Kiss The Cook

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It was a Friday night and Minako was sitting on the couch, waiting for Makoto to arrive home. They had been together for a year and after spending many nights with the brunette, Minako finally decided to move in with her. On this particular night, Makoto had to work late, so Minako called the bakery to check up on her after her shift was done.

"Hey sweetheart, how was work today?" Minako asked.

"We had a lot of customers today so it was pretty busy. I'm not complaining though."

"You sound tired, Mako."

"I'm just ready to get home is all. I miss you."

"I miss you too. When do you think you will be home?"

"I will probably be there in about ten minutes. I'm glad the bakery is within walking distance of our apartment," Makoto chuckled.

"I'll have dinner ready for you."

Makoto arched her eye brow. She was the one who usually cooked for the both of them. "You're going to cook dinner?"

"Yup, and I will even give you a back massage afterwards to rest those spent muscles of yours."

"Well Mina, I am certainly looking forward to that. I will be home soon, okay?"

"Alright, I love you, Mako."

"I love you too, Mina."

After Makoto hung up, Minako placed her hand on her chin and began to think about what to make Makoto. She had a hard time figuring out what to cook for her lover.

"How about soup?" she thought to herself. "No, not that. Ooooh, how about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? No, not that either."

After crossing out several other food choices, the blonde finally looked at the clock. Makoto would be home in about seven minutes. Minako wanted Makoto's supper to be ready before she arrived.

"Quick Minako, what should I make her?" the blonde said to herself. She analyzed everything that was in the refrigerator. Finally, an idea came to her.

"Oooooh, I know what to make her!"

With that, Minako went into the kitchen, grabbed an apron, and got to work.

Seven minutes later, she heard Makoto come through the door. "In here, Mako!" she called out. "Your supper is ready!"

"It smells good," Makoto said as she walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Minako wrapped a dinner cloth around her neck.

"Are you prepared for the wonderful meal created by the Goddess of Love?" Minako asked.

"Yes please, I am starving! What has the Goddess of Love cooked for me?"

Minako placed Makoto's meal on the table. "A wonderful, grilled turkey and cheese sandwich and a glass of orange juice!"

Makoto smiled at her lover. Minako never failed to amuse her, even with such simple things. She looked at Makoto in anticipation as she took a bite out of one of the neatly cut triangles.

"How is it?" Minako asked.

Makoto rolled her eyes back. "Mmmm, it's delicious!" moaned Makoto.

Minako raised her arm in victory. "Success!"

After Makoto finished her meal, she stood up and kissed her girlfriend on the cheek. "Now that was a perfect blend of bread, cheese, and turkey. It tastes even better knowing that you made it. Thank you, Mina."

"Well, I do have some dessert for you, Mako."

"Really? What's dessert?"

"I have some crisp, white grapes that came straight from the refrigerator!" Minako said with a big smile on her face.

Makoto laughed at her girlfriend's silliness. "Okay, where are they?"

"In the bedroom, they go with your back massage," Minako winked.

Makoto slightly blushed. "Then what are we waiting for?"

Minako took Makoto's hand and led her into their room.

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