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That was what I was feeling after everything was settled. I had my brother back. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows, but we're civil with eachother. It's still gonna take some time before we become what we once were, but to be honest, I don't want to go back to how we were. Emmett and I two completely different people now and the past is the past.

We have to move forward.

I was a little pissed that Emmett was the one to end it with Bella, and so nonchalantly, I might add. But how could I when Bella was free and she could be with me completely? So I just up and proposed. I didn't have a ring… yet. I plan on giving one to her soon, but just knowing she agreed to be my wife is enough for now.

So yeah… complete and utter bliss is how I feel. Nothing can top that.

At least not yet.

I hope that when Bella and I marry and have kids that those will top this.

At the moment we are still alone in Bella's house. We had made love numerous times since Emmett left and now we are just lying in my fiancée's bed, cuddling. I'm pressing kisses to Bella's head and I'm just thinking of how crazy these last few days have been. I transformed from being a total loner asshole who practically hated the world to the man who's in total love with the woman lying in his arms. Never did I think I'd feel like this once again.

I then start thinking of what life would be like with Bella. Lots of questions, too. Will Bella move to Forks, or should I just move here? Does Bella want us to have our own separate living spaces until we're married? God, I hope-the-fuck-not! What about children? I never wanted children before meeting Bella. Maybe it was because I was with Kate and didn't want to breed any children with her. At the time, when I thought I was in love with her, children never crossed my mind because having her was enough.

But after we broke up and I lost my hand and I was just so angry, I was glad things with her were done and I thanked God that no kids came about because damn, those kids would turn out to be their mother.

Now that I have Bella, I want it all!

More questions run through my mind and Bella can tell I'm not all there.

"Edward? What's wrong, baby?" she asks, pressing a kiss to my neck.

"I'm just thinking about us. The future," I tell her honestly.

"Tell me. I want to know what you want."

"I want it all, Bella. The marriage, the house, the kids, white picket fence and a dog. I want happiness and sadness, the crazy fights and the moments of making up. I want to have anniversaries and birthdays and school plays and graduations. I just want it all. With you."

I kiss her and she responds immediately. When she pulls away so the both of us could breathe, she speaks. "I want it all, too, Edward."

"Well, since we cleared that up…" I chuckle, "I guess we should talk about some things."

"Yes, we should. And I guess now could be a good time, don't you think?"

I nod and then she gets to talking.

"I don't care where we live. Whether it be Forks or here or Antarctica, as long as I'm with you, I'm good."

"Bella, be honest… did you like Forks because it's Forks, or did you like it because I was there?" I ask, eyeing her in a way to say she needs to be honest with me. I would go anywhere to be with her. But with what my life was, I think I need to start over. And besides, Forks does not have a lot. It's a fucking small town with not much to it besides a small town square and residential areas and Bella will most likely get bored. You'd have to drive almost an hour away into Port Angeles just to do or get anything decent. Plus, I remember she said that she was getting her Ph.D. Doesn't she go to school here in Seattle for that? And she has a job, too.

I can go anywhere because I write music. There had been times I had to travel down to Seattle, as well as Portland, or I needed to fly down to California or to New York. Wherever the job was, at some point I needed to be there. But mainly I could do what I needed to do in Forks. Or anywhere. So if Bella tells me she wants to be in Seattle, I'll move here.

Bella bites her lip and looks at me with her doe eyes telling me in no words that she doesn't really like it there. And she tells me anyway. "No. Not really."

"So you want to be in Seattle?"

"I'd prefer it because of convenience. I work here, my school is here. I just know Seattle. Forks… not so much."

"Then it's settled, baby. Seattle it is. I can work anywhere, so I really don't mind if you're thinking I would."

"Okay. You'll move in here with me."

"So you want me to live here with you?" I ask, hoping she's completely fucking serious.

