Chapter 12

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On with chapter 12 filler

With lee

'So I have a little compition with you, Kagome.' He smirked and went to meet up with his team. He showed up to the exam room before team seven so he sat and talked with his team.

"Why did you leave the room a few minutes ago." Neji asked

"I had to go see the youthfulness of the other team." Lee cheered.

Tenten hit lee upside the head. "Would you not be so loud in here. You'll draw attention to us so shut up and sit down." Lee took his team mates advice and sat down.

With team seven, Kagome pov

We had just shown up at the doors for the first part of the exam. I was standing next to Sasuke with Naruto to his left and Sakura to my right. When we appeared in front of the door Kakashi appears in a poof of smoke.

"Well i'm happy to see that you all have showed up or i would not be allowed to let any of you in." He spoke. I looked over at Naruto than Sakura.

"Why would we not be allowed to enter is one of us was not here?" Sasuke asked in his normal calm and collected tone.

"If one of the members of the team didn't show up then the whole team has to forfeit. Think of it like this all of you are one if you lose a limb how will you keep going. this will challenge your team work. So remember you are all one with other each other you are nothing. Now get in there its about to began.

~~Inside the room after the direction are given.~~~

After they all entered the room the door shut behind them. The first thing that they noticed was that every one was looking at them.

"I'M GOING TO BEAT EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU AND BECOME A CHUNIN." Naruto yelled, causing everyone who was not look at them to look at them.

Sakura went and made matters worse and yelled at him telling him to shut up while hitting him on the head.

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