Chapter 1: Death is the New Beginning

Naruto Uzumaki panted as he realized that Sasuke just tried to kill him with the Chidori in his attempt to make the idiot see reason. Sasuke was too far gone.

Then Sasuke smirked, "Do you know Naruto… That if both you and your opponent are First-Class Ninja's, you can only read inside each other's minds when your fists meet. There is no need for words." As Sasuke said that the cursed seal that Orochimaru gave him started to power up spreading all over his face like the cancer that it was, "You're so naïve aren't you Naruto? How- CAN YOU READ THE TRUE MIND? MY MIND!" With that Sasuke did a hand seal.

"Housenka No Jutsu!" Sasuke shot a fireball forward at Naruto but Naruto jumped up in the air dodging the fireball.

Sasuke then ran up and kicked Naruto in the face sending him skidding across the water.

Naruto was lost in his thoughts as he fell into the water. '… Sasuke… I always saw you as a loner… I… In the beginning I was relieved because I thought that you were the same as me… Besides, I was glad! In fact I wanted to talk to you straight away.. But you didn't speak.' Naruto thought back to their days at the Academy, 'You had everyone and you could do everything.'

Then Naruto jumped out of the water and threw a punch at Sasuke but he blocked it with a gloating smirk.

'Because you were so different!' Naruto went do a spinning kick but Sasuke smacked him away like a bothersome fly. 'Regrettably I decided to try and be your rival! I didn't want to lose because I was called a loser all the time… I thought that all the time. Even when we became Team Seven I thought the same.' Naruto was punched in the face spitting blood out. 'But… No matter how much I wanted to deny it… I always wanted to be just like you… I aspired to be like you… You acknowledged me when no one else would and I was glad to finally have someone do that.'

Now Sasuke held Naruto up by the scruff of his neck preparing a Chidori. '… But our fists didn't have to meet for me to understand… From when you acknowledged me… How are we still friends? It's not meaningless to me that you become my closest friend. But if you seriously want to kill me… Even if those words from before were serious I don't understand why.'

"You're finished Naruto!" With that Sasuke threw the Chidori right through Naruto's chest right where his heart was.

~Freeze Time Frame~

"I am The Watcher! Since out of Mind I have observed the rise and fall of civilizations and galaxies! I know all that is, most that has been and much of what will be!" Watcher walked by a portal where it showed Naruto and Sasuke lunging at each other, "In your world Naruto moved Sasuke's hand to above his heart and survived but that in turn created a parallel world where everything up to that point was the same except he wasn't fast enough to stop the attack… And thus Naruto Uzumaki died."

Then the Watcher chuckled, "But the amazing thing was that Naruto's soul didn't go to the realm of the dead because the Nine Tailed Fox saved it at the last possible second transferring him into a new world which is almost a mirror reflection of Earth-616 but it will change due to Naruto living in that world."

As he said that a portal in New York opened up and Naruto fell out of it but he was Seven Year's old again in a small version of his orange jumpsuit.

"It seems that this Naruto has a destiny of his own to complete." Watcher said as he faded into the darkness.

~With Naruto~

Pain… That was all that Naruto felt as he fidgeted in his sleep… Nothing but pain.

'Oh be quiet boy! You should be thanking me!'

"Kyubi?" Naruto asked with his eyes closed, "What happened?"

'Well… You died.'

The effect was immediate, "SAY WHAT?!" Naruto shouted jumping up forgetting about his pain, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DIED?!"

'Exactly what I said!' The Kyubi said before giving a yawn. 'But luckily for you I used up most of my power to save your small ass.' Naruto's eye twitched as he heard the Kyubi say that. 'But I need to sleep for a bit to recover so don't be expecting any more favors from me!'

With that Naruto felt the presence of the Kyubi leave his mind so with a sigh Naruto looked around to find himself in an alley so Naruto walked out only to nearly get hit by what looked like a metal box on wheels.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Naruto shouted jumping back before a human face appeared out of it and shouted something rude to Naruto but for some odd reason Naruto couldn't understand him.

"… Come again?"

The guy just shook his head and muttered something that was probably an insult before leaving in the metal box and that was when Naruto looked around to see skyscraper buildings all around him.

"Whoa!" Naruto looked all around in fascination before he passed a store window and that was when he froze and he looked at his reflection to see his Seven Year old self… He touched his face to see that it was real.

Everyone within twenty miles heard Naruto scream in pure terror.

"I'VE GONE TO HELL!" Naruto shouted running around in circles not noticing the crowd of people looking at him weirdly not understanding what he was saying. "DAMN YOU KYUBI! WHY THE HELL COULDN'T YOU LEAVE MY AGE ALONE?!"

