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The clock strikes 7 am as I walk into the building. Everyone is still sleeping. They

all look so peaceful… Time to ruin it. I pull out a bugle and start playing the reveille. Hehehe, I'm so evil!

"What the fuck?!" Karkat yells as he jolts awake.

"Good morning everyone~! How did you sleep last night?" I ask in a cheerful tone.

"Dude, what time is it? And why are you dressed like that? America questions me, looking at my loose pigtails, beret, and red coat with a maple leaf design along the bottom.

"It's 7 am America and the reason I'm dressed like this is-" I'm cut off by my friends entering the room.

"Aw! You already woke them up!" Kasey says with a pout while she adjusts her silver wig.

"Yeah I thought you were going to wait!" Kat puts on her bomber jacket.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I had to! Your noise would've woken them up!" I continue, "And where are the others?"

"Mac and Jordan are on their way. Katie is lurking backstage I think." Kasey answers.

"Hey! Why does that unawesome girl look like the awesome me?" Prussia asks, intruding on our conversation.

I glare at him, "Her name is Kasey! And she's dressed like you because-" I am then cut off by Mac and Jordan entering.

"Sorry we're late! I had a little trouble with my wig." Jordan says fixing her white apron.

"Yeah, and it took me a while to find this." Mac points to the fake rifle on her back.

"Well, you're here now and I'm without interruptions so I shall now explain why we are dressed like this! We're-" Suddenly, Katie drops down from the ceiling.

"Okay, here's how all the ships are going to work!" Katie exclaims, holding her frying pan high in the air.

Damn it Katie!" I yell.

She ignores me and continues, "So first, the Hetalia ships! America, you're with England! Denmark is with Norway! Sweden is with Finland! Sealand, you are with Latvia! Germany with Italy! Russia with China! Greece with Japan! Prussia is with Hungary! Spain with Romano! Prussia you get all the bitches so you are also with Canada!" I smirk at the nations shocked expressions. "Next is the Homestuck ships! Dirk! Jane! You are together! Jake! John! Make Windycuffs happen!"

"I support that!" Jordan yells happily.

Katie continues, "Rose and Kanaya! It must happen!"

"Don't forget PBJ!" Mac shouts and I give her a high-five.

"Yes, yes. There will be PBJ. I was getting to that! Gamzee! Tavros! Make these two happy by kissing!" Katie pushes Tavros towards Gamzee as Mac and I cheer. OTP bitches! "Now, I have a real quick dare… Dave!" Katie points to him with her frying pan. "Break up with Terezi! Karkat, go kiss your woman!"

"Why the fuck would I do that?" Karkat yells, blushing slightly.

Katie glares at him, "Because I said so! Now, go!" She shoos him away and lists the final ships, "Aradia! Sollux! You must get back together! It was precious! Feferi! Eridan! You too! John, like Prussia, you also get all the bitches so you're also with Vriska! That's all!" Katie smiles proudly.

"I think we'll be good friends Katie. "Hungary says, pulling out a camera. Katie grins and pulls one out as well.

"Those ships are absolutely purrfect!" Nepeta exclaims, pulling out her shipping chart. The three then continue to have a conversation on yaoi and shipping.

I finally speak up again, "Yes, well, and entertaining as that was, we have a show to do! Now, the reason we are dressed like this is we're a cosplay group! Right now, Katie is Hungary, Jordan is Chibitalia, Kasey is Prussia, Kat is America, Mac is Switzerland, and I'm fem!Canada!"

"The whole group replies, "Who?"

I glare at them, "You know! Canada! Right here!" I glomp Canada because he's amazing and I needed to prove a point.

I get a small, "M-maple…" As a response.

"SO! We are going to be cosplaying every chapter! It's fun, right?!"

During my rambling, Jordan had snuck over to my computer and was now poking me. "Em, there's a PM for you. There's some dares!" She exclaims in her (perfectly amazing) Chibitalia voice.

