Kim Possible: The Three Stooges Ride Again

(A/N: Now for Drakken's portion. Still not sure if KP will make an appearance at all in this one. Anyway, one of my reviews for a previous story I did on this site was 'I guess Drakken and Shego aren't doing the dating thing.' In case that reviewer is reading, allow me to assure you that I am indeed a fan of the Drakken/Shego pairing. There will be romantic undertones once in a while, as there were in Redemption, but not too much. Many authors go overboard on that pairing, and out of character in doing so. I can't see them leaping right into a dating situation. Shego would be in denial a good long time , and Drakken would try to ignore whatever feelings he had, likely unable to even deduce what they were, and preoccupy himself in his work to try and forget them.)

Drakken's Mission

"Nrgh, Shego!" Drakken called. "Shego!"

"You bellowed?" she asked, looking up from her magazine.

"Our bank account is nearly depleted. How is it nearly depleted?" Drakken demanded.

"Two words. Dr. Dementor. Stopped by a while ago looking for you," Shego said, smirking.

"You let him waltz right in and steal our money?!" Drakken demanded.

"Wasn't here Dr. D. I was busy," he replied.

"Doing what?" Drakken asked.

"Spa day, doy," she answered, showing her nails to him.

He twitched then yelled, "Shego! Nrrgh, now I have to find a way to steal it back."

"Gotcha covered, Dr. D. Leave it to me," she replied, standing.

"You've done quite enough, thank you," Drakken replied.

"Whoa, what has you so uptight?" she asked. "Seriously Drakken, you've been touchy ever since rescuing Monkey Boy from the Yono."

"I did not rescue him. I released him from a curse and it doesn't even matter because now he's going right back to where he started before all of this happened," Drakken replied.

"Aw, Drewbie's concerned about his little friend," Shego said, eyes lighting up tauntingly.

"I am not concerned for Monkey Fist, and he is not my friend!" Drakken shot. "I am concerned about getting my money back, though. Come my minion, we'll meet Dementor head on."

"Minion?" she incredulously asked.

"Medieval term for beloved one, nrrgh, catch up Shego," he replied. He gasped on realizing what he'd said and quickly covered, saying, "I mean, for underling!" She blinked as he raced out. Minion? Beloved one? Hmm, the word had just taken on a new meaning for her. She cringed at the thought and gagged. Oh heck no. Growling, she stalked after her boss.


"Dementor, open this door this very instant!" Drakken yelled. There was silence. Shego sighed and rolled her eyes.

"I've got this," she said. She lit up her hands and immediately blasted the door in.

Drakken blinked then said, "Good work Shego. Come on. Let's get our money." Boldly they entered the place and suddenly were surrounded by guns pointing at them. They went back to back, gasping. Shego scowled and lit her hands. Drakken called out his vines immediately. "Flowers, take out those guns!" Immediately they shot off to obey, ripping the ones closest to them from the walls. Shego blasted the guns that hadn't been taken out by the flowers. Lasers shot everywhere, but Shego was on the defensive, and Drakken, protected by his sidekick, was tearing the machines from the walls in a rare offensive position that he virtually never found himself in.

The blasts stopped. The two stood panting. "Dr. Drakken, have you come to destroy your evil nemesis for ze sake of good?" Dementor's voice suddenly said.

They gasped and looked up as the man appeared. "Dr. Dementor," Drakken greeted. "For your information, I'm back and as evil as ever. I believe you have something that belongs to me."

"Vhat?" the man asked, playing dumb.

"My money!" Drakken shot. "Give it back or I'll be forced to let Shego go all ninja on you!"

"You won't like me when I'm ninja," Shego said, grinning in delight and excitement.

"Shego, down," Drakken warned. She scoffed and thought about blasting him but then shrugged it off.

"Drakken, Drakken, Drakken, of course I vill give you back your money," Dementor replied.

"Huh?" Shego asked.

"You'll what?" Drakken questioned in disbelief.

"I'll give you everything back. If, zat is, you help me vith something," Dementor offered.


Drakken and Shego blinked blankly at him. After a long moment Drakken asked, "Well, that was easy."

"Hold it Doctor D. What's the catch?" Shego asked Dementor.

"A simple robbery," Dementor said.

