On first note: this is the first fanfic I have ever written, so excuse me if it sucks! ;)
just tell me honestly if it's bad or in any way a tiny bit good
also I am not a native English speaker, but I thought writing it in English would be better

and I do not own any of the characters, I just love Bridesmaids so much and I loved Annie and Rhodes together and I love Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo for creating this wonderful movie.

I won't continue writing if it sucks, so please tell me

Two years have passed since Lillian and Doug got married, they welcomed their little son Charly just a week ago.

Annie opened a new bakery, it's only a little shop. That's all they could afford, but she had some great friends to help her.
Rhodes and Annie just moved into a new little house in Milwaukee and in two weeks they will celebrate it with their friends and family...well they want to show how gorgeous their new home is.
Today, Annie and Rhodes are at Lillian & Dougie's to visit the new parents and their baby boy.

'Lil, Dougie, Congratulations you two, I'm so happy for you guys!', Annie cheered and hugged both of them really tight.
Followed by Nathan, he said it in a more calm way, he hugged Lillian gently and shook Doug's hand.

Annie and Rhodes followed Lillian and Doug to the living room where little Charly was sleeping in his crib.
It didn't take long for him to wake up and Annie was the first to say she wants to hold him and she got to hold him.
She sat next to Doug who handed her his newborn son carefully, Annie was deeply in awe, she couldn't take her eyes off the little guy.

'So, do you guys want anything to drink' Lillian asked the three of them.
All Annie and Doug wanted was a glass of water.
'okay I'll go get some water for you guys,' she turned to Rhodes and said 'do you want anything to drink Nathan?'

'I uhmm...I'll help you'

While Doug told Annie more about Charly, how sweet he is, how easy he has been until now...but then again, he's only a week old, Nathan and Lillian stood in the kitchen.

Lillian could feel that Nathan wants to tell her something, but he seems to be nervous about it.

'what's going on Nathan?'


'oh my god , Nathan, you're making me nervous, spill it already'

'Lillian, in two weeks at the party, I want to propose to Annie'

Lillian grew a big smile on her face and she jumped into Nathan's arms 'Oh my god, that is huge, soo exciting'

'Do you think she will say yes?' Nathan asked her seeming honestly concerned

'What are you talking about? That woman is crazy about you. She moved in with you. She trusts you. You were able to talk her into opening a new bakery, no one ever succeeded with that. Just look at her...' she opened the kitchen door a little and pointed at Annie 'I have never seen Annie this happy'

They turned back into the kitchen, she patted his arm 'I have no doubt she'll say yes Nathan! Now go get some glasses and come back into the living room with me.'
he reached for some glasses 'and hey Nathan' Nathan looked at her 'yeah?' she smiled and then said 'Don't worry, she will say yes' he smiled at her, nodded and then followed her into the living room where Annie had just put Charly into his crib and and greeted Nathan with a kiss.

They stayed for a little while longer., until after dinner.
They talked about what was going on in their lives. Lillian asked Annie about her new bakery. Annie helped a little bit with little Charly.

Nathan and Annie got into the car and drove back to Milwaukee. During the drive, Annie fell asleep and Nathan looked over at her.
She is so beautiful, with her blond curls, her hair is now a little longer and he likes it a lot.

When he pulls into their drive way, she's still asleep. He doesn't want to wake her, she looks so sweet and innocent, so he just carries her upstairs he puts her on the bed.

He takes first her shoes off then his own shoes and sits down next to her, pushing a strand of hair out if her beautiful face, gives her a kiss and just stares at her for a couple of seconds.
'I hope she does say yes' he thinks 'I want to spend the rest of my life with this gorgeous woman. God, just imagine if we ever have kids, they will be so cute'

With that he covered her with a blanket and went to bed himself, thinking about the upcoming week.

And little he knew, what Annie and Lillian had discussed when they were taking care of Charly in his room...