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"…So that's why. We're sorry, but after all that's happened, you continuing to live with us would just stir up unwanted memories."

And that was that. Her stay with the Lightwoods was over. She understood, though. If it were her she would've done the same thing. Having to act like family with the child of your son/brother's murderer wasn't exactly ideal.

They were all gathered up in her hospital room. And by all, she meant herself, Jace, Robert and Maryse (who had finally gotten back from their business trip a few days ago), Luke and Jocelyn. Alec was still unconscious and Isabelle refused to leave his side even for a few seconds.

"That . . . that's okay. I understand. If it were me I wouldn't be too keen on it either." Clary gave a short, nervous laugh and glanced at Jace. He wasn't looking at her. Actually, he seemed to be looking everywhere but her. "He . . . he was a good kid. Max, I mean." Jace's head shot up, his tawny eyes widening. "And even though he's not with you anymore I know he's watching over you."

"…So that's why. We're sorry, but after all that's happened, you continuing to live with us would just stir up unwanted memories."

Jace stood next to the two people he considered to be his parents, facing the two people who considered themselves to be hers. The sickening hospital smell and the clinical white color that seemed to be everywhere only made her more radiant, and made it that much harder not to stare. But oh how he wanted to.

He couldn't remember much that happened after the fight had started due to the beating he'd received, except for white-hot rage and a longing for—something. Someone. Then the pain, of course, but that was an entirely different story.

His feelings were a jumbled up mess. He loved her. He loved her not. Every second that passed was a petal being plucked from an imaginary flower, an unending stream of unmade decisions and hesitations.

"He . . . he was a good kid. Max, I mean." Jace couldn't control himself. All strange, fragrant metaphors were forgotten as his head snapped to look at hers. How did she know that? How did she even know his name? Memories of a brother long lost flooded him and his eyes couldn't help but widen. Her expression, it was like—like she had actually known him, like she felt the pain of his death but somehow also accepted it. "And even though he's not with you anymore I know he's watching you."

That was he last straw. Time stopped, the wheels in his mind kept turning. Turning, turning, turning, making sense of the chaos and suddenly he knew.

For the first time in what felt like forever, Jace Lightwood smirked.

The talk was over. So was the wait, and her brief life as a member of the Lightwood family.

Jocelyn and Luke revealed their hidden relationship and offered for her to come live with them. She declined. After Max telling her everything she understood a bit more, but that didn't mean they were forgiven.

No, a place to stay came a few days later, from a completely unexpected direction.

From now on she, Clary Fray, was going to be staying with one Magnus Bane. Strange (and possibly a little disturbing) as it was she was happy. She and Magnus were close, really close, even more so after the whole crazy-cheated-husband's-revenge-scheme thing.

She passed him once in the cafeteria. Hospital food was disgusting, but she was ravenous. It didn't really matter how it tasted like.

He didn't look her way, not at first. He and Isabelle were conversing lightly, Jace making his usual jokes and Isabelle's lips twitching slightly as she answered him.

None of them seemed to notice her as she made her way in and they made their way out.

Then they were close, so close, just one more step in each direction and they would be behind her. Jace looked up. Their eyes met and her heart pounded. Then—

Then he winked at her.

The rest is up to you.