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Chapter VIII: Impatient

The white light of the moon was being blocked by the black smoke of the raging fires of Amity Park. Its own light replaced by the reddish glow which now lit up the town. The black smoke now fit perfectly with the sky, not even the stars could penetrate it's thickness with their light. However the moon still bathed the forest surrounding the west of Amity Park with its life, as a sole being walked through the quiet area.

Devin North looked back at the city; this was the kind of thing one would usually hear about in other countries, ones with poor economy or civil wars. But you never expect it to happen to your home until it happens, only this time, he was the cause, and he didn't care. Devin chuckled a little, he didn't care that he had slaughtered innocent people to get to Phantom, he didn't care many more died in the raging fires which were consuming a portion of the town, only now starting to die out. He didn't care that in one day he went from an average student to a mass murderer. He didn't feel guilty all he wanted was to get back at Phantom, Phantom was the enemy.

"Do you think he got the message?"

"Of course he did, nothing sparks the interest of Phantom more than death and misery, and after all he loves to cause it."

"I still can't believe how stupid these people are, they still think Phantom is they're hero; that he's Danny Fenton, they are blind, and they can't see that Phantom is using Fenton as an alibi."

"But we do, we know the truth."

"Yes we do, and we will stop him."

"Now all we have to do is wait."

"Which I don't get, why don't we just get Phantom now, he's probably exhausted from all that work we left for him meanwhile we are at full strength, let's just go back and be done with him."

"We've told us before, we are to torture Phantom, we get him paranoid, defensible and when he least expects it, when he thinks he's safe, we will strike and make him watch as we walk over the cold corpses of the ones he holds most dear, he will be broken and then we will kill him."

"But that will take a while, about a week or two, can't we do something, I want to kill something."

"We planned remember, we planned to do something to spook Phantom each day until it's time, this was just the beginning."

"Alright then what should we do next, I hate every moment where I'm not killing something."

"Well Danny, do you know this ghost?" Chief Powell asked.

Danny broke from his thoughts, pulled back to reality by the chief's question. By now all the fires had been put out or have been dwindled down enough that they'll burn out within minutes. Danny was now at The A.P.P.D, or Amity Park Police Department headquarters. The place was almost a chaotic mess, every minute someone was dialing 911, police officer's being stretched across the city, and Danny lingered back into his thoughts when he was again pulled out by the same question.

"Danny, do you know anything about this ghost?"

"Huh? Oh sorry, got distracted." Danny said as he ran his fingers through his messy white hair, that's right he was still Phantom. Danny tended to stay as his ghost half when reporting to the law or government superiors.

"Son, are you okay?"

"Honestly sir, no, how can I not be?"

"Well are you well enough to finish up here, we could wait a little if yo-"

"No, no I'm fine, please continue."

"Alright then, if you're sure, but I need to know, do you know who this ghost is?"

"No, I wish I could give you information but I am unable to, this is the first time I have encountered this particular ghost before, all I can tell you is what I know from the tape."

"Well at least we have something, what could you tell us that might be able to help?"

"Well first there's the basics, for one it's a ghost which means it has the usual powers, invisibility, intangibility, flight, maybe overshadow, from what I saw it has the ability to create Ectoplasmic weapons just like me, however, where mine are formed out of my own ectoplasm, his seem to be made from his own body, his body structure seems to mean he is both strong and agile, but then there's the way he looks. He's like a living shadow, his body is completely black, just in different shades except for his eyes which are glow white, there is a ghost similar to this whose weakness was light, I can't guarantee this means light will work against it, but at least it's something to go on."

"Is there anything else you could tell us that might help us?"

Danny was thinking when Agent Walker burst into the room. Danny looked at the agent; he still looked as stern as ever, but Danny, for a moment thought he saw Agent Walker show a hint of worry and emotion.

"Phantom, please don't tell me what I think happened here."

"Sorry Agent Walker, but how else could I say it?"

"This is bad; we need to contain the situation before it gets worse."

"What is going on?" asked the chief confused.

"You asked me if there's anything else I could tell you?"

"That is correct I did."

"Well there is one other thing, earlier this evening I engaged on of Hacker's extensions in the Park. I figure this was a distraction, because while I was gone someone broke into my house, stole the blueprints to The Fenton Ghost Portal, a security tape and then blew up my parents lab, with these two items one...one could re-create my accident, one could become a Halfa like me, so one thing I have to say is that there is a strong possibility this new ghost is a Halfa, which means he's half human, he can disappear into any crowed, he could have any face, and until we catch him, everybody in this town is a suspect, remember what he said, he wants to get to me, which means he's definitely planning another attack, , let's just hope we cans top him before it comes to that."

"I like your idea, now that you explained it to me, however I still feel the need to kill and the need to humiliate Phantom and make him suffer, is there anything that we can do?"

"Well know that we think about it, there is one thing we can do, we want to break Phantom."

"Exactly what I'm saying, we want to break Phantom, the sooner the better, so is there anything we can do to speed things up."

"Well let us think, there is one thing we can do, one thing that could push Phantom closer to the edge, increasing the chances of him snapping."

"Yes, it's brilliant, I can't wait to enact it, to think tomorrow Phantom will watch helplessly as one of his loved ones perish at our hand, but which one."

"Which one, we will go for the only logical choice."

"Yes, the one he cares about the most."

"But wait, why should we stop there, why should we only kill one, when we can kill two."

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