"What?! Really?!" I exclaim as I run over to my computer. "Oh my glub! We do!" I squeal. "It's from XRomanoHetaliaX"

"The Tree!" All the other hosts shout. I poof her in.

"Hey Tree!" I say with a grin. "Good to see you!"

"Hey Em!" She replies before running over and glomping Karkat.

"What the fuck! What the fuck are you doing? Who the fuck are you? Get the fuck off me!" Karkat screams at Tree before I stick a bar of soap in his mouth.

"Language Karkat!" I huff.

"Wait, don't you cuss all the time Em?" Mac curiously asks.

"Yup! I just really wanted to do that~!" I say happily.

Karkat spits out the soap and get out one more, "What the fuck?!" Before I sicl the bar of soap back in his mouth.

"Karkat! Go to the emo corner and think about what you did before I beat you with the crowbar of doom!" Karkat (hesitantly) obeys and sits in the corner, glaring at me. "Now that that's done, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MAC! I made you some red velvet cupcakes! They're right over-" I stop when I see the table. "WHERE ARE THE CUPCAKES?!" I slowly turn to America. "You! You ate the cupcakes didn't you America?!"

"Dude! What makes you think the hero would do something like that?"

"Maybe because there's crumbs around your feet and mouth!" I yell pointing, a small evil aura starting to surround me. "Do you know how long it took me took me to get the recipe right?! That's it! Everyone, line up!" The evil continues to grow…

~5 minutes later…~

Every nation, troll, and human (minus the hosts and Tree) is lined up in a single file line with me pacing in front of them, "Okay, payback is a bitch. And thanks to America here, you're all being punished. That is, except for the following: Tavros, John, Calliope, Sollux, Dave, Nepeta, Gamzee, Canada, Italy, Hungary, Prussia, Switzerland, Sealand, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Russia, and Belarus. Either because you were picked by a host to be exempted, you're too cute to be punished, or I'm worried you'll kill someone if you're punished. Now England, go, make some scones. Everyone else, you have to eat them" There are many groans and many people glaring at America…

~10 minutes later…~

England comes out with a fresh batch of scones. "Now eat!" I yell, the evil aura still surrounding me.

"This is terrible!"

"Yo, Britain, this sucks!"


"Is this every food?!" Next time, think twice before you steal cupcakes! Everyone is gagging, except for England, who is in the emo corner. And all the hosts are dying with laughter.

"Now Tree, do you have anything else?" I ask, the evil aura suddenly disappearing.

"Yes! I would like a random Belgium and Eridan moment!" Tree happily sings.

"Noooooooo! The ships!" Katie yells, collapsing (dramatically) onto the floor.

Jordan walks over to Eridan and pushes him towards Belgium. "Belgium! Give him a little kiss on the cheek!" She nods and obeys, with the Netherlands glaring at Eridan the whole time.

I turn to face Tree, "Does that work for you?"

She shrugs, "I guess."

"Okay! Bye Tree!" I yell, waving as Jordan poofs her out. "So does anyone else have some truths or dares?"

Kat jumps up and down, hand raised, "Oh! Oh! I have one! Prussia and Dave, have an epic rap battle!"

I snap my fingers, "Amazing idea Kat! Guys, break out the lawn chairs and popcorn! This is going to be good!" Kasey and Mac grab some lawn chairs and I pop some popcorn in the microwave that happened to appear! We all sit down and I shout, "Let the wrap battle begin!"

~One epic rap battle later…~

Damn! That was amazing! Prussia got his ass kicked! I point to Prussia, "Since you lost Prussia, prepare to be punished!"

"What, why?!" Prussia asks.

"Oh, we decided the loser of battles will be punished!" Jordan answes.

'When did this happen?" Prussia takes a step back, probably wondering what the heck is wrong with us.

"About five minutes ago," The hosts say in unison.

Prussia screams as Kat and Mac drag him off to who knows where, "No! I'm to awesome to be punished!"

I look around. "Well… I guess that's it for now!"

"See you soon!" Jordan exclaims, waving.


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