As a bit of a background explanation to this fic:

I'm leaving all HP storyline as canon, just think of the Glee characters being added extra characters in the background. The year is 1994, when Harry is just starting his 4th year at school, so he has just turned 14 on 31 July.

In the UK, school years are grouped by your age from 1 September to 31 August so 4th years turn 15 during the school year, 5th years turn 16, 6th years turn 17 etc.

Everything else should be self-explanatory as we go.

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Warning: Rated M

Jeff woke up on Thursday, 1 September 1994.

He was in his bed in his shared dorm room in Hufflepuff house, Hogwarts Castle. It was the first day of the school term.

All of these facts were absolutely fine with Jeff. More than fine, actually, meaning he was finally back with his friends at school, rather than being friendless over the school holidays back at home with a family that he didn't feel like he fit in with.

There was one thing about the day that he didn't particularly like, though, and meant that he wanted it to be Friday already. It was his 17th birthday.

And what do I have to show for that extra year? I'm still single, never been kissed, never had a date. I'm average at all my classes, but I try hard. I wonder if anyone would have noticed if I hadn't returned on the Hogwart's Express this year?

Jeff wracked his brains for something that made him stand out from the crowd. I suppose I'm better than average at quidditch at least. Hopefully I'll get a spot on the first team this year, rather than just a sub.

I guess the sorting hat was right about me. I'm just like the Hufflepuff motto - "Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil." Trouble is, no matter how hard I work at anything, I'm still just Mr Average. If I can't stand out in a crowd at anything, how is anyone going to notice me romantically?

He sighed and rolled back the heavy covers off his bed, swinging his legs down to tuck his feet into his slippers. He stood and wrapped himself in his dressing gown, visiting the bathroom before he put his robes on for the day.

On his way back from the bathroom, he bumped into Cedric Diggory, his friend and fellow 6th year Hufflepuff dorm-mate.

"Hey, Jeff! Happy birthday! Here, I got you a present!" He smiled brightly and ushered Jeff back into the bedroom, promptly depositing a brightly wrapped present into Jeff's arms. The paper was bright yellow and the ribbons were black, house colours.

Jeff smiled gratefully and ripped it open, pulling out a pair of leather quidditch gloves and a couple of chocolate frogs.

"Cedric, thanks man!" He hugged his friend. "These are just what I need for tryouts! And chocolate - my favourite! You're an awesome friend, you know?"

Cedric nodded, slightly embarrassed at the physical display of gratitude, but pleased Jeff liked his present.

The two boys dressed into their robes and headed out of the badger-like tunnels leading from their quarters to the barrels which formed the entrance to Hufflepuff and on to the main rooms of the castle.

They went straight to the Great Hall for breakfast, joining fellow Hufflepuff friends Thad and Trent, as well as their Ravenclaw friends Wes and David. He returned a wave from the Gryffindor table, where his other good friends Kurt and Blaine sat with their house-mates Fred and George Weasley.

Jeff noticed his little white owl, Squirt, entering the Great Hall, swooping down to him, heavily laden with a multicoloured batch of envelopes, tied up with a ribbon.

Great, no hiding my birthday, then! He plastered on a smile and accepted the many good wishes from those around him as he opened his cards, piling them up next to his breakfast plate.

Just after he had finished his egg, bacon, fried bread, sausage and beans, Dumbledore stood up from the teacher's table, addressing all present. First he welcomed the students to another year at Hogwarts, then he ran through a small number of staffing changes before he came to a big announcement.

"After many years of this event not being held due to concerns over the safety of the competitors, I have been informed by the Minister of Magic that this year will see the return of the annual Triwizard Tournament."

The hall broke out into a roar of whispers before Dumbledore quietened them down, continuing to explain. After hearing what the headmaster had to say, he exchanged a glance with Cedric, each nodding in agreement that they would both put their names into the cup.

Dumbledore's stern warning that once chosen, the competitor would stand alone was lost on Jeff, drowned out by his other thought. Maybe this is a chance for me to prove myself to be better than average at something.

A month later, Jeff was in herbology when Professor Sprout called him to the front to ask him to deliver a note to Professor Trelawney immediately. "I know I can trust you, Jeff, to take it straight away." Jeff nodded, accepting the parchment and gathering his books as it would be past the end of the current lesson by the time he reached the Divination teacher's classroom up in one of the towers.