"Of course, silly! I could barely sleep last night because I didn't have you next to me. You spoiled me entirely too much in those two nights I spent with you. I don't know how I lived my life without you next to me, Edward. And it'd be fucking stupid for you to move into your own place if I demand you sleep in my bed every night."

"Yes, it would. But are you sure?"

"I can't think of anything better than you living here with me."

"Alright then. I guess I'm moving in," I grin.

Bella hums and leans a bit forward, her lips mere centimeters away from mine. "When can you?"

"As soon as possible."

"Can you tomorrow?"

"If you want."

"Oh, I want."

Bella moves in now and kisses me deeply, in which I immediately respond to it. My arms wrap around her and I press her down onto the bed, hovering over her. Our kisses don't relent and neither do our groping. I'm running my hands over her tantalizing body, from squeezing her amazing tits to gripping her perfect waist and holding on tight to her thighs as I spread her legs to fit in between them. My cock is lined up and I'm about to push into her. Before I do, I whisper to Bella that I love her.

And finally I'm inside her. Nothing really tops me making love to Bella. She just feels so good. It really is like we're supposed to be together if being with her like this feels amazing. Sex with Kate never felt like this. So I know that Bella is special and that she's supposed to be mine.

Bella moans when I start moving in and out of her at a steady pace. My arms lay right by her beautiful face and I'm looking down at her while I fuck her slowly, but fast. Our eyes never look away, no matter how much I want to close my eyes and just feel. But I feel more when I'm lost in her chocolate eyes.

After a few minutes, I can't hold on much longer – I need to come.

"Are you close, baby?" I ask.

"Uh huh. Please, Edward," she whimpers.

I push in and I feel Bella clench her inner walls around me, letting me know she's on the brink of losing it. Three more thrusts and she cries out, thrashing about and scratching her nails down my back as she tries to hold on to me as she comes hard and fast, spurring me to come right after she starts to relax. And when I finally have my orgasm, I collapse right on top of my fiancée.

"Fuck, that was good," I groan.

"Oh yeah," Bella replies. She lifts her right hand and runs her fingers through my hair. Her left hand holds onto my right hand… or at least its replacement. I know she loves me for me, despite me not being a 'whole' man. "I love you, Edward. With all my heart. I can't wait to officially start our lives together."

"I love you, too, Bella. And neither can I."



It is officially the weekend and Edward is moving into my house. Never have I lived with a man since Jacob. With Emmett, we were cool not living together, until we got engaged and eventually we'd have to live with one another. But besides me not being completely in love with him and the fact I fell in love with his own brother after a mere two days of knowing him, I didn't think I'd ever get used to seeing every little thing that belonged to Emmett. I didn't think I'd get used to him living in my home, or in a new home. We just weren't the kind of couple who needed to live together and be up in eachother's space.

But with Edward… damn, I couldn't wait for him to get his shit inside my house because I wanted to see him every day in our bed and see his piano and all of his belongings. I wanted to see it all! I want him to feel comfortable. I want this house to be his with me.

I could get used to living with Edward because he and I are in love and are meant to be together. Especially since I barely lasted one night without him after realizing my true feelings for him. I want him with me every day and every night.

Of course I wasn't going to let him go back to Forks and figure out what he was going to sell or keep to bring back to Seattle without me. I'd certainly fall apart without him with me. It's pathetic really, but I'm in-fucking-love with the man. Edward wants me with him anyway, helping him decide what is worth keeping, especially when it comes to furniture.

My home is just as homey as his home in Forks is. We have very similar tastes. If I was still engaged to Emmett and he was going to move in with me, I don't know how I wouldn't have killed him with his taste in furniture and whatnot. I hate a lot of modern home trends, especially the whole black and white theme. It's too bold and in your face. And his apartment has a cold feel to it, like it's a home that had things that you needed in order to survive, but not to bring complete comfort, if you know what I mean.

I like color, warmth and love to be in my home, and I know Edward will bring that back with him.

