AN: This will have MATURE content! Very detailed (and good, I hope) sex scenes. You've been warned.

Yeah… There's not really a plot here. I just wanted to make Juvia pay Gray back for what he did in 'Call his name'.

Call her name

Gray tried to take a peak from his blindfold by putting his head as far back as possible but couldn't see much, since the bedroom was relatively dark. Besides his blindfold, he was sitting on the bed with both arms opened and had, around his wrists, handcuffs preventing him of moving much. At least his lower half was unrestricted, he thought; he could move his legs and hips.

At first when Juvia suggested that she wanted handcuff him to his bed, Gray laughed and said 'hell no', but once the idea was planted inside his mind, it grew and he found himself thinking about what would be like. So far, every experience he had with Juvia had been more than satisfactory.

She had caught him by surprise; he had just finished showering and stepped out of his bathroom and he was attacked by her. He had never been kissed like that before, really. Before he could realize what was happening, Juvia had pushed him on the bed and faster than he could imagine his girlfriend could be, she had handcuffed his left hand to the board. And before he could really process the fact that he had been handcuffed, she did the same with his right hand.

"Juvia, what the hell?" He said and when he tried to set free, he couldn't. And then he tried to freeze the handcuffs, again with no success.

"Those are special handcuffs for tonight, Gray-sama." Juvia said reaching for the nightstand and grabbing a piece of black cloth and when she tried to put it above his eyes, Gray fought it. "It's alright, Gray-sama." She said with kindness, but her eyes were burning onto his. "You don't have to be afraid."

"I am not afraid!" Gray had said, offended.

"Then let Juvia put this on you." She showed the cloth and Gray narrowed his eyes and measured his options. He was never a pussy and wouldn't start then. Besides, he was sure it was some kind of kinky sex stuff. And so far all the kinky stuff he experienced was of his liking.

And Juvia had those aroused eyes.

"Do it." He said and she gently put it. And after that, she had been inside the bathroom and he was starting to regret giving in on his curiosity of what she was going to do with him.

After five minutes or so after he had the blindfold on, he heard the bathroom door opening and his heart began to beat faster in anticipation.

"Gray-sama." Juvia's voice came from his right.

"Juvia, take this off." He said. He was done trying to make sense of the situation.

"I can't. We are going to start now, Gray-sama." Her voice was slowly changing to the opposite direction.

"Start what?" He asked exasperated.

"Your other senses are probably sharper by now, Gray-sama." She said and he could feel the bed move. She had sat by his side, but not touching him.


"Can you hear better? Smell better?" She asked.

Gray didn't notice before, but yes. He could hear her breathing next to him, could smell the flowerily perfume she usually wore. "Yes."

"Good." He felt the bed move. "What Juvia wants is to make you feel more than you have been feeling. The sight takes away too much."

"What?" He asked again.

The next thing he knew, her lips were on his lower abdomen and he was surprised and delighted at the same time. Then, she kissed his chest and then his neck, offering him a little bite. Gray was truly surprised with it. But not in a bad way.

"Juvia can touch you anywhere and you will be surprised about it, Gray-sama. Your nerves will try to make you more aware of your surroundings, so you will feel more than you normally would." She kissed her way up to his mouth.

"I don't like this. I feel like I'm being violated." Gray mumbled and Juvia giggled.

"Oh, yeah." She said, in the sexier voice she could make, which make Gray shudder in anticipation. He felt a hand touch the bulge between his legs. It was no denying that he was aroused. "Juvia can see how much you don't like it."

Her hands wandered up and Gray bit down a groan of disapproval. It was strange of how everywhere she touched, was like he was being burned, but instead it was her lips or hands. Touching, kissing and biting all over his chest.

He could admit, it was interesting not to know what she would do next. Gray had to remind himself to make her feel the same way.

"Did you like that?" Juvia asked, her lips touching his earlobe.

"It's interesting." He answered. Before Gray could say anything else, Juvia grabbed his manhood. Instead of words coming out of his mouth, it came out something like: 'arsggjh!'

Her hand was going up and down, while the semi-erection he had been sustaining so far was being replaced by a full one. Juvia could feel it getting engorged and harder in her hand.

And Juvia was right, Gray thought. He was feeling so much more now that he couldn't see what was happening. He could only imagine her hand working on him, the expression of her face while she did it. He could feel the breaths she let in and out on the skin of his neck.

"Juvia…" He moaned her name when she pressed her thumb on the tip of his penis, where she could find a little bit of pre-cum.

She released his manhood and Gray was about to protest, but he felt Juvia kiss his neck lightly and the next thing he felt was a wet warmth surrounding his shaft. Gray's eyes rolled back to his skull and he groaned loudly in pleasure.

