A short story based on an experience of mine about a sad and serious issue

Alexis tucked her long, red hair back in irritation. It was a cold, windy day in New York and she was out doing her shopping without her jacket. This was only a small reason for her irritation, her first college paper that she had turned in had received a 'C'. She had spent hours on that paper, gotten an 'A' on the rough draft, and had been very proud of it. Until she had seen the unforgiving mark on the first page.

When she went to check out the cashier, a girl not much older then Alexis herself, looked at Alexis and asked "Who's Lily?"

It took Alexis a few moments to realize what this girl was taking about. She was wearing a blue T-shirt that boldly proclaimed "Stop Bullying For Lily". She explained the story of Lily who had been bullied to death at 16 only a few months earlier and the T-shirts were a fundraiser for Lily's family. The cashier thank Alexis for wearing the shirt and taking a stand.

Alexis' poor grade seemed unimportant now. Compared to a young girl who had lost her life everything did. She remembered the talk from her homeroom teacher as clear as if it had happened moments before. About the girl who had been horribly bullied and killed, about the fundraiser, and in the following weeks most people in the school were wearing the T-shirts.

What puzzled Alexis more than anything was the fact that hundreds of people in a different school, in a different city could a pitch in and support a family they had never met, but nobody could help Lily when she needed it.

This had not been the first time Alexis had been asked about her shirt, but the first time it had affected her so much. Alexis came to the realization that a 'C' paper was simply a small thing that in the long run, not the end of the world.