As he walked to the classroom, he mentally reviewed the strategies they had covered in last night's quidditch practice. He had secured a place on the first team after all and he was keen to keep it.

Once he was at his destination, he knocked on the door, interrupting a class and walked up to Professor Trelawney, handing over the parchment with a quick explanation. He was just about to turn and leave, waving quickly to Harry and Ron, when Sybill Trelawney spoke to him.

"Ah, Mr Sterling, what auspicious timing! Class, Mr Sterling is a 6th year who just so happens to have a particular gift in Divination." She turned to a horrified and pale looking Jeff. Really? He thought. Doesn't she know that single tea-leaf reading I did was a complete guess? It was really vague too, meaning she could read into it in many ways, making it seem accurate.

Professor Trelawney continued, "You can help me demonstrate to these 4th years the art of reading tea leaves." Jeff gulped, knowing that prof trelawney would not take no for an answer.

He nodded reluctantly, not missing the sniggers coming from the young blond Slytherin boy on the front row. He glared at the younger boy. Oh yes, he thought, Draco Malfoy, that little jumped-up git.

"Now, tell me, what do you see?" Professor Trelawney asked in her overly dramatic way, snapping Jeff out of his thoughts. She passed him a newly drained tea cup and he inspected the bottom of it. Luckily for him, there were a couple of good shapes meaning he didn't have to make something up this time.

"Uh, I see a couple of shapes, it looks a bit like a boat maybe? And something else, maybe a heart?"

Professor Trelawney's eyes widened behind her bizarre thick round-lensed goggley glasses as she snatched the cup from him in excitement. "A heart you say?" she gushed. Just as she grabbed the cup from the tall blond boy, her fingers grazed Jeff's skin on his wrist and she froze, staring off past his left shoulder. Her cold bony fingers held fast around his wrist.

"Professor? Are you okay? Professor?" Jeff tried to get her attention in vain.

Suddenly she spoke, but it hardly seemed like her normal voice at all. Instead it was a creepy, low husky drawl. She appeared to be in some sort of trance.

"Yesss, you have been lonely, but do not fret, for as the tenth month dies you shall summon your heart's one true match. A ship will come from afar bringing the one who will love you unconditionally..."

Sniggers broke out into full on laughter, thankfully drowning out her next sentence, which a furiously blushing Jeff heard, "...he will fall for you on sight." Jeff's gaze snapped back to the professor. She said he! Jeff thought, shocked.

Not many students knew that he was gay. Not many staff knew for that matter. He wasn't exactly keen for any Slytherins to be acquainted with this fact, as they were hardly known to be the most accepting bunch.

He wasn't sure whether this was just a trick and a lucky guess on the Professor's part. He snatched his wrist back and the spell was broken. Professor Trelawney looked bewildered as she staggered back slightly, holding her hand to her forehead dramatically.

"I'm sorry, I feel a bit dizzy, I skipped lunch. Students, divide into pairs and discuss what each of you see in the leaves." Her voice was back to normal and she seemed completely unaware of what she had just said to Jeff.

The 6th year student took his chance and fled the room, all the while thinking over what he had just heard.

Surely there isn't any truth in it. Is there? As the tenth month the end of October. Wait, that's when the students from the other two competing schools arrive. WHY didn't I pay attention to the details?

At dinner time, Jeff entered the Great Hall and was passing the Slytherin table on the way to sit down, when he heard Draco boasting. The young blond boy was too busy holding court with his admiring female Slytherins and dim looking henchmen to notice an eavesdropper.

"...Father nearly sent me to Durmstrang, actually. He likes Headmaster Karkaroff's policy of not admitting filthy muggle-borns into the Institute. Also, they encourage learning and actual practice of the Dark Arts, not just the ridiculous Defence of the Dark Arts we learn here." He scoffed in disgust.

"But Mother didn't want me to go so far away, so they sent me to Hogwarts instead. I do have a cousin in Durmstrang though, and he is coming over for the Triwizard Tournament. I can't wait to meet him, the last time I saw him I was 6 and he was 8, so I don't really remember much about him."

Jeff carried on out of earshot. Well it sounds like Durmstrang students would all belong in Slytherin then! Not much chance of one of them being openly gay. Wait, if the other school is all-girls like Cedric said, there goes any accuracy of Professor Trelawney's prediction. I shouldn't have got my hopes up.

Dejected, Jeff sank down onto the Hufflepuff bench next to his housemates, lost in thought.

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