His hands fought the handcuffs by instinct; he had to touch Juvia somehow. The girl knew that she couldn't restrain Gray with just words like he had done with her that night two months before. So it was clever of her to make him not be able to reach out for her, because given the chance, he was going to grab her as hard as he could.

The woman's tongue worked its magic together with her hand as Gray's mind turned blank, letting his worries slip away from him and he could only feel Juvia licking and sucking him exactly the way he liked and the devil woman knew how to turn his brain into jello. One particular night a few months back, she had tested everything she knew on the subject with him and learned exactly what to do when she wanted to make him crazy.

The head of his shaft hit the back of her throat and she moaned and the vibrations passed through his body and his hips bulked up. She was right, the sensations were increased! Only a little bit more...

And she stopped. What had made her stop? Gray couldn't see what was happening.

"You were very mean to Juvia that night." She said. The blunette grabbed the blindfold and took it off. She got up from the bed while Gray was groaning in frustration. His eyes adjusting to the light as he blinked fast, trying to see her better. He was receiving the blowjob and he was even getting into the whole blindfold thingy until that moment.

"Juvia, you can't let me in this state!" He snarled at his girlfriend -whom he wanted to kill and fuck the life out of, all at once- and when he could finally look at her with the small light the bedroom had, only from one lamp.

He gasped when he could really see her. She was wearing a light blue see-through robe. And nothing underneath, he could tell that much. Gray could see the curve of her breasts, the salience of her nipples. Yes, she was aroused. The blunette was not wearing panties too, he noticed and he thought that it was nice. And then, the high heels.

He knew he was an ice mage and all, but having a hot girlfriend wasn't a bad thing.

Once he focused on her face, he saw her smirking.

She smirked.

He didn't like this version of Juvia; full of mysteries, hidden plans and not satisfying him right away. Because truth be told, her goal was always make Gray as happy as he could possibly be.

But at that moment, he was very unhappy.

"Juvia told you, Gray-sama. This is payback." She undid her robe, and let it fall and he groaned with her nakedness. Not that he couldn't see her body before, but without the see-through fabric she was even hotter to him.

From time to time, Juvia would put into her head that she had to go on a diet because she was fat and Gray never saw the slightlest reason for it. She had a body that made many women envious when they were passing on the streets. Her legs were wonderful, her hips had the perfect size and her stomach was as flat as it could be.

Oh, she was still wearing the heel, he noticed. Gray always liked when Juvia wore different clothing instead of the old nun-like outfit: it was always easy on the eyes to see her showing more skin than before. To be complete honest, Gray always suffocated a little bit when he saw her wearing them. How on earth did she stand to use those clothes when it was hot?

But that night she was only wearing the damn heels. The little minx knew that Gray had a thing for legs and that particurlary pair was a special turn-on for him. The way those high-heels made her legs even longer. The way it made her ass perkier. Her whole posture was just screaming: I know that you want me but you can't have me. Not yet.

It was wonderful to know that she only had eyes for him and no one else. And it was even better when guys stared at her, she didn't give them a rat's ass, but he could do pretty much anything with her that she would be willingly.

She was wearing a bun and she undid the knot and the waves of her long hair fell over her shoulders and Gray took in a deep breath. Oh, he loved that length of her hair. She shook her head slightly so the hair was messier. And sexier, in Gray's opinion.

Gray snapped out of his thoughts once Juvia started speaking again.

"If Juvia isn't mistaken, you said that you would be looking forward for your turn." She said, walking a bit, Gray followed her with his eyes, not totally adjusted with the light. "Juvia carefully planned this for you, Gray-sama. For your enjoyment."

"Yeah, I didn't mean for you to start a blowjob and then stop." Gray tried again to get his handcuffs off. Again, even though she explained that they were special ones. "And I most certainly did not mean that you could chain me in bed."

Juvia walked to the comfortable small sofa and sat, crossing her legs like they were talking about the weather instead. "That has always been a fantasy of Juvia, she can't deny." The blunette shrugged, making her hair fall a little to the front. "Besides, if Juvia hadn't handcuffed you, we would be having sex right now."

"Yes!" Gray groaned in frustration. "That's what I want."

Gray saw incertainty pass through her eyes. "Hm... If Gray-sama doesn't want Juvia to... She can release him."

He pondered his options for a moment. Juvia was being so bold that it was really a turn-on more than a bother. Besides, she did say that she planned ahead and she wouldn't torture him too much. Right?

"What will you do?" Gray asked, eyeing her with curiosity, but his eyes stubbornly wandered down to her breasts.

