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Pudding stood dumb-founded at the door, her brothers and sister were looking confused. They were too young to remember their oldest sister, but her appearance didn't help their recollection. The only physical quality you could match her with to the Fon family, was her blonde hair, even then it wasn't the caramel coloured but, instead, was so bright it was almost white. Pudding, however, remembered her sister with crystal clarity and was on the verge of tears from finally being re-united with her.

"Onee-chan? Who's this?" Puddings younger sister questioned. Pudding turned around and addressed her younger sister, though she was really telling all of them.

"Heicha, this is Kori... She's your onee-chan as well, na no da!" Pudding explained. All five of the young children looked at Pudding, then Kori and back to Pudding again. They turned their backs on the sisters and huddled together, whispering frantically The sisters exchanged a confused look, as Pudding ushered Kori through the front door. The quadruplets and their little sister turned back to face Pudding and Kori. The little ones exchanged one final glance, then charged towards Kori and tackled her to the ground in a frenzy of hugs, whilst all screaming "ONEE-CHAN" at the tops of their voices.

At the reaction of her younger siblings to her return, Kori burst into joy-filled laughter. Her laugh was like water flowing calmly through a stream but underneath, there was a hint of eeriness, like the *ting* of crystal in a silent room. It was like ice, itself, was laughing. Hanacha, Chincha, Lucha, Honcha and Heicha stopped wriggling around and squeezing her, this made Kori stop laughing and look at her little brothers and sisters.

"What? Is something wrong?" Kori asked, worried she had upset her siblings in some way. Pudding was the one to answer.

"Don't worry Kori onee-chan, na no da, nothing's wrong! It's just... Kori onee-chan's laugh is so beautiful... Pudding and her siblings couldn't help but listen, na no da." Pudding's cheeks started to become a light pink. Pudding must sound so stupid to Kori onee-chan! She thought.

"Pudding! I think that's the sweetest thing I have heard!" Kori said with a giggle at the end. At hearing her sisters admiration, Pudding became over-joyed and lept onto Kori to join her siblings in fully welcoming their onee-chan to her new home.

Later that evening...

Pudding, Hanacha, Chincha, Lucha, Honcha and Heicha had eventually gotten off of Kori when Pudding resumed her usual motherly tasks and sent her brothers and sister to their room, to complete their homework. This left Pudding and Kori to talk about everything that happened, whilst they prepared the dinner. For a while, everything was silent in the kitchen, until Pudding broke the ice. (A/N: You'll get this pun later on in the story! ;] )

"Kori onee-chan?" Kori 'hmmm'ed in response, to show she was listening. "Pudding was just wandering... Why is Kori onee-chan back, na no do?" Pudding questioned. Kori, who was in the middle of chopping vegetables, abruptly stopped. She knew the question would be coming, but she hoped Pudding would've asked a little later on in her stay, that way she would have had a chance to properly formulate an answer. Kori sighed but still answered.

"I.. Well you see.." She sighed again. "I've been a terrible sister to all of you!" Pudding was shocked at the sudden outburst, she didn't think Kori was a terrible sister, quite the opposite in fact!

"How has Kori onee-chan been a terrible sister, na no da? Pudding thinks Kori onee-chan is the bestest onee-chan EVER!" She gave her trademark smile, hoping to lighten her sister's spirits. It worked a little, there was a slight smile on Kori's face at the show of affection Pudding had adorned her with, however, she felt like she didn't deserve the compliment Pudding had given her.

"Pudding. I have been the worst sister in the world! I don't see how you can forgive me?! I left when mama passed, and that's when you all needed me most! I had no idea dad was away in China and that you had to fend for yourself! I never meant to leave you all in this state... It was just-" Kori cut herself off with a sob. Tears were falling freely down her face, now that she finally realized how much Pudding had, had to grow up over the past few years. She deserved a childhood, but there was no one around to look after everyone. Pudding, as the eldest, had to take all responsibility and Kori knew it was her fault. If she had never gone to America after mama's death, Pudding would never have had to become an adult so quickly.

"Now listen here Kori onee-chan!" Pudding had a stern tone that surprised Kori and made her look up from her hands, that she had previously buried her face in. "Pudding blames nothing on Kori onee-chan! For Kori onee-chan to go to America was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Pudding doesn't mind looking after everyone, that's what mama wanted!" Pudding lightened her face, went over to her sister and gave her the 'Pudding squeeze'. Kori's face broke into a relived smile at the fact her sister didn't hate her, but she was sticking around this time and she was determined Pudding was going to have no adult responsibilities. Little did she know, her younger sister had the whole world counting on her to battle the most dangerous of creatures, so that innocent people would survive. This is what came with being a Mew, the risk of death. Pudding was ok with that but she knew Kori wouldn't be. She would keep the Mew secret to herself, for now. She could never keep secrets from her onee-chan, but it was best to wait until Kori had seen that Pudding could handle her own.

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