerFive 1/28/11 . chapter 11

Hmm... if Jinn dosen't have a chance, perhaps do it where Padme dosen't know he loves her, and Obiwan/everyone else keeps it a secret out of respect, I know someone like that irl.

ZeoRangerFive 1/25/11 . chapter 10

Padmes going to live? o.O

kinda cool.

although maybe have him admit to obiwan on the way that he loves her or something like that. :P

Exwindzz 1/20/11 . chapter 8

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Nice chapter.

Jedi Angel001 1/19/11 . chapter 7

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Bek-K 1/18/11 . chapter 6

Obi-Wan has quite a dilemma on his hands, knowing that Jinn was created from his own genetic material as well as Lady Thrice. It was interesting to see Jinn's 'parents' coming to retrieve their semi-wayward son. :) Either Thrice heard Palps asking Jinn to consider working for him or she knows something's off about the Politician. I hope Jinn and Thrice can make amends. He very much wants to continue to get to know his mother.

This is a wonderful story! I'm waiting for Obi-Wan to start having protective fatherly instincts kick in in regard to Jinn, even if he isn't aware it's happening. ;)

Thanks so much for sharing, Miss Ink! As far as this being Jinn centered...I have no problem with that! I quite enjoy this universe you've created.



jln191091 1/15/11 . chapter 6

I slightly agree with you about Anakin, but sometimes hes written good.

Is Jinn going to be paired up with Padme though?

howzat15 1/13/11 . chapter 5

i do hope this jinn bloke stayys away from padme because anakin will probaly turn to the darkside and try tokill everyone

lazyfanfictioner 12/28/10 . chapter 3

I really like the idea of having clones of Obi Wan. Please update.

Jedi Angel001 12/17/10 . chapter 2

This is sure a different take on Anakin, showing his rage and jealousy toward Jinn being friendly to Padme.I hope it does not lead him to the dark is perfect ammunition for the Sith to bring him closer to Obi-Wan you are our only hope.

mtfrosty 12/17/10 . chapter 2

Jinn vs Anakin... interesting indeed. :) I like it so far and will definitely be waiting for an update. Is this one connected in any way to your other stories, or are you just using the same characters? Cuz in the other ones, Jinn was Obi-wan's biological son, so I was just wondering. Anyways, keep it up! :)