"Oh, Juvia can't say." She shook her head lightly. "The whole thing is based on your reaction after surprising you, Gray-sama." She pointed to herself. "Like wearing that robe with nothing underneath. You enjoyed, didn't you?" She asked sweetly, knowing already that he enjoyed more than he let it out.

"It was a nice surprise." Gray agreed, not too committal.

"Everything else will be too, Juvia can guarantee it." The blunette crossed her arms under her breasts and Gray groaned a bit. That wasn't fair. She was doing that so he could agree with whatever devilish plans she had for him.

But at the same moment, he was aroused and just wanted to come, take the damn handcuffs off and sleep next to Juvia. But nooooo. His girlfriend wanted to make him experience other senses, or whatever, she wanted to look absolutely stunning and being far away from him.

Why couldn't they have the normal sex they have been doing? Maybe he was wrong to tell her that he wanted a turn to be teased.

"You know, Gray-sama..." Gray lost his line of thought when he heard her voice and really looked at what she was doing and gasped loudly. One of her hands was caressing a breast while the other was finding it way down to the middle of her legs. "Seeing you like this makes Juvia really hot."

Yeap, he was a goner. He was going to accept whatever Juvia planned.

"Fuck." Gray sighed once he realized what she was going with it. He had never seen her pleasuring herself like that. Usually, he was already inside her and she would rub her clit a bit so she could speed things up for both of them.

But he never saw her take the matter with literally her own hands.

And as he watched her, he felt hypnotyzed by it, the only thing linking him to reality was his throbbing manhood. She opened her legs as further apart as she could and Gray saw that she was indeed already wet. He barely registered his fight with his restrains, apparently while his mind was savouring every second of that, his body was not: it wanted to be touching her like that.

When the first moan came out of her lips, Gray had all of his upper body going forward, even though he had handcuffs on. He had to do something. He couldn't just stand there and watch!

"Okay, no more games, Juvia." Gray said through gritted teeth. His response was seeing Juvia put one finger inside her opening and a pinch in her right breast, which made her sigh in contentment. "Ju-via." Gray snarled, barely talking with coherence.

"This feels so good, Gray-sama." Juvia said, putting another finger inside herself while her thumb carressed her clit in a crazy pattern.

"Juvia..." Gray growled, trying to get free, as she continued to touch herself with more enthusiasm that time.

Their eyes met and Juvia raised her hips when her fingers touched a particularly nice spot inside her. She closed her eyes and Gray groaned loudly in frustration and closed his hands in fists. What the fuck was her game? He wanted to touch her so much. So much that it hurt, literally hurt: his erection was throbbing so much that Gray was really concerned that it would explode; he was quite fond of that part of his anatomy.

She moaned and her eyes snapped open as her hands became more frantically: she stared right at him and he could see the desire coming out of her deep blue eyes and he understood it then: she was touching herself, but she was thinking it was him who was doing it.

And if anything else could make him harder than look at her pleasure herself, it was the thought that she was doing it and thinking of him.

Gray endured his torture for a few more minutes, looking and groaning when he got frustrated -which was frequently- when Juvia let out his name come out of her mouth.

"Oh, so... Close." She said; eyes half open and the feeling on her lower stomach growing insanely fast. She knew that having Gray look at her would be a turn on, but she didn't realize how much.

"Juvia, I'm right here. Free me and I can..." She moaned and Gray could see her fingers inside herself and he was so eager to join her. He was ready to join her. He wanted to make her squirm.

It was his job to please her! He moaned when the memory of being inside; so warm, and tight around him.

"Free me." He said between gritted teeth. "Free. Me."

As the woman was reaching the high of her pleasure, Gray -an ice-mage- was about to burst into flames. Their eyes met and Juvia was more frantic in both her breaths and her sex and for a moment, Gray forgot the hardness between his legs: Juvia was getting there. And even though he was being tortured, he wanted to see it.

"Juvia, look at me." Gray forced himself to say and she opened her eyes.

Higher pitched moans were heard and Gray saw exactly when she reached her orgasm and it was a sight he would never forget.

Of course, he had seen her reach it many times from many different angles -the woman was insatiable and not afraid of doing anything, apparently- but seeing from outside... It was something else.

Her toes curled, her legs were as together as they could be; her left hand between them. The hips were raised; her flat stomach was glowing because of a few droplets of sweat, her chest was raising and falling because of her quick breaths and her left breast was being groped quite hard -Gray could see- because she was lost in the feeling.

But Juvia's face was what Gray loved the most. Her head was thrown back, her eyes were half-open and even from his spot, he could see the dizziness she was probably feeling. Her mouth was open as a soundless scream came out. She was so beautiful.

