Jade never told Cat the details of what happened, but Cat never pushed the issue lest Jade refuse to let her stay over that night. All the same, the red head kept an eye on Jade, well as best she could with her attention span, but other than the random glaring and teeth clenching the day went smoothly. Tori had stopped Cat, asking if she wanted to go over to the Latina's house to help eat five pans of tuna casserole (whatever that had been about) but despite the temptation, she politely declined, and skipped after Jade. Cat jumped into the passenger seat, trying to keep her chatter to a minimum, Jade simply kept silent, nothing unusual, but Cat still tread carefully, in case Jade snapped. The two made it to the West house, finding it empty and set up on the couch, preparing movies and snacks, Cat left to get in her onsie pajamas, stopping at Jade's room to pick up one more movie.

"The Scissoring?" Jade asked, brows raised in surprise.

"Well, it is your favorite movie, and if it will make you feel better..." Cat said sheepishly. A small smirk came on to Jade's face, and an amused look in her eyes.

"Sure, let's watch it." Jade, was going to say no, to save Cat from having to watch the film, but really, it was just too funny to watch Cat's reactions. Cat gave a small gulp and hopped over, sliding the disc in before running over to Jade and slipping onto the couch. The opening credits came on and Cat gave a little whimper, unconsciously leaning into Jade's side. Jade bit her lip to try and keep her laughter in.

"Cat, the movie hasn't even started."

"I know..." Cat mumbled pouting. "Don't laugh at me.."

Jade mocked cough, but didn't reply, and silently watched the movie. As it started, Cat looked to Jade's face, the girl mouthed the words along with the script and smiled, knowing what would come next. Cat studied Jade's features from the screens light flickering across her face. Cat thought Jade was beautiful, and a sudden anger burned in her towards Beck, how could he let her go? If Cat had Jade...she would never let her go. As the movie continued, even the slightest hint of gore got to Cat, and she found herself flinching and clutching the closest thing to her, which was Jade. Jade tensed at first, and Cat didn't want to make Jade uncomfortable, but she couldn't let go. Fortunately, Jade finally relaxed. Cat tried not to focus on the horror movie, but to her dismay it brought her focus to her friend beside her, She was very aware of Jade and how close they were, she could no longer focus on Jade, and couldn't focus on the movie either, she continued to fidget in her spot. Eventually, Jade took notice,

"Are you done yet?" Jade said sarcastically.


Jade sighed and leaned forwards, Cat blushed at how close she was suddenly to the other girl's chest, and paused the movie.

"Let's just go to bed, I know this movie is too scary for you."

Cat bit back any protest, Jade was right, and Cat had no other options, so she nodded in agreement, "kay kay," and the two went upstairs.

Damn you Beck. Is all Jade could think while trying to sleep. Throwing away a relationship-OK, that I may have ruined, sort of,- and practically questioning my sexuality? What was his deal? And Cat of all people? He should know better. The more her thoughts progressed the more her anger grew. An angry Jade makes for an unhappy life.


"What?" She snapped out of reflex. She felt the body next to her flinch.

"N-Nothing!" Cat squeaked scrunching up in the covers. Jade felt a wave of irritation and guilt

"Cat." She sighed. "I'm sorry, just...what is it?" She asked as gently as she could manage. There was a short pause before the other girl spoke.

"I wanted to know if there was something bothering you?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"Oh, I don't know," the redhead sighed, "I can just tell, plus you've been glaring at the wall for ten minutes."

"Oh." Silence fell again.


"Well what?"

Cat giggled, "is there something wrong?" She prompted propping up on her elbow.

Jade pursed her lips, weighing her options, should she tell the whole story? She decided on just the summary, leaving out the "you're both lesbians" part. Cat may be well mannered, but if she even thought someone was insulting or making fun of her, her temper can be scary.

"Beck and I had a big fight because I saw him ogling Tori, and we broke up." She murmured softly.

"But you always break up." Cat replied, was that anger Jade detected in her tone? Jade lay quietly for a second collecting her thoughts.

"It's for good this time." She answered, Cat didn't respond. Jade closed her eyes and she could feel herself begin to fall asleep. She felt slender arms wrap around her

"I'm sorry about Beck." Cat's voice filtered into her mind, she hummed in response and felt Cat's presence sooth her and finally sleep took her.

"Cat." Jade mumbled still tucked away under her covers. It was 6 in the morning but that did nothing to dampen the Valentine's mood. In fact Cat was chipper as always, humming away as she finished getting dressed for the day and it was driving Jade crazy. Usual something as small as this wouldn't bother her let alone keep wake her up but she

had not exactly slept in the first place.

"Cat." She tried again in vain. "Cat." she growled and it finally got the red head's attention.

"Jadey! I'm glad you're awake." She said beaming at her friend, receiving an icy glare in return.

"Why are you making so. Much. Noise." She questioned through clenched teeth.

"Ummmm, is that ah...a rhetorical question?" She asked back innocently including a cute tilt of her head.

Crap, why are you so adorable? "If you see it that way." Jade mumbled back slipping out from under her warm, comforting sheets.

"Alrighty." Cat replied hesitantly. "I made you coffee!" She announced happily curving the conversation randomly in the way only Cat can.

"Thanks." Jade sighed grabbing the cup Cat gave her. "What time is it?"

"6:40 I think."

"6:40? Damn, we're running late."

"School starts at 7:20, I'm sure we'll be fine." Cat reassured seeming unfazed.

"Usually we'd have left by now."

"I know." Cat frowned. "So hurry up and get dressed." She said checking her hair in the mirror before leaving the room. Jade watched her go confused with Cat's mood. I wonder if she...never mind Whatever. She got up throwing some clothes out of her closet, black jeans, black shirt, black boots, perfect. After a swift look over in her mirror she smirked knowing exactly how good looking she is.

"Jade!" Cat called, well more like whined, making Jade roll her eyes.

"I'm coming!" Jade yelled back, more like snapped back.

She trudged down the stairs not quite ready to face the day as she wanted to be. One hour at a time, she told herself heading for the kitchen. She heard laughter as she approached the room causing her to scowl.

"Thank you for letting me stay Mrs. West."

"It's not a problem, you're always welcome, and please, call me Catherine." The blond woman replied with a smile. Cat opened her mouth to reply but was caught off by jade,

"Yes, call the woman Catherine, I'm sure Mrs. West just makes her feel old." Jade drawled sarcastically as she walked past them. Catherine just sighed at her antics and decided it was best she leave for work.

"I'm going to go." The blond announced getting up, "do you need a note or anything?" she asked the two girls.

"No, we're OK, thank you." Cat quickly replied preventing Jade from speaking. The blond nodded and left the room, a few moments later the two girls heard the front door close. Cat turned to Jade with a disapproving look.

"What?" Jade snapped, Cat didn't flinch away from her tone this time.

"You shouldn't be so mean." Cat sighed picking up a to go mug already filled with coffee and handed it to Jade. "She's your mother-

"She is not my mother." She said with venom.

Cat smiled sadly at her friend, "I know," she said softly, "but you should try to be a little more respectful, get to know her, she isn't all that bad."

"We have a love hate relationship Cat." Jade took a sip of her coffee, "I love to hate her." She finished with a smirk.

Cat giggled and just shook her head, "very funny."

"I know, I'm a true comedian, now let's head out before we get marked absent." Jade said dryly grabbing her keys.

"Kay Kay." Cat replied skipping out.