When we get to Forks, first thing we do is fuck pretty much all over the house. The house has a lot of memories for the two days we had it for ourselves. And since Edward and I aren't going to be living here, we have to make it last while it could. When we are sated, we get to work on packing up things Edward is bringing and then cataloging the rest to be either thrown out or sold. After he completely moves out, he is going to put it on the market. Hopefully it'll be an easy sell since he's not living there anymore.

All of Edward's bedroom stuff is coming back with us. That bed has the best memories and it cannot be left behind. Plus it's a king sized bed and mine in Seattle is a queen. Go big or go home. Plus he needs his dresser, too. I have a huge closet that I can squeeze some of his clothes in.

Also Edward's office things are coming with us, too. The office I have at home is really big and it's actually kind of empty. Only my desk, with my computer on it, some rolling carts filled with office supplies and a bookcase with all my books fill the room. I have a lot more room in the office that could get his desk and other office furniture in it.

Over the course of two days we pack up all we need: kitchen stuff, linens, trinkets he has, his clothes, his music and his piano. That is definitely coming with us. I have enough room to get it in to the house to be set up in the living room. It just needs to be positioned right so it can be accessible to Edward and it won't be in the way. Even though Edward barely touched it in the last five years, opting to use his keyboard to help him write his music as it could be used to simulate different instruments, he wanted it to come down with us. He is feeling inspired again, thanks to me. He even wrote a song for me the day I left, the day before he proposed to me. He knows he'll find it hard to play, having only one good hand, but he'll figure it out.

Other than that, pretty much everything else is being sold or tossed. We aren't bringing any of the living room furniture or the kitchen table and chairs. Edward is choosing to sell those because we didn't need it if I had a similar couch and my own kitchen table and chairs. Stuff being tossed is pretty much all the food that is perishable and bathroom related things. We didn't need them and they certainly could not stay with the house.

After the piano is taken apart and being delivered to my house and everything is put in either our cars or the moving truck, we have one last romp in the house and then leave.


It isn't long after that Edward and I get married.

We don't want anything huge, because we are simple people. So it really is just family and a few friends of ours. After Edward moved in with me, he made the effort of actually not being a hermit and came out with me, where he met my friends, and over the course of a few months we made new ones.

Emmett and Edward are better and we finally got to meet Emmett's Rosalie. After scoring the merge with the company he met with in New York, he brought Rose with him. She worked for the other company and in the conference room of the meeting was where they met. After the meeting he asked her out and they'd been inseparable since, spending a lot of time with eachother in New York after meetings and such.

I felt guilty because I was the one who really did bad in cheating because I had slept with Edward. Emmett was quite faithful in the biblical sense, holding off on performing physical love with Rose until he broke things off with me. Yes, after that first date, Emmett knew he was in love with Rosalie Hale and she felt it, too. She understood he was still with me, never jealous of the fact that I was his fiancée, because she believed Emmett when he said he didn't love me completely and he felt I didn't hold true feelings for him either, but there was still love between us. He didn't want to be the bad guy and cheat on me, so he wanted to call things off. He never expected to be swept off his feet when he met Rose, but he was so glad he had.

When Edward and I met Rose the first time, only a few weeks after we got engaged, what I didn't expect was how beautiful Rose was in comparison to me. I could see how Emmett could fall in love with her, especially after dealing with me for a while. It hurt a little to know that Emmett fell in love with the complete opposite of me and that Emmett never really could hold the feelings or attraction he has for Rose with me. But I had Edward remind me that I'm beautiful and I'm his. I did feel better afterward.

I don't hold any resentment with Emmett – we weren't meant to be and I'm very happy he found someone to love. And I have to say I like Rose. She has a bitchiness to her, but that's her defense mechanism, and it only comes out when you cross her. Nothing is ever not fun with her. We get along great and we hang out all the time, especially since she became my new best friend. I haven't had a real best friend since Jake and it's actually refreshing to be best friends with a woman.