'At least when's with me, she actually screams.' Gray thought, feeling slightly better.

Okay, he had to join her. It was a necessity at that moment. He had to be inside of her in the next ten seconds or he would explode.

"Juvia." Gray groaned her name and she opened her eyes lazily. "Come on, Juvia. I need…" He pleaded.

"Yes. Me too." She whispered and looked at him on the bed, ready for her. At that moment she knew why Gray had so much fun with her that other time. It was a sight to never be forgotten to have someone so crazy for you, so eager to have you that all coherence would leave their brain.

It wasn't a first. Pleasuring herself, that is. Before they started dating, Juvia had done it quite a few times, but ever since they started to be intimate, Juvia didn't have to anymore. Gray was there to scratch the itch -Which she had frequently-, that time it was pleasurable? Sure. It was more intense than it was when she done it before they started dating. But it was not nearly as pleasurable as it was when it was Gray's hands doing it. When Juvia thought it were his hands touching her, it was better and she could come.

Yet, even after it, something was missing.

Gray was missing.

She could not be satisfied before having him inside her. Which was good, really: he needed to be inside her as well.

Juvia got up and walked towards her boyfriend. Gray had such hunger in his eyes, such wildness and Juvia was glad that he did, they would need it that night.

"Set me free." Gray asked when Juvia sat beside him and leaned to give him a kiss, a very deep kiss, which he gladly reciprocated.

"Juvia can't." She told him when they stopped to get air. The blunette, then pushed him onto the bed with a hand on his chest and then with one motion, she was above him. Hands placed in each side of his head and knees on each side of his hips. Gray was the one who kissed her this time and while he did so, Juvia's hand moved from its place to his chest, where it caressed him.

"Fuck, Juvia." The man whispered when he felt her trail kisses from his neck until his nipples. "Fuck." He moaned when at the very same time as she licked one, her hand pinched another.

"Gray-sama." She said and the hand that once was busy with his nipple was, then, surrounding his throbbing erection.

He tried to formulate something to say or think. But apparently, his brain decided to turn into goo at the moment he saw Juvia move her hips so it was exactly on top of his shaft. His own hips bulked up and the head of his penis brushed her clit and she let out a breathy moan.

"Stop it, Gray-sama." She said, her face a few inches from his. "Patience."

"Fuck it." He managed to say, doing it again; but that time Juvia raised her own hips so it wouldn't touch her and Gray groaned in response.

"Juvia told you: patience." She kissed him lightly on the lips and then used the hand not caressing his shaft to balance herself. She was, again, on top of him and that time he managed to stay put. If he moved, it could make her prolong his suffer.

As she started guiding him inside her, Gray could feel his heart pump like crazy, he could feel every single nerve of his body, hell he could feel every cell of it. But when the tip of his manhood finally touched her (very) wet folds, Gray thought that he was getting struck by lightning for a moment there.

The blunette was slowly getting down onto him and all Gray could feel was how amazing it was to be inside her again, how perfect it was to be the one stretching her, how wonderful was to know that they were a perfect combination.

When she was half way through with it, Gray's body acted on its own again and his hips bulked up once more, but this time Juvia didn't complain. In fact, she let out a loud moan, just like Gray did. He probably had hit her sweet spot. For him it was easier: his sweet spot was his entire shaft and it was enveloped by the most amazing, wet and warm woman.

"Oh, shit." He let all the air out of his lungs; he had held it without notice. "Juvia."

"You feel so good, Gray-sama." Juvia managed to say, now with both of her hands on his chest and Gray took a millisecond to analyze the girl on top of him.

Her hair was glued to her forehead (actually, many of strays were glued to her skin because of her sweat), her cheeks were rosy and the angle he was in, gave him privileged view of her perky and reasonable big breasts.

It wasn't very often that Juvia was on top. Gray would let her have her fun one time or another, but in the end, he ended up on top in a way or another, so that was going to be a whole new experience to both of them.

"Juv…" Gray was in the middle of her name when the most unexpected happen: the woman on top of him managed to contract her inner muscles and Gray yelped in surprise, pain and pleasure from such act. "Fuuuuuuck." He saw her smile at him. And between breaths he said. "If you do that again I'll embarrass myself, Juvia."

She giggled, but stopped as soon as she raised her hips and Gray's manhood started exiting her. Gray protested the lack of contact. She had almost it all out when she dropped her hips in a fast way, making all of him enter her again. Gray grunted with the sensation and Juvia let out a very girly moan. Maybe that position was better for him to quickly find her g-point.

