Karens POV:

When I woke up I was still in the truck bed, but I had blanket thrown over me and Hal was gone. I sat up and stretched, kind of like a cat. I hopped out of the bed and went to see if I could find Miguel or Jones. While I was walking I saw Maggie and Ben holding hands. That sure would take some getting used to. I smiled at the as I walked by, and Maggie beamed, which was weird too. I eventually bumped into Jones, and we talked for a bit.

After leaving him I went searching for Miguel and soon found him talking to a pretty woman from the second mass. He saw me out of the corner of his eye but I just winked and kept walking. I eventually found myself sitting in a tent with Shannon and Anne, them teaching me some confusing medical things. Tom entered the tent sometime later so Shannon and I left him and Anne alone. We giggled quietly thinking about Tom and Anne as a couple.

I caught Shannon looking at a handsome looking man from the second mass and I nudged her over. She gave me a nervous smile and walked towards the man. I turned to keep walking an jumped when little Matt latched onto my legs.

"Karen!" Matt said in the cutes little voice.

"Hi Matty!" I said, picking him up. He looped his arms around my neck and squeezed.

"I missed you!" he exclaimed and I got a fuzzy feeling inside. We talked for a while until Ben came and stole him for a nap. After they left I went to my tent and sat on my bed. I was surprised when a couple minutes later Hal came barging in. He looked almost nervous.

"You and I, we need to talk," he began. And I knew exactly what was coming. So I nodded and scooted over so he could sit on the bed. "Before you left, we had something. And I don't know about you, but I still have feelings for you. And I really would like to act on them if they're returned." I smiled softly and nodded at him and he let out a huge sigh. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we just sat there. And I finally felt like I was truly at home.

When Miguel found out about Hal and I he too him to a dark corner and proceeded to threaten him. That's Miguel for ya. I decided I would just go walk around. I hadn't been alone for a while and I was a bit overwhelmed. I walked through a small grouping of trees and found a clearing. I decided to sit against a tree to just relax. About 10 minutes later I heard some commotion. I walked back towards camp and saw Tom at a standoff with Pope. I hadn't seen him since I go here, which I found really strange. I walked and stood beside Hal. Pope saw me and his mouth started gaping like a fish. I smirked at him and winked which had him almost falling over. He turned back to Tom and began arguing with him again. I eventually got bored and grabbed Hals hand and tugged him back to the clearing I had been in. He sat against a tree, and I sat in between his legs with my back to his chest. I had missed this. I grabbed his hand and intertwined our felt right, like we had never been apart and I smiled a that feeling.

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