And as she is my best friend, and I'm hers, even though we've known eachother for a few months, I was confident enough to ask her to be my maid of honor. And she accepted. She was always with me discussing wedding details and planning some things involving her own upcoming wedding, which was happening in a few months after mine. She asked me if I could be her matron of honor, as I will be married by that time, and I agreed to. Also our guys are going to be eachother's best man. It made sense.

Finally, mine and Edward's big day arrives! And I am a nervous wreck. I feel like I am going to puke. Questions are running through my head about if I could get married. Edward is a sure thing in my heart and mind; I don't have any doubts about having him in my life. But do I want to get married? Isn't it just something written down on paper that Edward's mine and I'm his? Isn't complete commitment like a marriage without all the official shit behind it?

My mom takes my hand and talks me out of running out. She convinces me that Edward is right for me and that being married to him will have its ups and downs, but there's love and happiness more. And calling Edward my husband and me his wife, as well as being Mrs. Cullen, does have a nice ring to it.

I gather my nerves and am ready to take my father's arm as he walks me down the aisle in the backyard of mine and Edward's home. My eyes lift when I'm finally in view of the guests, and they look around before they focus on the man that is waiting at the end of the aisle to marry me. I smile and so does Edward.

Finally I'm at the end of the aisle, Edward now next to me. I take hold of his hands, rubbing circles on both his good and wooden hands and stare into his eyes.

"This is it," he says.

"It is," I whisper.

The preacher leads the ceremony on. We say our vows, slip our rings on and then are pronounced husband and wife. Edward is told to kiss the bride and he does. Our lips crash against eachother and our passionate kiss that sealed the deal explodes within us.

The reception is a joyous affair; lots of fun! It's a shame we had to miss some of it because of pictures and the fact we bailed early to start our honeymoon. Okay that's a lie. I totally love the fact we jumped start our honeymoon.

Edward and I had planned on honeymooning in Hawaii. Cliché, I know. But I always wanted to go and now I am! At least I was not kept in the dark about my honeymoon location until I arrived.

Hawaii is beautiful… though a good chunk of time there was in our rented house on the beach. We do venture out to do stuff on the island, but our bedroom activities are so much more fun to be quite honest.


After two weeks, we return home. I get back to finishing up my degree, as well as continuing working for Dr. Gerandy. He had said that he wanted to keep me after I earned my Ph. D. So I know I have a job awaiting me. Edward works from home, opting to only do meetings with clients and recording studios via phone or email if not based in Washington. He schedules only a few in-person meetings around the country that are separated by many months because he doesn't want to be far from me. He hopes that he'll be able to take me with him, but that can't always be guaranteed. I don't like being apart from him, and it sounds pathetic that I feel like my heart is split in half when he leaves for trips, but that's life.

Rose and Emmett's wedding comes around a few months later, Edward and I standing up with the two lovebirds as they exchange their vows. Edward notices that something's off with me. I'm keeping a secret from him. Now I know I shouldn't keep anything from him, but this one I actually want to keep hush hush for the time being. Well, it'll only be a couple more hours he has to be kept in the dark, but it'll be so worth it.

Edward orders a drink and I ask him to get me water from the bar.

"You sure? Don't you want champagne or anything?"

"No… water is good," I smile.

"Okay," he says with a shrug, but I know as he walks away he's eyeing me in a way that he knows something's up.

After a long night dancing at Rose and Emmett's reception, Edward and I head home, me driving because my husband is a little tipsy. When we get back home, we shuffle down the hall to our room and I automatically head to the bathroom to clean up. And to just look in the mirror to see my progress is.

I'm testing my angles, to see if there's a difference in my belly, and though there's not much visual difference there, I can see a glow within me and there's a physical firmness, too.

A knock on the door brings me out of my little bubble.

"Baby, I really need to take a piss," Edward whines through the door. I laugh and unlock the door, leaving Edward to his business. I strip down to nothing and throw on a nightie to sleep in… and to rile my hubby up. I also grab my little gift bag that is hidden behind my shoes in the closet. Edward knows not to mess with my shoes, so there's no way he would have found my gift for him.

