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~*Daughter of Wind*~
The *Real* Chapter Two - The Strangest Kind of Thing...

"Um, I'm assuming the you're Miss Freda Norand?" From the safty of his desk, Mr. Simmons finally decided to speak.
The woman took her eyes of Helga to stare at at the mid-aged teacher,
"That I am." she agreed, nodding.
Simmons, the usually euphoric teacher, struggled to keep a polite smile on his face, Helga could tell. It was obvious
why. For as sickly cheerful as the man was, Helga had always given him due credit for treating his students with
the same respect that he would his own children--if he had any. Therfore, insulting one of his stundents was the
same to him as insulting one of his kin.
And this Freda woman had just offended his little Asian Daughter.
Freda cleared her throat, her impatience building,
"I think you can go now Mister...Richard, was it?"
Mr. Simmons stared at her blankly before answering, "Yes." as curtly as posible without sounding rude.
She nodded a second time, "Good. I think you can leave, Richard. I can keep everything under control."
Ha. Over Helga's dead, bruised and bloody body she could!
Simmons gathered up a few of his books before turning to the class and saying, "Well, I hope you all have a ...
special lesson." rather unsurly, his eyes on Freda. He then managed to quickly exit.
Freda's eyes lingered on the door a moment longer before turning to the class,
"Well, that's that, then." she concluded, the thinnest of smiles crossing her lips, "I'm Freda." she re-introduced,
Helga took this as a cue,
"No doi, Lady." she scoffed, letting the words cut through the air, sharp as steel.
Freda Norand seemed to ignore the statment, and presued. She walked back over to Phoebe's desk, tilting her head
down to see the trembling ebony-haired girl, colour drained from her cheeks.
Freda's smile grew kinder,
"Sometimes," she began from nowhere, "I forget that I know things other people don't. I'm sorry."
Helga's blood boiled. How *dare* she accuse her best friend, smartest nine-year-old in the city, of being ignorant?!
"So what're you saying here, Lady?" Helga sneered loudly, crossing her arms,
"You're sorry because you think you're smarter then Phoebe?"
"Helga!" she heard Arnold scold quietly as the rest of the class turned in their seats to face her.
Freda gasped, a mousey sound, coming from one so strong.
Helga looked at her. She had just stopped, frozen in time. Her mouth was left open slightly, revealing the very tips of
her neat rows of white teeth. Her eyes were wide, and Helga, brave as she was, took this oppurtunity to really look
into their stormy hue.
Almost immediatly, she felt her own eyes open fully, too.
Her eyes. Freda's eyes. There was something about her eyes. What was wrong with them? Helga racked her brain
silently, trying to find reason to why she was locked in a stare with this woman. She had seen this colour before.
Wasn't this the shade her own eyes used to be? No, that wasn't it, it wasn't just the colour. Words, endless streams
of feverishly whispered, uncomprehendable words began to flood Helga's mind. She felt small under the older woman's
unwavering gaze. Small, yet important. Why important? She didn't know. But there was something...something else...
Both females put a slender, graceful hand over their mouths at the same time.
Helga put her's down quickly, still watching the sky-tinted eyes steadily. She notice the had slowly become sparkling,
and unnaturally reflective. What, were those tears?
Helga would never be able to know for sure, because Freda blinked, and the shine was gone.
She turned to Arnold, "What did you say her name was?" she asked him. Her voice seemed softer now. Gentle.
Helga peered at Arnold, and saw that he was vainly attempting to see what had facinated her so in the eyes of
Miss Norand.
Finally, see nothing in her but a demand to know, Arnold swallowed hard, "Her name's--"
"Helga." Arnold was cut off by Helga herself. "My name is Helga." she admitted, her manner less voletile then it had
been in ages.
Freda smoothed her hand against the bridge of her nose, her eyes downward sadly,
"Helga...Pataki?" was her next question, though by her tone, she seemed to already expect the answer.
Helga felt her head tilt inquizitivly, "How do you know that?" she replied with a question of her own.
Freda's eyes closed, making her look distant and wistful,
"I knew...know, your parents." she responded. Her lids swung open, and she studied Helga once more,
"I would tell you they were good people..." she added critically, "But I'd be lying, and you'd know that."
Helga sat stunned for a moment, but finally gave a nod in agreement.
Freda returned with a tender grin, "Good. Now, let's say we begin, hm?"
Gerald raised his hand, "Wait a minute, Miss!" he ordered.
Freda regarded him boredly as she took off her heavy fushia cloak, dropping it uncermoniusly on Mr. Simmon's
chair. She wore a simple, long-sleeved dress of the same colour and material underneeth.
"Yes?" was her dull reply to his throaty voice.
Gerald cocked an eyebrow at her unbelievingly and took a breath,
"So what's all this jazz about the North Wind?"
The blonde elder viewed her dark student with amusement, "'Jazz about the North Wind'?" she chuckled, trying to
imitate his tone, "Well, I've never heard it refered to as that."
She stood in thought for a moment, sneaking a glance to Helga that the Pigtailed Predator couldn't help but notice.
"Well, I suppose I should tell all of you, you might as well know--"
"Know what?" Rhonda sighed, voice haughty and dismal.
Freda scowled at her. For some reason, Helga found something strange about that.