That was when Naruto noticed everyone looking at him so he used the big-headed Jutsu.


That caused everyone to freak out and run from him screaming in terror.

"… It's like they never seen a big-headed Jutsu before." Naruto muttered before walking off, "You know this is a pretty cool place!" He commented getting over his age shock.

Looking around Naruto had a pretty big grin before he heard a few screams coming from around another building so being his curious self Naruto walked around the corner to see what had to be the weirdest thing in his life and that's saying something coming from him.

There was a man in a Rhino Suit fighting five kids that were almost the same age as Naruto was himself and they were using some weird kind of Jutsu's.

"Whoa!" Naruto ran forward and was on the Rhino guy's back in a second shocking everyone, "Hello! Who are you?" Naruto asked in child-like curiosity as he was all around Rhino quickly looking at how weird he was.

Everyone that was watching the display sweat dropped a bit, "Lightspeed who's that?" A blonde haired girl who had pigtails wearing a yellow and black suit asked.

"I don't know Energizer." Lightspeed was a girl with shoulder length auburn hair wearing a red and black suit.

"Should we help him?" The older blonde boy in a white and black suit asked in confusion.

"Which one Zero-G?" The youngest boy with brown hair in a blue and black suit asked.

"Good question Mass Master." Zero-G looked at the last kid who was also a blonde wearing an orange and black suit, "You ever had a vision about him Tattletale?"

"No." Tattletale asked while Rhino was trying to knock Naruto off his horn, "I think I would tell you if I saw this kid."

"How are you like this?" Naruto asked but no one could understand him at all.

"What language is he speaking?" Lightspeed asked as she zoomed in to grab Naruto off of Rhino but Naruto did a flip and looked at Rhino in the eyes.

"… You're weird you know that?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"SPEAK ENGLISH!" Rhino bellowed.

"… Okay no need to yell… Even though I can't understand what you're saying." Naruto muttered under his breath before he saw the five kids just looking at him so Naruto pulled a Kakashi, "Yo!"

They still didn't understand him but they moved forward as Rhino stomped on Naruto.

"OW!" Naruto pushed Rhino off to everyone's surprise, "OKAY THAT'S IT! KAGE NO BUSHIN JUTSU!" In a puff of smoke twenty Naruto's appeared and tackled Rhino.

Rhino just smirked after getting over his initial shock and stomped on each of the Shadow Clones before the original jumped forward with a blue sphere of energy on his hand, "RASENGAN!"

Rhino was blasted into the side of the building and knocked out.


"Did you see that?" Mass Master whispered, "He just took Rhino down in two moves!"

Zero-G walked forward, "Hello!" He said trying to see who this was and Naruto looked at him in confusion, "Who are you?"

"… I can't understand you!" Naruto said in his language not understanding a single word that Zero-G said and everyone sighed at how this was turning out.

Tattletale thought for a bit, "Hold on." He closed his eyes and reached into Naruto's mind with his telepathy and changed something.


"… At least we can understand him now." Energizer joked not getting the Tsunade reference.

Naruto heard her and smiled, "FINALLY!" He shouted doing another fist pump causing them to sweat drop again, "I was wondering if anyone would understand me around here!"

"You don't have to yell." Lightspeed told him, "We can hear you just fine."

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Sorry about that! I'm Naruto Uzumaki!" He waved with a cheeky grin.

"… You're giving us your real name?" Zero-G asked in confusion.

"Uh yeah. Why not?" Naruto asked with a shrug, "It's the name that I was born with… By the way what was with the guy in the animal suit?"

"Rhino? He's a Super villain!" Tattletale told him.

"…" Naruto looked at him in confusion, "'Super' Villain?"

"You never heard the term?" Energizer asked in surprise.

"No I haven't." Naruto told them before changing the subject, "But I need to find my way home back in Konoha!"

"Coneoha?" Mass Master asked mispronouncing the word, "What's that place?"

Naruto gave Mass Master a deadpanned look, "You're kidding right?"

Zero-G scratched the back of his head, "Sorry Naruto, but we never heard of that place."

Naruto's eye twitched, "For the love of Kami why?!"

By that point a screech of tires caught their attention and Tattletale sighed, "We better get out of here before the Media see's our face."

"Media?" The word sounded foreign to Naruto's tongue.

The five kids just looked at him in confusion before Lightspeed sighed, "Come on." She grabbed Naruto's arm and took off with him so with a shrug the others followed after right as the News Van got there confused to see an extra kid with the Power Pack.

While flying Naruto learned the names of the kids as well as their team name, "Why Power Pack?" He asked wondering where they got that from.

"Something wrong with it?" Energizer asked with narrowed eyes.

