Title: Slow

Pairing: Ann/Ben

Rating: K for now

A/N: Title from 'Slow' by Andy Grammar. Kind of a prologue for a possible fic if there's any interest. Sequel of sorts to 'The Lines Blur'.

Ann Perkins knew she was beautiful. She had a bunch of guys -and Leslie- constantly telling her so.

Ann Perkins also knew she was an excellent nurse, and she had a glowing patient record that proved it.

If two months ago she'd been asked to name something she wasn't good at she'd have said relationships. (Or maybe exercise.) She was after all a serial dater. But now if she was asked there'd be a different answer, one that even she was shocked to realize was true. Ann Perkins was a terrible friend.

Hindsight really is twenty/twenty. She should have seen the pattern forming a lot sooner though. As a nurse she's meant to notice those little signs, it's a way to make a diagnosis quicker. If she'd actually sat down and analysed her relationships like Leslie does she'd have seen the warning signs and could've avoided the entire issue.





It would've been there in black and white. In all her dating around trying to figure out what her type was it turned out she'd already developed one, it just happened to be the worst possible one. If Ann was Superman, the men of the parks and rec department were her kryptonite.

But Ann wasn't Leslie and she didn't have a binder full of information on her past relationships and that was why when she agreed to move in with Ben she had no idea she was digging herself deeper into a hole she was going to have a hard time getting out of. If she even wanted out.

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