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Chapter 1


"Will you marry me?"

"What?" I ask, shocked. I wasn't expecting him to just ask me right then and there at La Bella Italia right before he's supposed to go on this week long business trip in New York.

Actually I wasn't expecting Emmett to ask me at all.

I mean, we love eachother, of course! I'm not completely in love with him… it's more out of convenience, our relationship. But there are feelings of love. It's just been awhile now that I've had someone commit to me like that. And to me, Emmett never seemed like the kind of guy who'd settle down permanently.

We're both all for monogamy, so it's not like he's cheating on me behind my back constantly, otherwise I know he'd never propose to me, but… I thought we'd just be a committed couple. Like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

"Will you marry me, Bella?" Emmett asks one more time.

"Are you serious?"

"Uh… yeah." He does look serious, but I'm still in shock.

"Emmett, you know I love you, right?"

"Of course, Bella. I love you, too."

"And you know about Jake and I. And what happened to him."


"I've already been in this situation before. But we didn't do it right from the beginning. He didn't ask me on his knee. He didn't have a ring–"

"But I have a ring! Right here," Emmett cut me off, pulling something out of his jacket pocket. It was a small black velvet box.

Oh yeah… he had a ring, all right.

And when he opens it to show it to me – what… the… fuck?! It was the biggest diamond I'd ever seen in my life! Platinum band, a few diamonds along it, with a huge round diamond in the middle with a bunch of little ones surrounding it. Knowing the extravagance, and without looking at the box the ring sat in, I knew it was a Tiffany's ring.

But it was gorgeous!


"Yeah," Emmett blushes. "I hope it isn't too much. I know you're not one for gaudiness or extreme bling, but –"

"No! It's very beautiful, Emmett! I love it!" I say quickly, easing his nervousness. He tends to blabber on and on because of nerves.

"Good," he sighs in relief.

"My point, Emmett, was Jake didn't have a ring and didn't get down on one knee. He just did it as you did – he blurted out 'Will you marry me?' and because I loved him and didn't care about tradition and all the perks of what happens during a proposal, I just agreed before he could even finish asking me.

"But I feel that maybe that set something off wrong between us… what led to the accident. Maybe if everything was traditional, he'd be here today. So… do you mind… getting down on one knee and asking me again?"

"Oh! Yeah! Sorry… I was just so nervous and had to ask you."

I smile because he must have been so anxious about what my answer would be. Then he gets up from his seat and he gets down on one knee right by mine. He takes the ring out of the box and holds it in between his fingers.

Then he asks for the third time, "Isabella Marie Swan. I love you and would love it if you were my companion for life… my wife. Will you marry me?"

"Yes! Yes, Emmett Vincent Cullen, I will marry you," I say confidently with a huge smile on my face. The whole restaurant had to have heard what was going on and were clapping enthusiastically. I leaned down and kissed Emmett firmly on the mouth.

I did love him. I really did, even if it wasn't the exact love I felt for Jake, my high school and college sweetheart.

I was born in Phoenix and had known Jacob Black all my life. His father, Billy, and my father, Charlie, were best friends. So I saw Jake all the time and we became best friends. It wasn't long, when we reached high school, that our feelings of friendship were overruled by love… true, head over heels love.

College came around and I didn't want to be in Phoenix anymore, so I went to the University of Washington in Seattle. Jake and I were practically inseparable, so of course he came with me, and we went to school together.

It was when we were twenty-three, graduates from college and already in our careers, me as a counselor and on my way of achieving my Ph. D in clinical psychology, because I realized I wanted to help people with other problems besides break ups among adolescents, and Jake in advertising, that Jake all of a sudden asked me to marry him.

It wasn't romantic, and as I had told Emmett, it wasn't a traditional proposal with a ring and getting down on one knee. In fact, he asked me as we were driving to my parents' house in Phoenix after flying down to spend a week with them that he asked me. Of course, since he was driving he couldn't get down on one knee or even give me a ring. Jake was always impulsive, which is what I loved most about him – he kept me on my toes all the time.

