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It was a peaceful day at the North Pole in North's workshop. All the guardians took the day off to just relax and be together. Something that hasn't been done in a while. Even though they were relaxing, things still need to be done. Tooth had her little fairies flying around the world with Baby Tooth in charge for a change, while she was lying on the little couch trying to have a conversation with the little gold sandman sitting on the chair across from her. Said man was making pictures faster then Tooth could make out, but the fairy said nothing just liking the silence. The big man himself was in his normal chair working on a new design for next Christmas also enjoying the silence, but of course all good things must end sometime. No less then five minutes after he finished his design and began to relax the winter spirit himself cam flying in at record speed trying to get away from the Pooka chasing after him.

"Come back here you bloody show pony!" screamed the rabbit throwing boomerangs and the young sprite.

"Maybe you should lose some weight so you could catch me!' the boy shouted back at the Pooka.

"That's it!" The rabbit stopped and turned to the spirit. "Im done with you! I feel bad for your family before you became Jack Frost!. Tooth just looked up. " Bunny that's enough." the fairy said with an even voice.

"no! that little bugga' is just too annoying for me." the rabbit said through clenched as he launched himself at the unaware snow sprite finally catching him. "Ha! I gotcha you little snowy brat!"

"Let go of me you stupid kangaroo!" the young boy screamed while try to get out of the Pookas arms.

Bunny just stopped and held the boy so their faces were mere centimeters apart. Green eyes glaring into ice blue ones.

"I already told you, you little brat. I….Am….Not….. !" with this said he threw the boy clear across the room. North jumped in the way, catching the boy before he crashed.

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