The Doctor & The Deadpool: Series 3

Prologue OR "What are you, Canadian or something?"

"Buh-Bye now, Cable!" Deadpool said as he gently pushed him out of the TARDIS. "Great story and all but we got things to do!"

Cable said goodbye to the Doctor and made his way out of the blue police box.

"Um... You're not going too?" the Doctor asked. "We're home, just like you asked."

Deadpool pondered over this statement before answering. "I suppose..." He shrugged his shoulders and exited the TARDIS. The doctor followed him out.

"It was great meeting you Deadpool. You really are one of a kind!"

"Gee willigers, Doc! You ain't so bad yerself if I say so-"

"DEADPOOL! YOU'RE HOME!" It was Weasel, Deadpool's sometimes flatmate, sometimes sidekick. Today he was neither. Deadpool gasped at the sight of his sweaty nerdy friend running towards them. "Quick!" Deadpool yelled throwing himself and the doctor into the TARDIS and slamming the doors shut behind them. He ran to the console and pushed as many leavers and buttons as he could until the police box hummed and hawed and eventually began its whirring TARDIS sound.

"Deadpool you idiot! What have you done?! Why?! Where are we going?!" The Doctor yelled in a flustered frenzy-he hated when Deadpool played with the TARDIS's console.

"I was kinda hoping you could answer the when and where questions. As to why, is cause I had to get away from Weasel-he's such a buzz kill!"

The doctor ran his hand over his face, wondering whether he should change the TARDIS's current coordinates to a place where Deadpool could never escape. But that would be cruel, and the doctor didn't like being cruel unless he necessarily had to be. He sighed a deep, loud and heavy sigh. "Ok Deadpool... I guess one more crazy random (even wacky) adventure couldn't hurt."

"Yay!" Deadpool cheered and gave the doctor a giant bear hug.

"Ok I get it-please stop!" Deadpool let go. "All I ask for is no multiple crossovers! The last one hurt my head- a lot!"

Deadpool looked at the doctor n surprise. "You know about the fourth wall too?! That there's some guy out there writing our very words!"

"What?" The doctor demanded. "Don't be absurd Deadpool-even I know there's no such thing as the fourth wall! That would be like saying there's no S-"

The TARDIS stopped dead with a THUMP!

"'THUMP!'?!" Deadpool exclaimed.

"'Thump' is never good." The doctor said as he checked the console monitors.

"Where are we, doc?"

The doctor slapped the screens with his hands and flashes his sonic screwdriver at them. "It's no good-where ever we are there's some sort of signal interfering with the TARDIS. We'll be lucky if I can get her set up to get us out of here!"

"Well then..." Deadpool chuckled nervously as he opened the door. "Let's hope we don't have to leave to quickly, aye?"

"What are you, Canadian or something?" The doctor laughed as they both left the TARDIS.

"Yes actually. You got a problem with that?!"


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