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There is a large, white room with a wooden floor. The only visible things in the rooms are six couches and three doors. One is blue, one green, and one black. Silence fills the room. Suddenly, the blue door opens, revealing the nations of the world. "Alright, what the bloody hell are we doing here?" England asks, looking rather annoyed.

Before anyone can answer, the green door opens, revealing the entire Homestuck crew. "Where the fuck are we?!" Karkat yells in his usual grumpy tone.

I chuckle a bit as I watch the group bicker amongst themselves. After making sure everyone is accounted for, I turn to five other figures and say one simple word, "Showtime."

Karkat groans, "That's it, I'm leaving." He starts to make his way towards the door but both doors slam shut. "What the fuck?!"

A deep voice fills the room. "Welcome everyone! I'm so glad you could make it!"

America looks around, obviously frightened, "W-who are you? Where are you?"

The voice speaks again, "Who am I? I believe you know me quite well America. Where am I? Let's just say I'm very close…"

Germany steps up, looks around, then shouts, "Show yourself you coward!"

There is a pause then the voice speaks again, "Okay."

The black door opens revealing my petite self with short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, glasses, and braces. I'm wearing a gray jacket, a graphic t-shirt, blue denim flare jeans, and gray converse. I smile towards the nations. "Remember me~?"

"Em?!" They all shout.

I twirl. "Yes! It's me! Did you miss me?"

"Wait… if YOU'RE the one that called us here, does that mean…?" France asks in the worried tone.

"Truth or dare has returned! But this time, the Homestuck gang is with us and they WILL be participating!" I say, throwing my arms happily in the air.

"Wait," Karkat begins, "You're just expecting us to go along with your stupid truth or dare thing?!"

I glare at him then pull out a crowbar from nowhere, "Yes I do. Or I pummel you with my crowbar of doom!" Karkat doesn't say anything but glares at me. "And there's also no way for you guys to get out of here. Only I have the key~! So you play and you'll (probably) be set free~! Oh, and there are punishments if you don't accept a truth or dare. Speaking of which, I will now introduce you to our brand new hosts! Come on out everyone!" Five other girls enter the room, yelling at each other. Seems like it's on whether or not an invincible pencil could pop an invincible bubble again. "Oi! Come here so I can introduce you!" Their heads turn towards me then they quickly run over. "Well, first there's me! I'll be the first main host, reading out the truths, dares, and whatnot. Then there's Katie." I point towards a taller girl with short, light brown hair, green eyes, braces, and nerd glasses, "She'll be doing some meddling behind the scenes as well as helping with the main stuff going on."

Katie jumps up and down while she yells, "I shall make all my ships come true!" Several of our "guests" look quite worried with that comment.

They should be…

But it's not like I'm going to stop Katie!

"Next there's Mackenzi, or as I like to call her Mac!" I walk over to the next girl. She has short blonde hair that's dyed black in the back. She also has deep blue color contacts in. " She will deal the punishments."

Mac slowly glances at the crowd. "I… am a roly poly. Nice to meet you all."

I pat her on the back. "No you aren't Mac, no you aren't. Next there's Kasey!" Kasey crab walks over to me. She has brown, curly hair that's always in a ponytail, glasses, and brown eyes. "Kasey will be the rule enforcer. She will do everything in her power to get you to accept the truth or dare given. If you still don't accept, that's when Mac comes out."

"Do as I say or you will be punished!" Kasey yells then runs back to the spot she was originally.

"Exactly! So after that we have Jordan!" I glomp the next girl just because I can. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. Jordan also has glasses. "Jordan will be a main host with me!"

Jordan raises her arms and cheers, "I will rule the world!"

I chuckle, "As long as you let me rule with you Jordan! Finally we have our other Katie! Um… That might get a little confusing… so… I guess you can be Kat? Yeah, that could work!" Kat is one of the tallest in our group. She has very short, curly hair and green eyes. Of course, she has glasses as well. "Kat will be helping with punishments along with Mac! It's going to be a two person job~!"

She smiles and waves at the crowd in front of her, "Hello to you all!"

I then turn to face all the humans, trolls and nations. "Well that's all of us! Now here are the basic rules, truths and dares can be given to anyone, yes even hosts. It can be pretty much anything! It must be sent in by PM. If you send it in by review, IT WILL NOT BE LOOKED OVER! Okay? Now, I think that's it for now…"

"Em! Can we do that thing we planned now?!" Jordan asks, jumping up and down.

I flap my hand not that concerned about what was about to happen, "Yes, yes. Now! Go my friends! Attack- I mean "chat" with your favorite characters!" And the madness begins!

After letting my friends fan girl and glomp everyone- and I mean everyone, we start to get ready to leave. "Well, see you guys tomorrow!" I yell, waving cheerfully.

"Wait! Where the hell are we going to sleep!?" Romano yells.

I flash in some sleeping bags. "There you go! Have fun! And make sure not to let France get you!" And with that , my friends and I leave.

This… is going to be chaotic fun!

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