My name is Felicity Fox I live in District 5 and I'm going to tell you the story of my life but be prepared this story doesn't have a happy ending like most stories.

Basically you could say my life was already a nightmare from the moment I was born. My parents would argue constantly with each other over how they would raise me, my father wanted me to be raised like a warrior so if I was to be chosen or forced to volunteer for The Hunger Games then I would be able to make it out of there alive. My mother on the other hand wanted me to be raised so I instead of having to kill anyone in the games I could hide and use my mind to win the games. The reason for them mainly focusing on how I would win The Hunger Games is because both of my parents are victors my father won his games with strength and the ability to throw a spear a few good meters away from him, whereas my mother won her games with her survival skills and that fact that was the fastest tribute that year.

The moment I turned six years old I got separate training from both of my parents. My father would take me to the forest where I would practice killing animals with my spear that he had made for me. I hated killing the animals but if I refused to kill them then he would get very angry up to the point where he would start hitting me using the same excuse that he was only doing this to toughen me up because who knows what I would face once I was thrown into the arena. My mother's way of training me was a lot easier and by that I mean less violence and more running and thinking. She would make me run laps around the entire district and for each lap she would time me and if I didn't beat the time I got last time then she would make me run laps until I had beaten that time. She would also take me into the forest and teach me survival skills such as lighting fire climbing tree's and what fruit and berries I can eat and the one's I can't eat. I know their doing this so we become one of those rare family's where every single person is a victor but to be honest I never want to enter the arena my parents say it's not as bad as it looks but I know their lying due to the fact that my father sometimes blanks out and my mother screams in her sleep.

Tomorrow is the reaping day for the 74th Hunger Games and I just hope that the odds are in my favour.