"Yeah, uh huh, of what?" Shego asked.

"Oh just a certain device zat a certain Big Daddy has come into possession of," Dementor replied.

Shego and Drakken started. "Big Daddy!" they both exclaimed.

"He's the biggest black market dealer out there!" Drakken exclaimed.

"We're talking Mafia big," Shego chimed.

"We go against him we'll have the whole mafia after us!" Drakken exclaimed. "Forget it!"

"Psh, I could take them," Shego said, shrugging and waving her hand.

"Over my dead body!" Drakken shot. "But perhaps I can get it by other means," Drakken mused.

"Other means? We're broke, Drakken," Shego said.

"Come now Shego, where's your trust in me?" Drakken asked.

"What trust?" she incredulously asked.

"Shego!" he shot.

"Yeah, whatever, have fun with that. I'll be back at the base," she replied. With that she turned and walked away. Drakken blinked then harrumphed, folding his arms.

"Trouble in paradise?" Dementor asked.

"None of your business!" Drakken shot. Furiously he marched out. He needed to get to Big Daddy's base of operations.


Glaring at Big Daddy, Drakken finally said, "Give me a price."

"500, 000," Big Daddy replied. Drakken nearly had a heart attack. Outwardly he only twitched, though, he was proud to say.

"Come now Big Daddy, surely as one of your best customers you can give a discount," Drakken tried to persuade.

"Dr. Drakken, the price I gave you was a discount. It was fifty percent off," Big Daddy replied.

Drakken's mouth dropped as Big Daddy laughed. Apparently Big Daddy had no intentions of letting this prize go. Drakken scowled and said, "So be it." Angrily he rose and left. He wasn't done yet, though; not at all. If he couldn't get it through words, he'd get it by theft. Shego was usually better suited for the theft, but this had just gotten personal.


Drakken looked down through the hole he'd cut in the roof. His eyes fell on the treasured object and he put on a pair of shades, of his own design, that could scan for any security measures. There were a lot. Not that he couldn't handle it, that is. He hoped… He grinned evilly and brought out a group of mirrors. "All right flowers, do your stuff," he ordered. The vines immediately went out and lowered the mirrors into the chamber, deflecting the beams.

Drakken snickered then lowered more vines down into the room. They wrapped around the device and pulled it up. "Hello baby," Drakken said, grinning as he took it from them. He called up the other vines and replaced the section of roof he'd cut out. Quickly he left. Oh if Big Daddy ever learned who'd taken this, he'd be done for.


Drakken returned to Dementor's lair and pounded impatiently at the door. Something was off about this whole situation. Why would Dementor ask him for help anyway? The doors opened and Dementor greeted, "Dr. Drakken, what a surprise."

"Surprise? You were expecting me!" Drakken shot, annoyed.

"Oh yes, I forgot. Do you have ze device?" Dementor asked, getting right to the point. Drakken scoffed. He doubted Dementor had forgotten anything.

"Nrrgh, yes," Drakken replied, handing it over. Dementor's eyes widened and he grinned, beaming.

"Ze Automatic Destructonator 5000!" he crooned.

"Now where's my money?" Drakken demanded.

Dementor frowned then smirked coldly. "Come in Doctor. You vill get your money back, as vell as a little surprise," he answered.

"Ooh goody! I love surprises," Drakken replied. He wasn't oblivious, though. Well, usually he was, but still! He smelled a trap, and he didn't like it. The flowers squirmed in his neck and he felt reassured. If all else failed, use super-vines.


Drakken frowned at the other men seated at Dementor's table. Dinner? He'd been invited to dinner? Since when? Well, at least the food was good. And he had his money back! Still, something was wrong. Dementor was being entirely too accommodating.

"Tell us again, Drakken, how you stole the device," Dementor prompted.

"I never told you I stole it in the first place," Drakken replied suspiciously. Shego wasn't around, so he had to be especially clever and on guard.

"Well tell us now," Dementor persuaded.

Pursing his lips, because now he just knew something was wrong, Drakken replied, "I have to go."

"You won't be going anywhere," a cold voice said from behind. Drakken gasped, paling, and whirled.

"Big Daddy!" he exclaimed. Dementor had betrayed him!