Just then a handsome tawny flew in, followed by a black barn owl, one landing in front of Mrs Weasley and the other in front of Ron. Ron groaned as he saw the tawny.

'Isn't that Mycroft's owl?' Percy asked. Mrs Weasley opened it and read it to them.

Dear Weasley family,

We are hosting a small dinner party this afternoon at four o' clock and we would be delighted if you could make it. Unfortunately we are a few guests short, so please feel free to invite whomever you would like. I would very much like for our children to get to know one another a little better.

Cordially yours, Mrs A. Holmes

'But it's not even Saturday,' Ron moaned.

'Behave, Ron, I think it's a brilliant idea- and we can bring Harry,' Mrs Weasley beamed.

Yes, you read right, Chamber of Secrets is now up and ready!

Happy Holidays!