DO NOT read this if you have not finished code. The story will not make any sense and it would spoil the ending to an amazing book. I own nothing but the story.

"Tory, you need to go talk to him. He won't listen to us, you have to tell him you forgive him." Hi nagged me. not for the first time.
"I know, I know. It's just...not right now." I swatted him away like an annoying fly and returned to my English essay, muttering the last sentence I had written under my breath.
Hi wasn't giving up that easily. "Obviously no now but soon, ok. Tory?" He elbowed me for my attention.
" Yeah, ok, go away." I gave him a shove and continued writing my Julius Caesar essay. Hi left to joined Shelton. "You'll miss the boat!" he yelled over his shoulder, earning glares from the librarian.

Ben is haunted by his backstabbing deed. I stared at the words I had just written. This was supposed to be a paragraph about Brutus. I quickly scored out Ben's name and replaced it with Brutus. I slammed my book shut and hurried out of the library and down to the docks. Brutus kills himself I thought before I could stop myself. " That has nothing to do with Ben. It was just a writing mistake. Nothing to do with Ben at all," I told myself. But despite my reassurances I was worried about him. And it had been over a month since... the storm. It was time to face my feelings.

On the boat ride home I quizzed myself on topics I had been avoiding. Do you like Ben? Yes. As more than a friend? Yes. Enough to date him?...Yes. Even after what he did? Yes, he lied and he shouldn't keep secrets from the rest of us but he wanted to help and you would have pushed him away. Right then! Go help the poor boy!

When Hugo docked at the townhouses I was still talking with myself. "Tory?" Ben's dad brought me back to reality.
"Oh, sorry," I replied. "I need to go to Loggerhead. To find Ben."
Tom Blue gave me a sympathetic look as he left the docks. "Good luck. If anyone can get him out this mood of his, it's you."