"Oh, Gr-Gray-sam…" She managed to say as she raised her hips again and when she low them, she made sure to twist her hips a bit and the sensations were too good for both of them.

When Juvia found a pace, all Gray could do was lay there and enjoy the moment. Everything was too much, he had been holding up for too long that night and he was worried that the moment he was inside of her, he would come and was glad it didn't happen. He was having the night of his life there.

His hands fought the restrains once again; he wanted to grab her hips and make her go faster, but he couldn't. The oh-so-known feeling in his lower abdomen going straight to his balls were the indicators that very soon he was going to achieve the pleasure.

"I'm gonna…" He struggled to say and before he could finish, Juvia leaned onto him and kissed hungrily on the mouth. That angle must've been it for her, because he started to feel her walls start to contract and then, he lost it.

All the feelings Juvia had provided him that night, all the loss of what she was giving him made his orgasm increase so much that for a moment, Gray thought he was going to die. He had never felt that way before. He never knew how much more he could get.

He threw his head to the back as he shot his seed right into her in one single shot, groaning while doing it. His mind was so blank, so full of nothing. He had only the feeling of being complete satisfied.

While he was in the middle of his orgasm, Gray tried to fight his handcuffs again and before he could process what was happening, Gray had his hands on Juvia's hips, helping her move through the last waves of her own orgasm.

Gray didn't think much of it until Juvia stopped completely and he had his hands grabbing her hips so strongly that it was going to probably leave a bruise. Juvia had collapsed on top of him, her blue hair spread all over his chest.

"Holy… fuck." Gray said after a few minutes and as soon as she could breathe again and blinked fast; while his hands relaxed. "God, Juvia."

He felt her move on top of him and saw as she removed herself from the top of him, making him exit her, that made him bit down a moan. She lied by his side, then. A content smile on her blushing-glowing-post-sex face.

"That was… wow." He said and she nodded, snuggling close to her boyfriend. "I'm impressed. Was that how you felt that night?"

"Juvia can't say about your part, but the anticipation does play a big part on it."

"Yeah, whatever. It was amazing." He kissed the top of her head and put his arms around her shoulders to bring her closer to him. That's when Gray finally noticed. "I'm free!" He exclaimed.

"Oh, yes." Juvia nodded and started to explain. "Those are handcuffs that once you close them, the person wearing it cannot use magic of open it until he or she reaches an orgasm."

"Really?" Gray was surprised. "So that's why you didn't finish earlier. You knew that I would get free and you wouldn't have your time on top of me."

"That too." The woman admitted it. "You never let Juvia be on top."

"Well, after tonight we'll work something out to have you let your nights." Gray laughed lightly, feeling so good that he doubt anything could bring him down.

"Good." She giggled and snuggled closer to him.

"Where did you get those, anyway?" Gray asked.

"Juvia found this sex shop when she was in her last job." She shrugged. "It was one specialized for mages." He looked at her in horror. "Don't worry, Juvia asked Levy-san to see if the runes were right before she used on you."

"Levy knows about this?" Gray groaned in frustration.

"Yes." The blunette answered. "Don't worry, she won't tell anyone. Especially since she asked to borrow them some time."

"Ew. Okay, I really didn't need the picture of Gajeel wearing these things." Gray said and Juvia chuckled.

"Oh, the heels." Juvia said and sat on the bet so she could take the shoes off.

"I liked these shoes." Gray said watching her take them off.

"Juvia liked it too. They are cute, right?" She asked.

"No idea. All I know is that it makes you hotter." He shrugged and Juvia slapped his stomach lightly as he laughed.

When the blunette was finally done, she returned to her previous position, snuggled with her boyfriend. "Let's sleep."

"You know what? I'm not tired." Gray said and Juvia frowned.

"Really?" She looked up to him.

"Really." He smirked and grabbed her left hand leading it exactly towards one of the handcuffs, locking her.

"Gray-sama!" Juvia exclaimed in shock. She really thought Gray would be too tired to want another go, but she underestimated his stamina, as it appeared.

"Get ready for round two. Well, three for you, I guess? You know what? Forget it. I never liked math anyway." The black haired man covered her body with his and kissed her.

AN: Yeah. 'Call her name'. Nothing to do with the story, but I think it was fitting, since this is a 'sequel' from 'Call his name'.

Anywho, I liked 'Call his name' better, but I think this one turned out alright? Anyway, gotta run to class!

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PS: The inspiration for the handcuffs came from a Fanfiction called: 'Between an Archeologist and a Hard Place'. It's a One Piece fanfiction hosted in this website and its mains characters are Zoro and Robin. Check it out if you are into (or not) the pairing, it's very good.