And we wanted to get married as soon as possible. He wanted me to Mrs. Isabella Black. We didn't need a big wedding. We weren't going to elope or anything, but it would be a very small wedding in front of our parents. And he wanted it to occur in a month, on our eight year anniversary since we became a couple. He wanted that date to be our date for our wedding because it's what made us official.

That was why he proposed like that and wanted it to be an easy proposal, an easy and quick engagement, and an easy and quick wedding, just so we could get to the married part already.

It was unfortunate that a few nights before our wedding that Jake and a bunch of his friends celebrated at his bachelor party. But it wasn't his or any of their faults that he died. They were careful with drinking and were paying attention.

A truck driver lost control and drove into them head on.

Jake and his best friend, Seth, died, on impact. So did that driver. His other friends survived, but were injured.

When I heard what happened to him and Seth… I lost it.

I was in a catatonic state for a few months. I couldn't get over the fact I lost my best friend and my soon-to-be-husband not even four days before we were to be married.

I cursed God about how He could take him away from me so soon. I didn't understand how He could take such good people from Earth so quickly.

I couldn't get out of bed for weeks and my parents had to stay and take care of me in Seattle. I knew I was starting to feel the symptoms of depression, something I never believed I would ever succumb to.

Eventually I broke out of it and knew I had to get over the fact that Jake was gone and that it was his time. I wasn't going to let my sadness control the rest of my life just because the love of my life was gone. I'll always love him, and I will miss him for he was my rock and my only reason for living, and that's just it. He was my reason for living. So why should I hide away from the rest of the world? Why should I succumb to a lifetime of depression? Jake would have wanted me to live my life, so that's what I was going to do.

But I still cry all day every November 15th and every November 22nd. I go down to his grave site and just sit and talk to his gravestone about all that happened that year on the 15th, and then on the 22nd just sit there silently with tears running down my face till it was time for me to leave.

I got over losing Jake, but I'd never forget him.

And Emmett completely understood why I wasn't me on those two dates.

How me and Emmett met was a very typical way to meet someone… at a bar. Except I wasn't there to have a good time… to get drunk and fuck someone. I was mourning still. It had been three months since Jake passed, and it was that day I broke out of my catatonic state. I felt like going out to a bar, just to drink my sorrows away, as a beginning to a new start.

Emmett had come up to the bar as I nursed a glass of amaretto and saw how down I was. A guy like him, I knew, would hit on a woman. He was a gorgeous man. Very tall, very muscular and very happy, if you ask me. His smile was very big and he had the cutest dimples for being such a man. He reminded me of Jake, sort of, which was how I was attuned to him so quickly.

We talked and talked, me telling him about Jake. And surprisingly, he didn't tune me out or walk away. We've been inseparable since.

It took about a year before he and I grew so close that we loved eachother. First, it was just a friendship, and then we were kissing. And then we were making love. I grew comfortable with Emmett and he felt the same.

To me, all of what we have was comfortable. Which is why I'm not in love with him. But I do love him. And I do want to marry him. I want to have a life with Emmett that I didn't get to have with Jake. We're both young still, too, so we can have the happy ending with a nice house, a couple of kids, a few pets… everything I've always wanted.

And I really couldn't wait.

I didn't want to wait forever, but I also didn't want to rush into it like Jake and I did.

So as I drove Emmett to the airport so he could fly his way to New York for a business meeting involving a merge of another company with the one he works at, I brought it up with him.

"Emmett, we need to talk about the wedding."

"Can it wait till I get back?" he asks.

"Well… it's important to me that we actually start thinking of things… just small minor details. Like do you want it big or small? Do you have a specific season? Those types of things. A general plan to help map out all the details."

"Oh. Okay. Well, Bella, I don't want to wait too long."

"Neither do I, but I don't wanna do what Jake and I did. We rushed too quickly, and I think it may have been a bad thing with us. So what about six months? Gives us a decent amount of time to set a wedding up without rushing and without waiting. And we can have an engagement party when you get back from your trip, to announce it with our friends and family. I'll fly my parents up from Phoenix and your parents from Chicago. Then we'll start planning."

"Okay. Six months we'll get married, Bella," he smiles at me.

"I can't wait, Emmett."

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