Edward is finally done in the bathroom. He looks tired, but then his eyes widen when he sees me in my little get-up.

"Ungh… baby, you're fucking gorgeous."

"Thank you," I say.

He walks over to the bed as I scoot myself back some and then hovers over me, pressing kisses to my lips down to my chest.

"God, I love your tits, Bella, especially since they're bigger now. How did that happen?"

"Actually… there's a reason behind that, but I'm glad you like them."

"Love, Bella. Love. And of course your pussy is high up on the list."

I laugh and Edward resumes kissing me and feeling me up. He's about to take off my nightie when I say, "No."

"You don't want to?" he pouts.

"I want to."

"Then why are we stopping?"

"I told you there's a reason to my breasts increasing in size. You asked how it happened."

"Well, I didn't think we'd actually talk about it. I just know women don't like to talk much about weight gain."

"So you've noticed that I gained some? You saying I'm fat?!"

"Shit… no, sweetheart. You're not fat. You're absolutely stunning. You gaining some weight makes you look incredibly more beautiful and delicious. I love your new curves, baby. Makes it so much better when I grab onto you as I fuck you."

I moan 'cause I love it when he ties a lot of our conversations with sex. And he thinks that me putting on some pounds makes me look better. At least he knows not to insult me. Women in my predicament don't like being called whales.

My predicament, though, is well welcomed with me. It's a blessing.

Edward's kisses take over again and I have to push him away. I want to tell him my secret before I let him have his way with me.

"Bella, please stop pushing me away. I want to make you feel good," he huffs.

"Let me tell you something. It's very important."

He nods and then sits on the bed. I straddle his lap and grab the little gift bag. "First, open this."

"Okay." He pulls out the tissue paper and then retrieves my gift inside.

"'Be Jealous I Have The Best Daddy,'" he whispers. He then looks up with tears watering up in his eyes. "Are you being serious, Bella? You're pregnant?"

"I am! We're having a baby, Edward!" I cry out. Tears are starting to stream from my eyes as Edward pulls me into him and hugs me, kissing my temple.

"We're having a baby, baby," Edward says.


"So that's why your tits are bigger?"

I scoff, knowing that he'd go directly back to my bigger boobs. "Yeah."

"You do look really beautiful, Bella. Pregnancy looks good on you," he chuckles. "And you're gonna get more beautiful as our baby grows."

"Thank you, honey," I murmur, pressing a kiss to his lips.

"Do you know how far along you are?"

"Yeah, but before you freak out about not being there to find out with me, finding out was purely accidental… sort of. Like, I didn't know I was pregnant. I didn't purposely find out more about it without you."

"Did you find out when you went to the doctor a few weeks back?"

"Yeah… go in to figure out why I had been puking nonstop and come out finding out that a baby was the cause. My doctor said that the date pinpoints that we must have conceived on our honeymoon."

"So about three months now?"

"Just about."



After a small conversation about what's been going on with me the whole time I've kept my pregnancy from Edward, we then make passionate love to one another, as Edward wanted to make me feel good and because my tempting tits (his words) that were spilling over the cups of my nightie were driving him insane. It's slow and fast all at the same time. It's filled with kisses, loving words and sensual touches that drive us both over the edge. We're not sated enough, so we roll around on the bed for a little while more till we simply could not feel our bodies.

After finally being able to breathe and move a little, Edward pulls me into his arms and kisses my head. "I'm happy, Bella. I can't wait for our baby to be here."

"Me neither."



Our baby comes six and a half months later. We wait to find out if it was a boy or girl until the birth and after ten hours of painful labor, even with the epidural given to Bella, she pushes out our bundle of joy, the doctor exclaiming, "It's a boy!"

I hold Bella up straight, my arm wrapped around her back, and pull her into my chest, her crying out in pure joy, and some pain, because our son is here. I kiss her deeply, mumbling against her lips about how happy I am that we have a son and that I love her.

