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It comes to me in pictures, like a Polaroid.

Busy streets, office buildings, a car – it's very random, and most of the time I don't understand the who or what of it. But sometimes, I do. And it scares the shit out of me.

My grandmother told me that I cannot interfere; life has to follow the natural order. She explained that my interference won't necessarily change the outcome. It took one unfortunate accident for me to realize she was right.

I'd seen a girl get hit by a car. There was blood and an ambulance and a crying mother. I knew the area and raced there arriving just before it happened. I called to the girl, and the car that would have hit her sped by, honking the horn. I was so happy with myself that day, I'd saved a life. I saved someone's daughter, someone's friend.

A few weeks later, that same girl was killed when a man opened his car door causing her to ride out into the street, in front of a city bus.

I no longer interfere.

I don't try to change events.

I live my life and love my family, and most of the time that is enough.

Most of the time.

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