A World of Grey started out as a 200-300 word drabble, which then expanded into what was initially planned to be a 8-10 chapter short story. As you can see, that plan was shot to bits.

Writing this story has been far from the smoothest ride. I've almost given up on finishing three times, and on one of those occasions I came close to outright deleting it. Why? The typical writer's angst, I suppose. This is contributing nothing of worth to the fandom; no one's reading this crap anyway; I can't figure out how the hell to write this scene/progress the story from here. And so on. There's also the fact that I can be single-minded to the detriment of many other things when something has my interest. A World of Grey has taken up so much of my time and energy, even when I wasn't actually writing it.

In short, it's been a turbulent experience. I love and I hate this thing. If I had the time and motivation, I would go back and re-write the first 20+ chapters. Mistakes and inconsistencies are all over the place. Were I to show you my planning document, you'd wonder how I got this written at all. It's a mess. Still, I've learned a lot since the original idea came to mind. Perhaps the most important thing, personally, is that you should always write for yourself, first and foremost.

My initial, crude idea for this story was in response to the lovey-dovey Makorra fics dominating the archive at the time. I just wanted to write something where they were very much not the perfect couple I was tired of seeing. I wanted conflict, disagreements, arguments - initially just for the sake of it. Of course, the idea matured as I saw potential to write something else I was yearning for. I wanted more darker, morally challenging stories in the LoK universe. I wanted to see Korra make mistakes with lasting consequences. I wanted her to have to make those tough decisions with no definite right or wrong to choose from. Since I couldn't find those stories anywhere, I had to write it, and ultimately that's what kept me going.

It's a million miles from perfect, and I'll surely cringe a ton when I look back on this in a few years, but, in the end, I wrote A World of Grey for me. If you happened to enjoy it along the way, well, that's just a bonus.

So here's my final thanks, for reading, for reviewing, for favouriting/following. You've been a great audience and I wish you all well.