Naruto sweat dropped, "No, just wondering where it came from, that's all! So what's with the fake names?" He asked changing the subject.

"Well duh it's to have secret identities." Mass Master said with his arms crossed in cloud form.

"… Then why aren't you wearing masks?" Naruto asked with a bored expression.

"You know that's a good point." Zero-G muttered as he used his gravity powers to carry Energizer and Tattletale, "I guess we can't really get any at the moment."

Naruto sighed, "So I'm in a City I've never heard of before with people that never heard of my home and now I know a new language… What in Kami's name happened?"

"So you have nowhere to go?" Lightspeed asked as they neared a building.

"Not at this moment no." Then Naruto's stomach growled very audibly and he gave a nervous laugh.

What he didn't know was that the Power Pack were having a mental conversation thanks to Tattletale.

'So what do you think?' Lightspeed asked Zero-G. 'Should we try and help him?'

'I don't know. Sure he helped us and he seems to be friendly but we don't really know him so we can't just tell him our identities.' Zero-G answered before he gave a mental sigh. 'But we can't just leave him out by himself either.'

'We could find a place to hide him away from our home!' Mass Master told them. 'That way we can help him without him knowing who we are!'

'Yeah and I can't have him come to my home and spill the secret to Unca Johnny!' Tattletale explained. 'But the Fantastic Four might know where his home is.'

'But asking them would expose you as a Superhero.' Energizer finished for Tattletale. 'That stinks… But why does this kid have Whisker Marks?'

'I have no idea Energizer but focus!' Lightspeed told her and Energizer huffed in response.

Naruto was looking at them as their facial expressions changed wondering what the heck was going on with them.

Eventually they brought him to an Abandoned Warehouse.

"This is your house?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"No this is where you'll be staying until we know if we can trust you with our real identities or not." Zero-G told him and even though Naruto could find him easy due to facial recognition he could see the truth in his words.

"Okay!" Naruto smiled before his stomach growled again, "… Do you guys have any Ramen by any chance?" He asked with an embarrassed smile.

Lightspeed flew off since she was the fastest one of them all while Naruto looked around the Warehouse and Zero-G spoke to him again, "We'll come by to check on you whenever we can." He promised, "Plus we'll bring some pillows and blankets!"

Naruto nodded and Mass Master walked up, "So you can create duplicates?" He asked with a smile, "That must come in handy for a lot of things!"

"Yup the Shadow Clone Jutsu is one of my best techniques along with the Rasengan!" Naruto boasted, "I'm going to learn many more Jutsu's to become the Hokage! Believe it!"

They looked at each other not knowing what he was talking about but Lightspeed came back with an Instant Cup of Ramen panting, "Had to sneak this out of the house." She explained as she gave it to Naruto along with a fork which he stared at, "What?"

"What is this?" Naruto waved the fork around, "Some kind of Kunai Knife?"

"…" Now the Power Pack were wondering how many headaches they would get from talking to this kid, "It's a fork! You 'eat' with it!" Lightspeed explained.

"Even the baby here knows it!" Mass Master pointed at Energizer before he ducked as an energy ball barely missed him.

"SHUT IT MASS MASTER!" Energizer growled at him glowing with energy.

"Don't you guys use Chopsticks?" Naruto asked.

"You're Japanese!" Tattletale realized recognizing where Chopsticks reference came from.

"Japa-what now?" Naruto asked in confusion because he never heard that term.

They all just shook their heads at Naruto before realizing the time and they told Naruto that they would see him the next day and left him with his thoughts.

'Okay at lease I have a place to stay.' A rat ran by. '… Sadly it's better than my apartment… Maybe I can spruce the place up with my Ninja Stuff… But I'll need money.'

Naruto pulled out a Storage Scroll to see what he had and his eyes widened as he saw a surefire way to make Money.

'It's not going to be my proudest moment… But desperate times call for desperate measures!'

~The Next Day~

"So Jiraya is it?" A book publisher asked as he looked at Naruto who was in a Henge disguised as the Ero-Senin back at Konoha but in clothing from this dimension, "You want to publish this book?"

Naruto nodded, "Yes my Icha-Icha Series! I've written it since I was a teenager and I believe that it's ready for the world to see… You can read Japanese right?"

Yeah not his proudest achievement but he really needs the money and plus it's a best seller in Konoha so why not here and Jiraya is still getting the credit so what can go wrong?

The publisher smiled, "Yes I can thank you very much." He started to read it and in five minutes he had a heavy nosebleed and his face was beat red, "Oh my." But he was smiling so Naruto knew that he enjoyed it.

'Nosebleed…' Naruto shook his head. 'The sign of a pervert.'

To Be Continued…

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