Another one for you guys, it's short, but I like it.
This might be the last one for maybe until july because that's when I will be graduating.

On a sunny and beautiful day in November Annie felt something weird when sitting at the talble with Nathan, about to eat breakfast – her water broke.

"Um..Nathan...sweetie..I'm afraid you're gonna have to skip breakfast water just broke."

This took Nathan by surprise and he almost chocked on his cereal.

"Are you sure?" he asked confused

"Am I sure? Yeah, I am sure Nathan" she answered a little appaled.

"Okay, o-o-okay...don't panic, we're just gonna get you to the hospital as fast as possible"

"I am not panicking, you are sweetie"

"Right, yeah...okay lets get you ready"

Nathan quickly got Annie's stuff and Annie in the car and rushed to the hospital, they checked in and were immediately taken to a room.

Soon the doctor came and not too long after Annie was ready to deliver.

Nathan never left her side, he was there for Annie the whole time, holding her hand, encouraging her and taking all the things she yelled at him under the pain not too serious.

That afternoon on November 12th Nathan and Annie became proud parents to a little baby girl.

Her parents named her Lucy Penelope Rhodes, she made their life perfect and they couldn't be happier.
They're now a real little family.