Ch. 7

[Cuts back to the Wattersons' house]

Gumball: I can't believe she only gave us five bucks. It costs more than that to get home on the bus. [struggles to open the door, because there is now a huge pile of letters in front of it] Huh? Oh, man! More letters from Laser Video! Oh, we're in so much trouble! We have to hide these before Mom gets home! [The phone suddenly rings, and Gumball goes to answer it] Yes?

Nicole: Honey, are you in trouble? Because my mother senses are tingling. I can smell trouble.

Gumball: Trouble? [chuckles nervously] No, we're fine. Absolutely no trouble here, bye.

Nicole: Are you lying?

Gumball: [laughs] No, of course not.

Nicole: Right, you're lying. I'm coming home now.

Gumball: Mom's on her way home. Now.

Darwin: [gasps] What should we do?! Should we tell the truth and face the consenquences of our actions?!

Gumball: What is it with you with trying to be honest all the time?! No, we need to copy Alligators on a Train. I know. I'm gonna download it.

"Gumball, I can't believe you even thought about downloading that movie. Don't you know that pirating movies is stealing" said Nicole

"Yes mom, I know" said Gumball

Darwin: [gasp] GUMBALL! You wouldn't steal a car, you wouldn't steal a woman's purse, you wouldn't steal a cell phone! PIRACY IS STEALING!

Gumball: I know. I'm- I'm so sorry.

Darwin: Anyway, I got a better idea.

Gumball: [quickly] Is it stupid, desperate and very unlikely to get us out of this mess?

Darwin: [quickly] Yes.

Gumball: [quickly] Is it humiliating?

Darwin: [quickly] If we get it wrong.

Gumball: [quickly] Are we likely to get it wrong?

Darwin: [quickly] Possibly.

Gumball: [quickly] In the time it's taking me to ask these questions, could you have just told me what it is?

Darwin: [quickly] Technically.

Gumball: [quickly] Can we get on with it then?

Darwin: [quickly] Yeah, we better.

[Cuts to the front of the house, where Nicole's car pulls up]

Nicole: [walks towards the house, but stops after passing the mailbox, and sniffs, like a dog picking up a trail. The trail leads her to the mailbox, which dumps letters at her feet as she opens it. She picks one up and reads it] I knew it. You are in so much TROUBLE!

[Gumball and Darwin are putting a DVD into the Laser Video case when they hear Nicole]

Gumball: We need to get to Laser Video before Mom kicks our butt!

[Gumball and Darwin race out the back door, with Nicole right behind]

Nicole: What did you do this time?!

Gumball: [gasps]


Gumball: QUICK! [Grunts and pulls Darwin over the fence]


[Gumball and Darwin run through a yard, knocking over an umbrella, a table, and a lawn recliner. Nicole vaults up the umbrella, leaps off it, grinds across the table edge on the grill cover, then flips through the air, slides down the chair, and lands perfectly on her feet]

Nicole: UGH!

Gumball and Darwin: Whoa.

"whoa mom, where did you learn to do stuff like that?" asked Darwin

"It's a long story" said Nicole

[Gumball and Darwin run through Mr. Fitzgerald's back yard, crossing the pool by jumping on Mr. Fitzgerald and his inflatable raft. Nicole crosses by jumping off Penny's sister's head. Gumball and Darwin then land on a trampoline in the next yard, with Nicole coming right down at them like a pouncing tiger]

Gumball and Darwin: Aah!

[Gumball and Darwin manage to bounce away, taking the trampoline with them, resulting in Nicole face-planting into the dirt.]

Gumball: Mom, are you okay?

Nicole: [muffled] You're in so much trouble.

Gumball: What was that?

Nicole: [lifts her head] YOU'RE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!

[The boys scream, then resume running. They jump over another fence, only to find themselves confronted by an angry dog. They edge around the fence, but Gumball notices the stake holding the dog's rope coming loose]

Gumball: QUICK!

[Gumball and Darwin escape through a loose plank on the other side of the fence, as the pursuing dog smacks into it, and keeps barking. Nicole enters the yard from the other side, and the dog turns its attention to her. The boys stop running when they hear Nicole's scream]

Darwin: Gumball, we have to help Mom!

Gumball: I don't know. Maybe she'll be okay. [chuckles nervously]

Darwin: [angry] GUMBALL! There's a monstrous creature attacking our mother! We have to face the consequences of our actions and HELP HER OUT!

Gumball: Yes. I'm- I'm sorry. You're right. [suddenly the barking stops] Wait a minute. Why has it gone quiet?

