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Chapter I: Why Him

It was just another average day in the city of Amity Park. The streets were filled with vehicles, people going to work, and the sounds of an Ectoplasmic blast filling the air. Amity Park, the most haunted place in America, if not the world was constantly under the threat of ghosts, having at least one attack a day.

It was lunchtime at Casper High, the students were on break, either hanging out with their friends or eating their lunches when the ghost attacked. The Ghost hovered in the air, it had green skin, a white mullet and wore a black and white trench coat, with black shades, looking like something out of The Matrix movies, and this ghost was known as Technus, the master of all technology and things electronically beeping.

Amity Park would have been a dangerous place to live; all the ghost attacks and activity were still dangerous but it could have been a lot worse. Amity Park would have been overrun and destroyed long ago if it were not for one of their own. It was almost impossible to believe that a sixteen year old boy was all that stood between the city and utter destruction, for this town had a protector, one of the most feared and powerful ghosts in existence, the Halfa, Danny Phantom.

Technus aimed his hand to send another blast at the frightened students below, only to be hit by a powerful green blast, sending him to the ground below. Everyone looked up to see a familiar figure floating in the air with his eyes glowing green and white hair and cape blowing in the wind. Technus got back up and smiled.

"Ah, Ghost Child, now that you are here, I Technus, the master of Technology and all things electronically beeping shall destroy you and conquer this world!" the ghost said.

"Technus, we all know how this is going to end, so why not stop monologueing and just go back to The Ghost Zone?"

Technus rose into the air and attacked Danny, the student's bellow cheering for their protector, watching the fight with delight. All but one student, one lone student sat at a bench under the shade of a tree, staring at Danny, his eyes, full of jealousy and hatred. His name was Devin North, in the category of high school students he was average, not being popular but also not being a victim for Dash and his football gang. He looked at Danny, asking the question in his head over and over again, why, why him.

Danny Fenton used to be an unpopular kid at the school, always being the favorite punching bag of Dash, his two friends were Tucker Foley, who was now the current mayor of Amity Park, for now, and Samantha Manson, but everybody called her Sam, otherwise they would have a sore arm after. Danny Fenton was at the bottom of the school's social ladder; that was until, his secret was revealed.

Eight months ago, during the whole Disasteroid crisis, Danny Fenton was revealed to be the hero Danny Phantom, now he's the talk of the whole world and the most popular kid in school. He is never bullied or called a loser; he has even gotten apologies from those who bullied him in the past. All the girls in school are flaunting over him trying to ask him out on a date, however always being declined by Danny or driven off by Sam.

His work is also different, before he was always getting bad marks and doing poorly in the school system, that all changed when his secret came out. Now he gets special treatment, he can have extensions if needed, he doesn't have to worry about small assignments, just the big ones, and he no longer gets detentions. It was not fair, why would such an important gift be given to such a loser. He didn't deserve the power he held. Also his family, Danny came from a loving family, two parents and an overprotective sister. Why should he be happy with his family, why couldn't he have that?

Danny delivered one final blow to Technus, who fell to the ground. Danny pulled out a Fenton Thermos and sucked the master of technology into it; before turning back into Danny Fenton, with his messy raven black hair and icy blue eyes. Student's cheered as the hero walked towards his best friend and girlfriend, heading into the school just as the bell rang. All the other students followed, Devin, watched them enter, before heading off too. His mind was still buzzing over the question, why him.

After all in an interview after the Disasteroid incident didn't Danny say that receiving his powers was an accident? Something happened that shouldn't have happened, he shouldn't have even been able to survive. Danny Fenton already had a loving family and friends; he didn't need powers and popularity too, so why of all people on this planet was he chosen to receive powers in an accident. Suddenly an idea formed in Devin's head, an accident, it can happen to anyone. Devin smiled as he started to think, heading off to class, not knowing what he was getting himself into.

Meanwhile in The Ghost Zone, at the remains of The Observants headquarters, the remaining and surviving Observants were trying to rebuild their power. Their once powerful and vast government was almost completely obliterated a month ago when Pariah Dark, The Ghost King, returned, now only a few remained, trying to rebuild their headquarters, and recover their powerful artifacts. However one Observants scream, alerted the others to the fact that something was dreadfully wrong.

"Brother what is it, what is wrong?" one asked.

"It's gone." It answered, its one eyeball, filled with fear.

"What is gone?"

"The Hunger." It said pointing to something.

The Observants looked in the direction he was pointing and let out gasps or terror. There was a container, lying in the rubble of their headquarters, busted open as if something forced its way out, with some help. The Observants, too terrified with fear, failed to notice a shadowy figure watching them in the distance, its eyes glowing like coals from hell. It looked down to an object held within its metal tentacle arm. The metal arm held a vial with its three razor sharp talons, inside the vial was a essence of darkness. The figure laughed, as it turned around and flew off into The Ghost Zone.

Yes, for those of you who haven't figured it out yet, the mesterious figure is The Hacker, I hope I made it obvious with his eyes and metal arm, for those of you who don't know him, I refer you to my third story, Sound and Fury, which introduces the character, see it's wise to read them in order, anyways hope you enjoyed the first chapter, please favorite if you like and review, let me know what you think, until tomorrow.

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