War of the Machines

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CH. 1

After the galactic alliance has found another galaxy to make peace with, commander Nebula orders team Lightyear to scout the galaxy and make peace to anyone who lives in the Galaxy

"Welcome rangers to the milky way galaxy" said Buzz

"That's a weird name for a galaxy" said Mira

"We're not here to make fun of the name we're here to make peace with anyone who lives here" said Buzz

"Sorry sir" said Mira

"XR, have you finished scanning the Galaxy for life?" asked Buzz

"Yes sir" said XR

"Good, Booster, scan the planets that have life" said Buzz

"I'm picking up a lot of technology on the third planet, it's the only one with life" said Booster

Buzz took the ship to the third planet, Planet Earth. When they got there they saw old abandoned cities and almost no life at all

"Booster, did you read that right, because there's nothing here" said Buzz

"Buzz, we have an incoming ship" said Mira

The ship approaching them was a hunter killer

"Booster, can you identify that ship?" asked Buzz

"It's unknown sir, but whatever it is, it's coming in fast"

"So much for a routine peace mission" said Buzz

"Do you think it's hostile?" asked Mira

The HK shot the ship with its plasma guns

"Yeah it's hostile, Booster, aim for its engines and fire" said Buzz

Booster shot the ships engines and it crashed into a nearby building. An HK tank aimed its guns at 42 and shot it down.

"Hold on Rangers, we're going down" said Buzz

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