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The night had gone well, they caught up on everything that had happened whilst Kori was on her travels. The quadruplets and Heicha showed many a trinket and piece of art work to Kori, smiling wide in joy every time she would praise them. Pudding sent the children to bed shortly after 'show and tell' and Kori watched from the door as her little Pudding cup read them a story, checked under the bed and in the wardrobes for monsters, and kissed each of them goodnight with motherly affection. It was then that Kori realised her little monkey had to grow up a lot, in a short space of time. She was going to have to live with the fact that Pudding liked a little responsibility, this didn't mean she was going to stop trying to help her have a childhood, but she decided that if she tried to shelter her sister, Mount Pudding would erupt and all hell would break loose!

Pudding woke up in the morning to the golden light of the sun shining through her drawn curtains, she immediately looked to the floor to see Kori wasn't in her sleeping bag. This is very odd, na no da! Kori onee-chan is really not a morning person! Another thought crossed her mind, her head snapped towards the clock on her bedside table. It read 11:15. SHOOT! Pudding's meant to have done all the chores by now, na no da! Oh no! Pudding needs to get to work! Pudding's over 15 minutes late and Pudding still needs to get ready, na no da! Pudding immediately sprang out of bed, thanks to her gymnastic skills and Monkey DNA she landed, balanced, on her feet. She then went about, running around like a bat out of hell, trying to get ready. Pudding was making so much noise that Kori, who was in the middle of drying the dishes, had to go upstairs to make sure he sister was alright. She arrived at the bedroom door to see Pudding trying, but failing, to get her top on whilst doing her hair in her signature four braids.

"Pudd... What are you doing?!" Kori asked, amused at her sister's lack of common sense. Pudding shrieked in surprise at her sister's sudden appearance, then promptly fell over trying to hop into her trousers. Kori laughed whilst trying to help her up, she failed miserably. Doubling over laughing doesn't help when trying to help someone stand up apparently.

"Well... na no da... Pudding's getting ready for.. work?" Pudding barely whispered the last part, Kori, however, still heard her and raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. This sent shivers down the young monkey girl's back. Pudding braced herself for the tornado of rage that would soon spring from Kori at the mention of the young girl having to work at the law-breaking age of 10. And yet.. nothing happened. Pudding opened her eyes that had been squeezed shut, to see her older sister giving her a reassuring smile. What surprised Pudding the most was the fact that Kori then broke into a giggle and ruffled Puddings, still bed-head, hair lovingly.

"It's OK Pudding cup. I know you have a job, your boss called while you were still asleep wondering why you were late. He seemed very surprised to hear me at the end of the phone." Pudding's face started looking distraught. She thought her sister had probably given Ryou a piece of her mind and resigned for her. Kori saw this looks on her younger siblings face and her smile grew wider. "Don't worry sweetie, you still have your job. I did give your boss a piece of my mind though, but he seemed to take it well. I really don't mind you working, but I'd like to check the place out first and I hoped I could see if I could work there as well! Two incomes are better than one!" with that Kori spun on her heel and sauntered out of the room smiling to herself. Pudding's face was a canvas of shock, this soon melted away when she realised she still wasn't ready, and she also had a mountain of housework to get through before she could head off to her job.

"Oh yeah... I've done all the housework and the kids are having a sleepover at their friend house. They won't be back 'till Sunday! And hurry your sorry ass up or we'll be even later!" Kori's voice drifted up from down the stairs. Maybe Kori onee-chan won't be bad to have helping around the house... Kori onee-chan doesn't seem to have a problem with my new life... Kori onee-chan might even understand why Pudding's a Mew Mew... after time. Pudding was broken from her thoughts by Kori shouting up the stairs, again, for her to get a move on. The monkey mew finished getting dressed, then ran a brush through her hair, finally putting it up in the four braids she was attempting to accomplish before Kori came in. After finally completing her morning routine, she met her big sister at the front door. Kori was holding out Pudding's coat on one hand and a piece of toast for her breakfast in the other.

"Lead the my little monkey." Kori said whilst motioning to the open front door. Pudding snatched her breakfast from the blonde's hand and started munching on it while leading the way to the secret headquarters of the superhero organisation Tokyo Mew Mew, the exact place her sister, who she was trying so hard to keep the Mew secret from, was trying to get a job. One thing was for sure, everything was about to get a lot more interesting!

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