The Doctor & The Deadpool Series 3, Chapter 2: Floor 500

*Authors Note: The character of The Supreme Master is not the Doctor's arch nemesis The Master. Just a little FYI for you Whovians out there reading this, so I don't get your hopes up. Sorry.*

Floor 500. Throne Room of the Supreme Master. The Supreme Master himself sat upon his throne, wearing a crimson red full face mask which concealed the broken, beaten and scarred features of his face, and a lavender coloured cape, three times the length of the Supreme Master's full body height when stretched out to full length, which had a fur collar and a fur trim at the very bottom of the cape. His henchmen entered the room. He stood up as they entered, as they were carrying what he been longing to see for the first time in a very long time.

"I see you have acquired a big blue box!" the Master noted, a huge grin on his face, visible even through his mask.

"Yes, Sir." they grunted, heaving the Police Box in on their shoulders.

"Bring it closer to me." the Supreme Master ushered them forward just as they were about to set the big blue box down. "My knees are not what they used to be, I can't walk as far as I would like to."

The two henchmen huffed and puffed and eventually managed to set the TARDIS down in front of their feeble old Supreme Master.

"Ah, yes. It's been so long since I last lay eyes on you…" he whispered, stroking it gently with his hands, almost hugging it. "I wonder who's tagging along with him this time." he pondered, referring to the Doctor's fondness of having a time travelling partner.

"Supreme Master, Sir?" a henchman approached the Master. He got down on one knee his head knelt in the direction of the floor. "The owner of the apprehended vehicle has arrived to collect his property."

"Great!" the Supreme Master said rubbing his hands together, a menacing grin on his face. "Send them in!"

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