Helga could see the Fushia-Clothed Freda's jaw tighten, then relax back into emotionlessness,
"Tell me, who here follow's a certain religion?"
Sheena put up her hand, "I'm Christian."
"So am I!" Eugene exclaimed brightly.
"OH! I'M JEWISH!" Harold yelled--at the top of his lungs, Helga noted-- raising a chubby arm.
"My mom says we're Atheist." Nadine commented shyly.
Curly flailed his hands, suddenly and without sanity, "CANNIBALISM!" He hollered before breaking into shreiks
of maniacal laughter.
Freda blinked at him a few times before turning back to eye Helga,
"Is he alright?" she inquired, speaking to her.
Helga shrugged casually, "Just your everyday sick, twisted freak, forgotten by society." she explained complacently.
"Ah, I see." Freda returned shortly, before continuing with the topic at hand.
"Well, you see, I have a certain religion, too. My is just...very rare."
"Are you refering to the study of Wiccian Belief?" Came Phoebe.
Miss Norand shook her head, "No, Wiccian is well-known. Only a handful of people who do not actually belong to
my religion remember it. The older of those people call us by what their parents used to know us as. The call us Wind
Worshipers. But the children of those people prefere a more politically-correct name, and call us 'Followers of the
North Wind.'" Freda gazed out the window, staring out into the wind, still howling at the frame.
"Look at the old beliefs of any ancient people. All of them say that the most powerful, the strongest of all the winds is
the Great North Wind. Many even said the North Wind knew magick no other did, and had developed a way to
communicate with the people. In fact, their was a tribe, long ago, who insisted that the North Wind did speak to
them, and told them where to travel, and what to do there, and when to leave. At first, this tribe was said to
consist of more then a hundred people. But, eventually, faith dwindled, and, one by one, people began to leave.
I am one of the last of what remains of the followers...I am one of the few who can still hear the North Wind..."
Her eyes settled back upon the class,
"I'll be honest, Children. I was hired to teach you about weather. The School board thinks I follow weather
Patterns. And I suppose, in a way, they can be said to be right. But, in truth, all I know is the North Wind."
She folded her hands together, waiting for a response from the class. Helga could say nothing, do nothing,
but look at the Wind-Worshiper with her bright, blue eyes.
And Freda looked at her, too. This time, her eyes were pleading. Asking her to do...something. But Helga
couldn't think of what. She was too distracted by how the Eyes of this woman made somthing itch at the back
of her mind. A thought...But, not really. Something bigger...
"Then teach us what you know, Miss Norand."
Helga looked from Freda to Arnold, who had intrupted her thought once again to give the New teacher his advice.
The corners of Freda's mouth turned upwards unexpectedly,
"Alright." Freda said, "We'll begin--"
The lesson was invaded rudly by the sound of the bell, signaling first recess.
Freda gave a roll of her livly eyes, "--Tomorrow, I suppose." she corrected. "For now, you're dismissed."
The class shuffled out of their seats and bolted out the room. Helga got up quickly, trying to shove her way through
a crowd of her classmate, but felt a timid hand touch her shoulder, dove-like.
She turned, and was face-to-face with eyes, colour of the calm before a storm.
She smiled at her tranquily, "It was good to meet you, Helga." She whispered, her voice sweet-tempered and soothing.
Helga's eyes fluttered, for once, unable to think of a frigid come back.
"It was...good to meet you too, Miss Norand." she breathed, amazed of what she spoke.
The older Blonde shook her head, chortleing, "Call me Freda." she insisted.
Helga bit her lip,
"Freda." she murmured in apology.
She looked at her, and Helga mind became fuzzy. The world around her seemed dream-like. Where was she?
What was going on?
Helga gave her head a shake, clearing the daze.
"I--I have to go." she said quickly to Freda, and speed out the door, touching the side of her forehead.
"Goodbye Helga." were the last, mild words she heard from Freda, before she pushed open the heavy metal doors,
into the schoolyard of PS 118, wondering just what was happening to her.


In her lavish office, Doctor Vivian Bliss, tapped her pencil anxiously against her pad of paper, used to deduce the
problems of all her child patients. She looked down at what she had written, while waiting for her next appointment.
Those two names. Scribbled over the once prestine page. Doctor Bliss held her head in her hands and gave a quick
cry of frustration. This wasn't working. She couldn't get her mind off it. She had to confirm if her suspicions were
She would have to go and see for herself.
She got up from the plush chair she sat on, walked to her dark mahogeny desk, pushing a button conected to the
sleek, silver intercom atop it,
"Rosie?" she called into the speaker.
A voice emitted from inside it, "Yeah, Viv?" her secretary responded uncerimoniously.
"Cancel all my appointments for today, will you please? I have to make a special trip to see if one of my patients is
There was a short delay before Rosie was heard again, "You didn't tell me about any special trip, Viv."
"Well, it's sort of spur-of-the-moment."
Vivian let go of the button for a moment, letting out a shaky breath, before pressing down on it again,
"PS 118, Rosie, PS 118."
WIth that, she grabbed her Gucci Duster-Coat, and made her way to her car, praying this was nothing more then
a fear from her paranoid imagination.
But somehow, she knew it was not.
~*~ End of chapter Two~*~
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