Edward Cullen and girlfriend bella Swain had sex with each other while in brazilian jungle. "It so romantic on braizilan
westcoast!" thought Bella Swan but Edward said "lol brasilian has no westcoast u dumb bitch!" when suddenly, peaceful
villager said "OMG you must go or evil demon will kill you also have u got food for my family because I poor farmer?" but
Edward said cruelly "No and no fuck yourself you stupid hobo!" and Bella laughed. Suddenly, there was strange animal
noise. "What has this" asked Bella and Edward said "I don't care lets fuck!" when suddenly, there was big guy with mask
who looked like alien and he was invisible but then, he turned visible it was... PREDATOR! "OH NO PLZ KILL
GIRLFRIEND NOT ME!" shouted Edward Cullen and tried to punch Predator in face when suddenly, Predator punched
him uppercut instead and Edward Cullan jaw fly away. "Oh no!" thought Bella Swan when suddenly, Predator grabbed
Edward Cullen head and rippd it off. And then, he flailed boyfriend Edward Cullen and hang his body form a tree.
"NOOOOOOOO!" screamed girlfriend Bella Swam but was interrupted because Predator throw disk at her and she was
cut in half from waist down. And Predator kicked her in half and Bella Swan intestines flying around floor and there was
blood everywhere and now, Bella Swan was dead. And Predator said "ROAAAAR!" like badass and went back to
mothership and was happy.