We did it. We're parents. I can't wait. Bella can't wait.

I'm ecstatic and I'm terrified. I don't want to fuck this up. But with Bella and our families and friends we'll be able to do this. I'm sure she's thinking the exact same thing.

The nurse hands Bella our son after doing the checkup that confirmed that he is a healthy baby. We're still crying as she holds him. I'm still holding Bella in my arms as I press a kiss to her lips and then a kiss to our son's head.

"What are we calling him?" I ask. "I know we're between two names, but…"

"No… I know. Hopefully it's the one you like."

"I'll like it no matter which one it is, baby."

"Anthony Ryan Cullen," she murmurs.

"Perfect, sweetheart." That was the one I was rooting for though I would have been just as happy should we have gone for Xander Liam Cullen.

"He's perfect."

"He is."

Bella kisses me and then asks if I would like to hold Anthony.

I'm a little nervous… I've never held a baby before. I'm afraid I'll drop him, especially with me having one useless hand.

"Don't worry, Edward. You won't drop him. You'll never let it happen anyway. Cradle your arms like how I am."

I demonstrate her position and then Bella places Anthony in my arms, placing his head on my right arm rather than my left as she held him. I can just grip his small back with my wooden hand, but I can do things like caress his head or feed him with my left.

She smiles. "You look like a daddy."

"I feel like one. Do you think we'll be fine?"

"We'll screw up at times, but that's life. Do you think our parents were perfect when they had us? As they raised us?"

"No. Most likely not," I mumble.

"Then smile, baby," Bella says with a grin. "We have a son. You won't intentionally hurt him. There's no way our Anthony is not going to love you, just like you'll unconditionally love him. You'll be the best daddy in the world. You'll play and laugh and yell and fight, but in the end, you'll both love eachother."


The nurse comes in and says she'll take Anthony down to the nursery for a bit while Bella is moved to her room, and then in a little while she'll be back up for a feeding – the first feeding.

After settling in the room, Bella out of that horrid hospital gown and in a pair of pajamas that has a button-down top, easy for Bella to breastfeed, the nurse comes up with Anthony and instructs Bella on how to breastfeed. It isn't perfect. It takes a few times for Anthony to latch on and both Bella and I are a little weirded out, yet amazed that this is happening.

Our families flew out to Seattle when we found out Bella was in labor, and Emmett and Rosalie were both with us as we waited, up until Bella went into the delivering room. We are naming the two of them as godparents, them tearing up as we told them when they visited us. Anthony is passed around and when he started crying, he returns to Bella.

Throughout our first night, it was tough, but so worth it. Yeah, Anthony kept waking up for feedings and changings and lullabies, as I had written one out prior to his birth so I could hum it to him when he was crying. What makes me so happy is that my lullaby works; it conks my son right the fuck out. It's a relief not to constantly hear the crying, but it's also heart wrenching that I can do one thing for my son when he gets upset.

When I get my son back to sleep, I lay next to Bella in the small hospital bed. "He asleep?"


"Your lullaby is very soothing, Edward. Puts me to sleep, too," she giggles.

"Ha ha. Laugh it up, baby."

"No, really, Edward. You're gonna be amazing. Don't ever think you're not good enough."

"I won't," I admit. "I got you and him and that's all I need to keep going."

Bella turns her head a bit behind her and I kiss her lovingly and then we fall asleep.

I'm ready for the next steps in our lives together. I'm ready for more kids and all the moments you have to experience with them. I'm ready for the everlasting love I'll continue to feel with Bella as we grow older. I didn't think I'd get to this moment, but Bella showing up unexpectedly on my doorstep saying she was marrying Emmett was what led to this moment now and I'm so glad neither of us looked back.

Three days for us to fall in love with eachother? Nah… I think I loved Bella my whole life. I just needed her to show up in front of me.

A.N.: The End! It was an amazing journey. Thanks you so much for reading! xoxo