[there's a brief moment of tension as they watch the fence. Then suddenly, Nicole bursts through the fence, riding the dog]

Gumball and Darwin: AAAAAAAAHHHH!

[A top view is shown of several more yards being crashed through]


Gumball: AAH!

"How did you even tame that dog anyway?" asked Gumball

"I know a lot of things" said Nicole

[Gumball and Darwin separate, and Nicole and the dog continue crashing through, leaving a long line of fence holes in their wake until they collide with a brick wall. Gumball and Darwin look at each other a moment, then run off]

[Scene cuts to Laser Video. Gumball and Darwin race inside]

Gumball: Stop the letters! Stop the letters!

Larry: [looks up from a newspaper] Huh. The Wattersons, it's about time you'd show up. I assume you have my money?

Gumball: Better than that, Larry, we got the DVD.

Larry: I hope you don't mind if I make sure it's real. Last time, it was a piece of cardboard.

Gumball: Huh. Go for it.

[Gumball and Darwin wink at each other. Larry loads the DVD into a DVD Player. The screen cuts through static to an obviously homemade version of the movie. Darwin's hands are seen holding a cardboard sign with "Alligators on a Train" written in crayon]

"By the looks of this, this movie is going to be bad" said Anais

Darwin: Alligators on a Train. [The movie cuts to Darwin, wearing a fake mustache, standing in front of a cardboard alligator and a cardboard train "background." The backyard fence is visible through the train "windows"] OH, NO! This alligator is on this train! [Darwin is shown "fighting" the "alligator" for a while, then he wipes the sweat off his brow, before saying his next line. The alligator, however, is still in the background.] Thank goodness we got all the alligators off this train.

[The scene then changes to the backyard, where the sun is setting. Gumball and Darwin are standing with their backs to the camera, their arms hugging themselves]

Gumball: [feminine voice] Thank you so much for saving us from all the alligators on this train. [kissy noises]

[The movie then shows a list of "credits," almost all of which are credited to Gumball, Darwin and "cardboard"]

Gumball: Doo-doo-doo. Alligators off this train. [Humming] Alligators off this train. [Humming] Alligators on a Train!

"Wow, that movie sucked worse than transmorphers or Bigfoot did" said Anais

Larry: [turns to Gumball and Darwin, in an unimpressed tone] This had better be a joke.

Gumball: Aw, man. What gave it away?

"Gumball, I think the whole movie gave it away" said Richard

Larry: Dude, it's five seconds long and every name in the credits is one of you two.

Darwin: [whispering] I told you we should've put some other people on the credits.

Gumball: [whispering] What, and let them have all the glory?

Larry: Well, there's no way I can accept this. You need to give me the real DVD, NOW!

Gumball and Darwin: [gasp] We can't! We used it to cut a pizza, and then we scratched it with the wrong side of the scrubby sponge, and then we threw it in the waste disposal! Please don't tell our mom!

Nicole: [is right behind them now] I already know. [Gumball and Darwin scream] How much is the DVD, Larry?

"How did you get there?" asked Gumball

Larry: Twenty-five dollars.

Nicole: WHAT!? You made me leave work and chase you through the neighborhood on a dog for twenty-five dollars?!

Gumball: But... but we were scared to tell you.

Nicole: Aw silly, there's nothing you can do that will ever stop me loving you. Come here. [They hug] Now, let me pay for that.

Gumball: See Darwin, you should ALWAYS tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions. [Darwin looks surprised, then punches Gumball in the arm] OW!

That's what I've been telling you the whole time" said Darwin

Nicole: Come on, let's go home, you little troublemakers.

Larry: [stopping them] Uh, just a minute, there's also the lateness fee.

Nicole: Oh, yes of course. How much is it please?

Larry: Let me see. Three months and three days late. That will be seven-hundred dollars.

Nicole: [chuckles] You see boys, sometimes in life you really have to face the consequences of your actions. And sometimes you just [suddenly grabs Gumball's hand] RUN!

Larry: Hey, hey, HEY!

[The episode ends with a freeze frame of Nicole, Gumball, and Darwin running from Larry]

"Well, I'm glad that episode's over" said Richard

"Yeah, me too" said Darwin

"Come on, DG is expecting us now" said Nicole

As the credits played the family left the theater and went back up to the bridge of the ship

"so, what did you think of your episode?" asked DG

"It was alright, it wasn't my favorite but it was alright" said Anais

"Well don't think this is the end Wattersons, you still have many more episodes to watch" said DG

"And we'll be ready for them" said Richard

"Until next time Wattersons" said DG

That's the end of episode 1 of mystery gumball theater, I hope you enjoyed it. Join me next time as they watch the painting. Please review and no flames or harsh reviews