True Soul mates

My take on Loren and Eddie relationship I don't any of the names and I give credit to writers and producers of the show Hollywood Heights.

Summary: Eddie never thought he would never find his true soul mate until he found Loren Tate.

Chapter 1

Eddie we are ready for you and Loren to let us hear your song so that way we can get into the studio to record it to get up on YouTube.

Yes Jake we are almost done.

Okay Eddie I will see you in the studio.

Okay Jake.

Loren is you ready to go?

Yes let's go.

There are our two rock stars.

Hi Kelly and Jake

Hello Eddie and Loren let's get this done so we can get it uploaded so people can hear the new sound.

(Nora heard her phone ring)

Hi Mom just wanted to let you know that we got done with the video and that I'm heading home.

Hi Loren that is good that you got your first video done and I will be home soon and you can tell me all about it.

Okay mom that sounds good. I love you!

I love you too Loren.

Well guys I'm out of here I will see you all later.

Bye Loren has a great night and I will let you know how the video is and when we put it out there for everyone to see.

Okay Kelly thanks.

Bye Loren

Bye Jake and Eddie.

(Loren turned and walked out of Jakes office)

Eddie that was really good video.

Thanks Jake I think it was good and the song was good as well. But I'm going to head home myself so I can start writing some more song for the album for the label will stop getting mad because they don't have the songs yet.

Okay Eddie I will talk to you later.

(Eddie turned and left Jakes office).

Mom is you home?

Yes Loren I'm home just got here I'm fixing to make dinner.

How was your day at work?

It was alright. Don wants me to go out today and I told him that I wasn't sure that would be a good night.

Why mom you should go out tonight and have a good time. I'm just going to eat dinner and go start writing more songs so that way I have some more to record for my single.

Okay Loren I will call Don back and let him know.

(Nora pulled her phone and dialed Don)

Hello Nora,

Hi Don I just wanted to see if you still want to go out for drinks?

Yes Nora what time would you like to go out tonight?

How about 1 hour so I can make dinner and me and Loren can eat and get ready.

Okay see you than.

Loren dinner is ready honey.

Okay Mom it smells real good.

Yea I know it's just chicken and rice and corn and salad.

So Mom did you call Don about your date tonight?

Yea I did I'm going out in an hour.

That is good Mom.

So how was the video and did the song sound good?

Everyone said it was real good and it should be up everyone to watch sometime tomorrow we hope.

Loren that is so great.

Yea it is, well you go get ready for your date and I will clear up dinner dishes.

Okay honey.

(Eddie pulled out his phone and dialed Loren)

Ring, Hello

Hi Loren how are you doing?

Hi Eddie I'm doing alright and how are you doing?

I'm just sitting at the table writing and I was thinking about you and so I wanted to call you.

That is sweet Eddie.

Loren I'm heading out honey.

Hold on Eddie okay?

Okay Loren.

Okay Mom has a great time tonight.

I will love you and good night.

Love you too Mom good night.

Sorry about that Eddie my Mom was heading out on here date.

It's alright Loren. So what are you going to do tonight?

Nothing much really just stretches out and gets my homework done and writes some song. And what about you?

I heading to my Dad place and have dinner.

That is cool Eddie.

Loren I will call you later I need to head to my Dads now.

Alright you have a good night Eddie.

Thanks Loren talk to you later.

Bye Loren

Bye Eddie