Note: This is originally made by cadealltheway and is simply adopted. The beginning is the same, but the rest of the chapters will be very, very different, and in my writing style, which is third pov.

~Cat POV~

"Vega, move your butt outta my seat!" seethed Jade.

"Okay, okay!" said Tori with a worried look.

Usually, I would tell Jade not to be so mean to Tori, but she was sitting next to me and I have a really big crush on Jade. Don't tell anyone! Jade would kill me.

"Hey Cat," Jade said softening her smirk a little.

"Hi Jadey!" I said perking up.

"Catt, I told you not to call me that many times," Jade said groaning.

"But I like your nickname, its sooo cute!" I responded back.

"Whatever," Jade said.

Right at that moment, Beck came by to sit on the other side of Jade. I whined.

"What is it Cat?" Jade asked half-heartedly. I was about to tell her about Beck sitting too close to her, but then I remembered that if I did, she would know about my secret crush.

"Nothing," I replied softly.

Jade just nodded warily. I was just annoyed that Beck got to sit really close to Jade and touch her, but I wasn't really allowed to. Then, to prove my point, Beck spoke up.

"How's the hottest girl in school doing?" Beck chuckled.

Jade smiled faintly. "Not so great, but maybe you could make my day better." She said. Beck just leaned in and started kissing her passionately. He was sucking my Jade's face off. I couldn't stand to continue watch them kiss anymore, so I jumped up and said I was going to the library to study. Once I was there, I began to cool down. It's not like I haven't seen them kiss before, I'm just still getting used to it. Then I realized that I had said my Jade. Jade isn't mine, if anything she's Beck's. I sighed it was gonna be a long day.

~Jade POV~

After I continued kissing Beck, I realized that Cat was nowhere to be found. I sighed. She did look a little upset when she left and Tori did nothing about that and she was supposed to be Cat's friend. I looked at Vega and she eyed me warily. Since Vega wasn't doing her job, then I was gonna do it for her. I stood up and told Beck that I would be back soon. Beck nodded and I saw him check Vega out from the corner of my eye. I frowned. Vega looked around uncomfortably, but mostly watched me walk away. I guess she was nervous that I would get back at her for Beck checking her out. I smirked a little. This was a little gesture from Beck that could have been innocent, but I would still have to talk to him later. With one last glare at Vega, I left to look for Cat.

~Cat POV~

I know that liking Jade is wrong in so many ways, but I have tried to get over her so many times. However, every time I try, my feelings for her just seem to get stronger. For example, I mean she is sooo hot. How can anyone look at her and not think that. And don't get me started on her chest…

"Cat!" Jade's voice startled me out of my thoughts.

"Yea, Jade?" I asked getting confused as to why she was here and not making out with Beck.

"Why did you run away when I was kissing Beck? I'm worried about you." Jade said with a sincere voice. I looked into her green eyes and felt mesmerized by them. Jade was so cute when she was concerned. Unfortunately, I had to lie in order to hide my crush.

"Umm, I just remembered I had a test that I forgot to study for." I said.

"Little Cat forgot to study for a test!" Jade gasped. I just blushed. "Well I'll help you study," Jade said.

"YAY thanks Jadey!" I immediately felt better.

While we were "studying" I began to sit closer and closer to Jade. Jade must have noticed because she said, "Cat why are you sitting so close to me?"

"I'm just so happy to have such a good friend and I feel like if I sit closer to you, I will get more good luck!" I improvised practically jumping onto her lap.

"Okay but the period's gonna end in ten minutes." Jade chuckled, amusement showing in her eyes, that's more than enough time. I thought to myself. Slowly, I put my hand on Jade's lap. Jade just smiled to herself. Did I say that Jade was really hot?

~Jade POV~

I admit I feel bad for ditching Beck to study with Cat, but she's absolutely harmless and adorable. Yes, I know I said Cat was adorable. I'm not completely heartless. Besides, we were doing it for a good reason- studying. However, Cat just seemed to get closer and closer to me while we were studying. She probably thinks that she'll lose me as a friend, which is almost impossible. We've been friends since second grade. She just put her hand on my lap to confirm my suspicions. Don't worry, Cat. I'll never leave you. I'd rather leave Beck than you. I thought as I smiled to myself. But I just realized what I had thought and stopped momentarily. I would never leave Beck, right? Then, the bell rang, so Cat jumped outta my lap. I almost didn't want to leave, but I knew I had to have a talk with Beck about him looking at Tori, so I sighed. I and Cat didn't have any more classes together, so I just waved bye to her. She waved back and I swear her eyes were smiling with joy.

"Beck!" I called out to him and motioned for him to join me at the janitor's closet. He waved and smiled but quickly dropped it when he saw that I did not smile back.

"What's wrong, baby?" he asked with concern which sounded kind of fake.

"Why the hell were you undressing Vega with your eyes when I left at lunch?" I know I was exaggerating put what he did was unacceptable.

"I wasn't." He growled, all the niceness left his voice immediately like he expected this conversation. I raised my pierced eyebrow at him.

"Oh you wanna play the 'I didn't do it game', but you obviously did?" I asked my voice dripping with sarcasm. This must have struck a nerve in him, because he immediately responded back,

"Fine then. So what if I did?" I looked back at him shocked. We usually had spats but they NEVER ended with him confessing.

"You know what, bitch? We're through." I said storming out.

"Wait, Jade! Are you really going to throw away two years for something this stupid?" He asked, reaching out to grab my arm.

"Don't fucking touch me!" I growled.

"Jade" he started trying to find a point, anything to get me back. "How do I know you weren't making out with Cat?" He finished looking desperate. I stopped and turned around.

"Are you fucking serious! Me making out with Cat? How would yo-How did you even come up with that? I'm not even bi! And Cat is straight as hell!"

But he only just rolled his eyes in frustration. "How could I not? I mean...look at you two!" He half yelled. I grinded my teeth, I was reaching my limit for the obvious stupidity. Noticing my expression he quickly continued. "The way she looks at you!? And how you treat her! You'd choose her over me any day, wouldn't you?"

I was still feeling shocked at the direction this argument had went, not only was Beck acting out of character but his accusation really got to me.

"See?" He said bitterly indicating my silence. "You're gay for he-"

Feeling the rage I cut him off. "Get the fuck outta my face!" I kicked him in the balls and felt satisfied when I saw him succumb to the floor. Mother fucker, making out with Cat, my ass. I thought to myself as I skipped school for the rest of the day. I went to the bathroom to think about my feelings for Beck. I didn't really feel sad, because I could sense this coming for a long time with the way he is always staring at Vega. But I contemplated what he said about me making out with Cat. I'm not gay, I think.